The Schism TV Serenity KODI Build has been updated to version 1.5! The Apple TV OSX build for KODI 17.x with the two skin themes (light and dark), now it is more complete than ever and offers fully working experience.

In this version, Exodus has been replaced with the new fork, the Covenant addon. Also SALTS (Stream All The Sources) is out but in it’s place we have the Duckpool addon from Mucky Duck, the previously iStream addon. Read more

Schism TV All In One Build for KODI

Great news for all the Schism TV fans. The Schism TV All In One Build for KODI 17.x has been updated with all the latest addons, libraries and repositories for a maximum KODI experience. The All In One Build is not just one build. It is made by different Schism TV’s creations, some of his best KODI skin addons and modifications. The included Skins are: Schism Anniversary Edition, Schism Conq, Schism Eminence, Schism Estuary, Schism Mimic, and Schism Origins. So it is like having six builds into one!

Also while giving a full KODI experience is selective in the choice of addons, keeping a small size and an as much as possible stable build that should last a lot. In this version 1.0 we have for the first time removed the Exodus addon and replaced with the new fork Covenant! Covenant is exactly the same but it has a working group of developers. That means better performance, more results.

The changelog of Schism TV All In One version 1.0:
Removed SALTS, Exodus.
Removed TVAddons Repo and URL.
Updated SportsDevil, back to classic version which is the latest.
Added Covenant (the new Exodus Fork), DuckPool, cCloudTV.
Fixed some bugs with icon shortcuts.
Added new repositories, updated all addons to latest versions.

Build size is 290MB as a compressed zipped file.

How to install the Schism TV All In One Build on KODI

As always you can install the All In One KODI Build by SchismTV from the Dimitrology TV Wizard. You can find it on the Dimitrology Repository:

Which is your favorite Schism skin?

So which is your favorite Schism TV Skin? Which one of the six included you use as your daily driver? Let a comment down below so we can have and idea when updating the build. As far as I know, the Origins skin and the Anniversary Edition are the two most popular. But in my opinion, every single one that was handcrafted by Schism looks absolutely gorgeous!

The next updates coming are on the Apple TV OS – Serenity Build as well as the Neftlix like KODI experience, Kodiflix, Both will be updated in the following hours and are not included in this build.

Enjoy everyone and happy streaming!

SchismTV Mimic

Following the Boom Shakalaka Builds, now also SchisM TV Builds got refreshed as well! The SchisM TV All In One Build which includes a lot of different skins / builds and the SchisM TV Serenity (Apple’s tv OSX clone) have been updated to version 0.9 (AIO) and version 1.4 (Serenity).

Both have fully working addons, Exodus, SALTS and URL Resolver updated to the latest version as fixed every small existing bugs. New addons included and updated all the latest repositories since the whole TVAddons shutdown made a significant domino effect for every -almost- addon on the 3rd party scene of KODI. Read more

SchisM TV Serenity Build for KODI 17.X Krypton has been updated into the latest version 1.2 and it’s super complete, fully working and beautiful as always. Fixed some annoying bugs with the shortcuts, updated the addons and repositories with fully working addons for Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, Kids and more and also made it a bit smaller, just 208MB as a zipped file.

The SchisM TV Serenity Build works on KODI 17 only, do not try to install it on KODI 16 or forks like SPMC, FTMC, etc. Also, after you install the Serenity Build for the first time, you need to select the skin and do a restart of KODI in order to have it perfectly looking since on the first boot it will actually load all the thumbnails.

Get the Serenity KODI Build by SchisM TV from the Dimitrology TV Wizard which you can download from repository:

For More: Read more

The most beautiful KODI build, the SchismTV All In One has been updated and now is also better than ever! Very complete with all the categories fully working and just the best addons on KODI. Also comes with 6 different skins so you will decide which skin / build you want to use or even change it from time to time.

Get the All In One KODI Build by SchismTV from the Dimitrology Wizard:

You can get the code from Read more

DIMI TV is an APK for any Android device with KODI 17.3 pre-configured with the Dimitrology TV Wizard. You can easily install any build by Dimitrology / Boom Shakalaka or by SchisM TV.

Since it is not a fork but uses KODI, in order to install the APK, make sure you have not installed KODI. If you want Dimi TV you need to uninstall KODI first.

You can get it from

For More:

Credits to Bugatsinho for creating the APK:

Beelink SEA Android TV Box:

Rii i8+ Remote Control / Keyboard / Touchpad I use: Read more

RED PILL is a KODI add-on created by Schism that aspires to be your documentary source on KODI/XBMC! Comes with a very simple menu from which you can select among five different sources and each one contains dozens of documentary categories for you to choose.

Most of the documentaries come in a good video quality, of course it depends also on the year they were produced, but also with a vast variety. Some specific sources have rare and unique docs content so be sure to check them out.

Let’s give culture to our KODI streaming devices and have some nice and educational videos as well! The add-on is created by Schism and you can find it on the Noobs and Nerds Repository (Community Portal) the place where some of the best addons on KODI are hosted!

For More: Read more

SchisM TV Serenity version 1.0

The tvOS-X clone (aka Apple TV) build by SchisM TV has been updated to version 1.0. As always the looks remain top of the line and the functionality became even better! We had quite some additions and also removals from the previous version in order to make it work even better, while keeping the size always petite (209MB as a zipped file). Fixed the search shortcut on the home and also fixed the skin bug that on some devices had issues with the icons. Read more

The most beautiful build on KODI is the Schism TV All In One KODI Build! And actually it is 6 builds in 1 since it comes with 6 very beautiful and complete builds:
– Schism TV Anniversary Edition
– Schism TV Conq
– Schism TV Eminence
– Schism TV Estuary
– Schism TV Mimic
– Schism TV Origins

And as all the Schism TV Builds, come sin a small package: just 264MB in size!


For More: Read more

The SchismTV All In One is undoubtedly the most beautiful build on KODI, even though actually are the 6 most beautiful builds on KODI! In it’s latest update v0.6 we have some minor changes:

  • Removed 123Movies and Yes! Movies (not working).
  • Added M4U, Boxing Hits, Dimi’s Daily IPTV, F4MTester, Livestream, Stream Army.
  • Updated some shortcuts and aesthetics always in the spirit of SchismTV.
  •  Reduced size (total size is 275MB)
  • Updated the wizard
  • Removed some broken or orphaned dependencies

As always the skins / builds are 6:

SchismTV Anniversary

SchismTV Anniversary KODI Build

SchismTV Conq

Read more