This Android apk is a great Terrarium TV Alternative. With the Cinema APK or HDMovies apk you can stream online movies and tv shows, download or even save them as favorites. It has also a built-in Chromecast function, it can serve subtitles in different languages and also comes with a built-in player if you […]

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Attending VDD 2018 - The 10th Videolan developer days

Since the opensource commity is open as the name implies we as Team Kodi at times also attend other conferences. One of those is VDD which is hosted by the Videolan team which you might know from the VLC player. During the conference many…

Sky TV Wants The Pirate Bay Blocked in New Zealand

Earlier this year Hollywood’s Motion Picture Distributors’ Association stated that site-blocking was the only option left to beat online piracy. While it’s impossible to completely eradicate the phenomenon, rightsholders generally…

Google, Yandex Discuss Creation of Anti-Piracy Database

Every day, countless thousands of pieces of infringing content are uploaded to the Internet including most movies, TV shows, games, and commercial software. Rightsholders everywhere are struggling to the contain the influx, often having to…

Why Kodi Addons & Pirate Apps Are Disappearing…Quietly

It’s impossible to say how many lawyers have been deployed to shut down piracy-related projects over the years. Dozens would be a conservative estimate but just one beating down the door can be an intimidating experience. In the early…

HOW TO GET OFFICIAL ANDROID 9 P ON THE ONEPLUS 6 OXYGENOS 9 OTA official Android 9 P on the OnePlus 6 (OxygenOS 9 OTA) has been released but it is gradual update, meaning that only some users will receive and after a while it will be available for everyone…

‘Piracy is Booming in Russia, With Help From Online Casinos’

Piracy is very much a worldwide phenomenon, but there are some noteworthy differences between various regions. Earlier this year we reported that there’s a notable decrease in camcording piracy globally. However, in Russia, this trend…