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Rightscorp Prompted The RIAA to Sue Internet Provider

Two years ago, several major record labels filed a lawsuit against Internet provider Grande Communications. The labels argued that the ISP’s subscribers engaged in more than a million BitTorrent-based infringements, yet it took “no…

Anti-Piracy Portal Blocked Due to Alleged Phishing & Malware

After years of negotiations, last year UK ISPs began sending out piracy warnings to subscribers whose accounts are used to share copyright-infringing material. The warning notices, sent out by ISPs including BT, TalkTalk, Virgin Media and…

Mom’s Defense of “Cheating” Fortnite Kid Fails

Last year Epic Games decided to take several Fortnite cheaters to court, accusing them of copyright infringement. Several of these lawsuits have been settled but there is one that proved to be somewhat of a challenge. One of the alleged…

4K UHD ON KODI - BEST ALL IN ONE KODI ADDON JULY 2018 a great addon beautiful people! Maverick TV not only is great for 4K UHD on Kodi but it's a serious pretend of the best all in one Kodi addon July 2018 nominee. It offers a great selection…

Russia Adopts Draft to Prohibit ‘Piracy-Enabling’ Software

At the turn of the century, most online piracy was carried out using software applications. With their inbuilt search features, tools such as KaZaA and eDonkey were all the rage. With the advent of BitTorrent, however, a dual approach was…

YouTube Launches “Copyright Match” Tool to Protect Initial Uploaders

Millions of YouTube channel operators use the platform to distribute their own creations, from their latest musical compositions, to tutorials, reviews, or news segments. While most remain unique, many of the most popular creators are plagued…