EXODUS REDUX and LAMBDA SCRAPERS for KODI 2018 Tutorial on how to install and setup the Exodus Redux and Lambda Scrapers video add-on on KODI. This brand new version of Exodus is actively developed and brings a great, new method of scraping movies and tv shows on KODI 17.6 Krypton / KODI 18 Leia. Make […]

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Steam Bans All Links to TorrentFreak News as “Potentially Malicious”

Once upon a time, Internet users were free to look at whatever content they liked. There was an almost complete absence of intervention from third-parties, which was mostly a good thing. However, after the number of Internet users rocketed,…

Pirate Bay Founder’s ‘Njalla’ Criticized For Protecting Pirate Sites

After many years of targeting people who share larger volumes of content on peer-to-peer file-sharing apps and services, Japan is now taking aim at pirate sites. In basic terms, rightsholders would like to see overseas pirate sites blocked…

Let's Go Live With Dimi 01!

Let's Go Live With Dimi 01! Join the live chat with Dimi / Dimitrology. This is episode number 1 so it's gonna be a collectable. Don't miss out!✅Become a Boom Shakalandian - Subscribe: https://goo.gl/dbo6ILAndroid TV Box / Streaming…

Bell and Rogers Ask Government to Simplify Site Blocking and Criminalize Streaming

The Canadian Government is currently exploring if and how the current Copyright Act should be amended to better fit the present media landscape. One of the key issues is the compensation that artists receive for their work. This was also…

Australia Targets Google With Tough New Anti-Piracy Law

Section 115a of Australia’s Copyright Act allows copyright holders to apply for injunctions that force ISPs to prevent subscribers from accessing ‘overseas online locations’ that facilitate access to infringing content. The…

Steal This Show S04E07: ‘Bangladesh Bank Heist, Part 1

Had it succeeded, the Bangladesh Bank Heist would easily have been the biggest bank robbery in history. It was carried out almost entirely in the digital realm, using a variety of exploits and malware, in order to leverage access to the SWIFT…