Why I will not buy the New Nvidia Shield TV 2019 The 2015 Nvidia Shield TV came from the future. But the New Nvidia Shield TV 2019 came from…the past! Before getting into the video I need to say 2 things. The 1st is that I am a big Nvidia Shield TV fan and I […]

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Sci-Hub & Libgen Blocked By Austrian ISPs Following Elsevier Complaint

For well over a decade, entertainment industry groups have been developing legal processes to have allegedly-infringing websites blocked at the ISP level.The majority of these complaints have been initiated by movie and music companies…
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Spammers Abuse to Spread ‘Pirate’ Scams

Founded in 2012 by former Twitter CEO Evan Williams, online publishing platform swiftly became the go-to place for many authors.The site has featured works of renowned writers, politicians, high profile activists, major…
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ACE Hits Two More Pirate Streaming Sites, Seizes More Openload Domains

After a standing start just over two years ago, the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment quickly became the most feared anti-piracy group on the planet.Compromised of around three dozen entertainment companies, including the…
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Japan Pirate Site Traffic Collapsed 50% in Four Months, With a Little Help From Cloudflare

During April 2018, the government in Japan introduced emergency websites blocking measures, seeking assistance from ISPs to block three pirate sites – Mangamura, AniTube! and MioMio.Just four days later, one of the sites –…
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Cox and Music Companies Battle Over Piracy Evidence Ahead of Trial

Regular Internet providers are being put under increasing pressure for not doing enough to curb copyright infringement.Music rights company BMG got the ball rolling a few years ago when it won its piracy liability lawsuit against…
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RIAA Delists YouTube Rippers From Google Using Rare Anti-Circumvention Notices

While music piracy has reduced in recent years due to the popularity of platforms such as Spotify, the major labels remain highly concerned over so-called steam-ripping services.These sites allow users to enter a YouTube URL, for…