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Schism TV All In One Build for KODI

Great news for all the Schism TV fans. The Schism TV All In One Build for KODI 17.x has been updated with all the latest addons, libraries and repositories for a maximum KODI experience. The All In One Build is not just one build. It is made by different Schism TV’s creations, some of his best KODI skin addons and modifications. The included Skins are: Schism Anniversary Edition, Schism Conq, Schism Eminence, Schism Estuary, Schism Mimic, and Schism Origins. So it is like having six builds into one!

Also while giving a full KODI experience is selective in the choice of addons, keeping a small size and an as much as possible stable build that should last a lot. In this version 1.0 we have for the first time removed the Exodus addon and replaced with the new fork Covenant! Covenant is exactly the same but it has a working group of developers. That means better performance, more results.

The changelog of Schism TV All In One version 1.0:
Removed SALTS, Exodus.
Removed TVAddons Repo and URL.
Updated SportsDevil, back to classic version which is the latest.
Added Covenant (the new Exodus Fork), DuckPool, cCloudTV.
Fixed some bugs with icon shortcuts.
Added new repositories, updated all addons to latest versions.

Build size is 290MB as a compressed zipped file.

How to install the Schism TV All In One Build on KODI

As always you can install the All In One KODI Build by SchismTV from the Dimitrology TV Wizard. You can find it on the Dimitrology Repository: https://www.dimitrology.com/repo

Which is your favorite Schism skin?

So which is your favorite Schism TV Skin? Which one of the six included you use as your daily driver? Let a comment down below so we can have and idea when updating the build. As far as I know, the Origins skin and the Anniversary Edition are the two most popular. But in my opinion, every single one that was handcrafted by Schism looks absolutely gorgeous!

The next updates coming are on the Apple TV OS – Serenity Build as well as the Neftlix like KODI experience, Kodiflix, Both will be updated in the following hours and are not included in this build.

Enjoy everyone and happy streaming!

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    • dimitrology
      dimitrology says:

      that depends on the device. the faster the internal storage/hard disk, the faster they will load. Apart from some categories that also TMDB unfortunately can’t keep up (like Movies for Elysium)

  1. Taters and eggs (@tatersandeggs)
    Taters and eggs (@tatersandeggs) says:

    Anniversary Edition FTW! Hey thanks for keeping it updated after Schism bowed out. But this is the third update that fails to load the TV Shows thumbnails. When you move from Movies (or Kids Shows) to TV Shows it only shows the Movies thumbnails. Again, thanks for your efforts. :-)

    • dimitrology
      dimitrology says:

      because they are both dying… SALTS stayed without updates and has a few results, Exodus stopped being developed but Covenant (which is practically the same but with different name) is here!


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