best downloader codes list

Downloader Codes List aka Downloader URL Shortener Codes

The Downloader App is an Android application created by Elias Saba, the creator of The app recently added the ability to use shortcuts, which are numeric codes that allow users to access a specific URL without having to enter the full address. These shortcuts are commonly referred to as Downloader Codes by the community, though this is not the official name. This new feature offers a wide range of possibilities for Android TV and FireTV users who want to get the most out of their devices by sideloading applications. The list below includes some of the best Downloader Codes, making installing and navigating on your Android TV or FireTV device easy.

This list was updated on 17th April 2024.

Downloader Codes List:

Dimitrology APK List 67984
SSTV Smarters 23192 subscription is needed
Leanback Launcher On Fire 93345
MATVT Mouse for Android TV Toggle 92810
VLC 40336
MX Player Pro 359363
Kodi Nexus 20.2 32bit 559540
Kodi Nexus 20.2 64bit 904841
Kodi Matrix 19.5 32bit 691447
Kodi Matrix 19.5 64bit 711297
Tivimate 952340
Tivimate Companion 791577
Implayer 688467
Smarters 733441
Cinema HD 270861
Cinema HD Ad-free 68302
Filmplus 52193
Syncler Installer 54996
Weyd 332649
Ocean Streams 96642
OLA TV v15 (Mod) 642159
BeeTV 50187
CucoTV 72129
Nova TV 244046
TeaTV 629641
Cyberflix 859327
Ukturks 10556
Movie Hd 71261
VivaTV 956179
Tubitv 74068
TikTok 2133
Speedtest 54130
Strix 40752
APKtime 62337
Aptoide TV 610871
Smart YouTube TV 40213
Live Nettv 87398
Nxtlvl DNS 52081
Antutu Benchmark 95723
TuneIn Radio 30671
Flix Vision 108545
Spotify 74955
Podcast Addict 93157
Blokada 64220
SD Maid Pro 24937
Es File Explorer 22687
Plex 95274
Analiti 71735
BBC iPlayer 51341
DNS Changer – Lilly 89497
Adguard 64029
IPVanish 43871
ADM Pro 96098
Weather XL 80926

How To Install Downloader

If you do not have Downloader installed on your device, follow the video guide below. It is easy, free, and very useful!

If you do not have an Android TV device or an Amazon Fre TV / Firestick devices you do not need to install the Downloader application. Simply open your internet browser (ie. Chrome) and enter the following link where XXXXX is replaced by the number/code you find in the Downloader Codes List above.


What is the Downloader App?

The Downloader App allows Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, and Google TV device owners to easily download files from the internet.

How do Downloader Codes work?

Numeric shortcuts, known as Downloader Codes, simplify URL access, providing users with a hassle-free method to reach specific addresses.

Are Downloader Codes the official name?

No, while widely recognized in the community, Downloader Codes are not the official term. AFTVNews URL Shortener is the official name and the functionality provided by a series of numbers (ex. 12345 – Downloader Short Codes) is what the community called “Downloader Codes”.

What possibilities do Downloader Codes offer?

From sideloading applications to optimizing device usage, Downloader Codes open up a world of possibilities for Google TV, Android TV, and FireTV users.

How do I install applications using Downloader Codes?

By simply entering the numeric code into the Downloader bar.

Can Downloader Codes enhance the overall user experience?

Absolutely! Tailored Downloader Codes are designed to elevate your Android TV and FireTV interaction, providing a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Legal Copyright Disclaimer

This technology shall only be used to stream movies or TV shows that fall under the public domain. does not endorse or promote illegal activity tied to streaming or downloading copyrighted works. The end-user shall be solely responsible for media accessed through any service or app referenced on this Website. does not host referenced applications/addons and this guide is for educational purposes only.