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Downloader Codes List aka Downloader URL Shortener Codes

The Downloader App is an Android application that is created by Elias Saba who is also the creator of He recently added the ability os use a shortcut, a numeric code so you do not have to enter a full URL instead. What we call in the community Downloader Codes even if that is not the official name. This opens a wide selection of new options for any Android TV user / FireTV user who wants to get the most out of his device and sideload applications. In the list below you can find some of the best Downloader Codes in a list for easy installation and navigation on your Android TV or FireTV device.

This list was updated Saturday, September 18, 2022.

Downloader Codes List:

  • Dimitrology APK List: 67984
  • SSTV Smarters: 23192 subscription is needed
  • Leanback Launcher On Fire: 93345
  • MATVT Mouse for Android TV Toggle: 92810
  • VLC: 40336
  • MX Player Pro: 28474
  • Kodi 19: 74975
  • Tivimate: 34745
  • Tivimate Companion: 79423
  • Implayer: 79673
  • Smarters: 47719
  • Cinema HD: 61586
  • Cinema HD Ad-free: 68302
  • Filmplus: 46061
  • Syncler Installer: 54996
  • Weyd: 26174
  • Ocean Streams: 80306
  • BeeTV: 95419
  • CucoTV: 72129
  • Nova TV: 50364
  • TeaTV: 56692
  • Cyberflix: 31583
  • Ukturks: 10556
  • Movie Hd: 71261
  • VivaTV: 20047
  • Tubitv: 74068
  • TikTok: 2133
  • Speedtest: 54130
  • Strix: 40752
  • APKtime: 62337
  • Smart YouTube TV: 40213
  • Live Nettv: 87398
  • Nxtlvl DNS:52081
  • Antutu Benchmark: 95723
  • TuneIn Radio: 30671
  • Spotify: 74955
  • Podcast Addict: 93157
  • Blokada: 64220
  • SD Maid Pro: 24937
  • Es File Explorer: 22687
  • Plex: 95274
  • Analiti: 71735
  • BBC iPlayer: 51341
  • DNS Changer – Lilly: 89497
  • Adguard: 64029
  • IPVanish : 43871 Save 46% OFF on IPVanish VPN here!
  • ADM Pro: 96098
  • Weather XL: 80926

How To Install Downloader

If you do not have Downloader already install on your device, follow the video guide below. It is easy, free and very useful!


How To Use On Devices Not Android TV / Fire TV

If you do not have an Android TV device or an Amazon Fre TV / Firestick devices you do not need to install the Downloader application. Simply open your internet browser (ie. Chrome) and enter the following link where XXXXX is replaced by the number/code you find in the Downloader Codes List above.

Is Downloader Safe?

Yes, Downloader is a safe application. And also the Codes used in this list were checked to make sure the applications are safe too. But better use a VPN since some links are blocked by certain ISPs and also to protect your identity and security when streaming free movies and TV shows. Especially with any of the third-party Kodi addons. So if you consider protecting your internet identity and demand high-quality privacy, then protect your online presence with a trusted VPN service like IP Vanish or Private Internet Access. Both are paid services but guarantee your online anonymity without keeping logs or paid records!

Legal Copyright Disclaimer

This technology shall only be used to stream movies or TV shows that fall under the public domain. does not endorse or promote illegal activity tied to streaming or downloading copyrighted works. The end-user shall be solely responsible for media accessed through any service or app referenced on this Website.  Referenced applications/addons are not hosted by and this guide is for educational purposes only.  

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