Learn how to watch EURO 2024 live streams for free! Our step-by-step guide ensures you won’t miss a single match of the action.

With the highly anticipated EURO 2024 fast approaching, we present a comprehensive list of broadcasters offering free live streams for this year’s tournament. This guide is designed to be universally applicable, enabling fans worldwide to enjoy the championship, provided they use a VPN. Unfortunately, this edition of EURO 2024 will not be broadcast in 4K UHD due to a decision made by UEFA. However, some broadcasters may choose to upscale the matches to enhance viewing quality.

ITV & BBCUnited Kingdom
Das Erste, ZDF & RTLGermany
Rai/Rai SportItaly
RTBF & VRTBelgium
RSI, SRF & RTSSwitzerland
ORF & ServusAustria

Top Choices for Streaming EURO 2024

  • United Kingdom: ITV & BBC provide free streaming for UK residents keen to watch EURO 2024 live.
  • Germany: Das Erste, ZDF & RTL are the prime channels for German viewers.
  • Italy: Rai is the go-to destination for live tournament coverage in Italy.
  • Belgium: RTBF & VRT will deliver live broadcasts for Belgian enthusiasts.
  • Switzerland: RSI, SRF & RTS possess exclusive rights and will stream all matches without charge.
  • Austria: ORF & Servus will broadcast the matches for Austrian viewers.
  • France: TF1 streams for free to French viewers.
  • Spain: RTVE is the preferred channel for Spanish-language commentary.
  • Ireland: RTÉ ensures free access for the Irish audience.
  • Netherlands: NOS provides exhaustive coverage for Dutch viewers.
  • Greece: ERT will broadcast the matches for Greek viewers.
NordVPN EURO 2024
NordVPN Connected to a UK Server

Accessing EURO 2024 from Unlisted Regions

  1. Activate a VPN: I recommend NordVPN, which has proven effective for Champions League and Conference League streams.
  2. Select the Right Server: Match your VPN server country/region to the broadcaster you wish to access (as listed above).
  3. Connect to the broadcaster’s website: The broadcaster sometimes asks you to create a free account. Create it if you do not already have one and log in.
  4. Check the Schedule: Verify the broadcast schedule according to your time zone preferences.

EURO 2024 Schedule Overview

Below is a summary of the EURO 2024 schedule. The complete timetable is available on the official event website, but key dates are as follows:

  • Group Stage: 14 June – 26 June 2024
  • Round of 16: 29 June – 2 July 2024
  • Quarter-finals: 5 July – 6 July 2024
  • Semi-finals: 9 July – 10 July 2024
  • Final: 14 July 2024

Embrace the excitement of EURO 2024 and enjoy seamless streaming with these tips!

Exploring the Latest: Downloader App Faces Another Ouster from Google Play Store

The Vanishing Act: Warner Bros. Discovery Takes the Spotlight

In an unexpected turn of events, the beloved Downloader app, widely embraced by Google TV users, has once again disappeared from the Google Play store. Behind this removal stands none other than Warner Bros. Discovery.

The Creator of the App: Elias Saba and the AFTVnews

Elias Saba, the creative force behind Downloader and the proud owner of AFTVnews, posted about this development on his website. According to Saba, Ishita Singh, the Chief Operating Officer of MarkScan, representing Warner Bros. Discovery, claims copyright infringement. However, the takedown notice lists the app as “suspended” without specifying any copyright violations.

Quiet Echoes Loudly: Warner Bros. Discovery and MarkScan Maintain Silence

Despite the significant impact of this removal, a spokesperson for Warner Bros. Discovery remains elusive for comments. MarkScan, too, has yet to break its silence on the matter.

Saba, sharing his perspective on the issue, stated, “Considering my app is devoid of any copyright-infringing content, I’ve countered this new DMCA takedown. Hopefully, this effort will restore the app in the coming weeks.” He assures users that, in the meantime, they can sideload the app onto their Google TV or Android TV device by downloading the APK, and it remains accessible on the Amazon Appstore.

A Peek into Downloader’s History

Making its debut in 2016, Downloader rapidly evolved by integrating a full-fledged browser, and pioneering web browsing on the Fire TV. It gained popularity as a primary method for installing apps, sideload as we often refer to the process, that cannot be found in the Google PlayStore.

Deja Vu: History Repeats Itself

This incident isn’t the first instance of Downloader facing expulsion from the Google Play store. In May, a similar fate befell the app when a law firm representing Israeli cable and satellite TV companies lodged a Digital Millennium Copyright Act complaint with Google. A month later, Saba successfully disputed the claim, leading to the triumphant return of the app to the store.

In this unfolding narrative, the destiny of Downloader hangs in the balance. Will Saba’s counteraction reverse the tide, or is this the commencement of a more extended disappearance? Only time will unveil the app’s potential resurrection on the Google Play stage, leaving users in eager anticipation.

We Had The Same Treatment, They Did The Same To Us

Needless to say, Dimitrology.com as a website and our Youtube Channels Dimitrology and Tech Is My Passion received several DMCA from the same source and for the same app in dozens of videos. Just recently we managed to successfully re-instate one of our more popular videos, a tutorial on how to install the Downloader app and the TV Browser plugin. The video was offline and we faced a strike for more than a year! Even though it was cleared in November 2023 (the strike was received in May 2022) by YouTube, the damage to its popularity was harsh. From a popular video now it lies as a dead video for the most part since it only gets a dozen views in a week, compared to thousands of daily views before the YouTube strike.


What led to the removal of the Downloader app from the Google Play Store?

Warner Bros. Discovery, represented by Ishita Singh from MarkScan, cited copyright infringement as the reason for the removal.

How does Elias Saba plan to address the removal of the Downloader app?

Elias Saba has countered the DMCA takedown, asserting that his app does not contain copyright-infringing content. He anticipates the app’s potential restoration in the coming weeks.

Can users still access the Downloader app despite its removal from the Google Play Store?

Yes, users can sideload the app onto their Google TV or Android TV devices by downloading the APK. Additionally, the app remains available on the Amazon Appstore.

What is the history of Downloader’s removals from the Google Play Store?

Downloader faced a similar removal in May due to a Digital Millennium Copyright Act complaint. However, Elias Saba successfully disputed the claim, leading to the app’s return to the store.

Is there any information on Warner Bros. Discovery and MarkScan’s response to removing the Downloader app?

Both Warner Bros. Discovery and MarkScan have maintained silence on the matter, with no official comments or statements as of now.

Creating the Ultimate Entertainment Setup

In the fast-evolving landscape of home entertainment, Android TV has emerged as a powerful and versatile platform, offering a plethora of features to enhance your viewing experience. If you’re looking to transform your living room into the ultimate home theater, complete with top-notch visuals and immersive audio, then this guide is for you. Let’s explore some tips on optimizing your home theater with Android TV, covering essential elements such as sound systems, lighting, and other accessories.

Visual Excellence: Choose the Right Android TV

The foundation of your home theater setup starts with selecting the right Android TV. Look for a model that suits the size of your room and offers the latest display technologies. HDR support, 4K resolution, and a high refresh rate can significantly enhance the clarity and vibrancy of your visuals. Brands like Sony, Samsung, and LG offer a range of Smart TVs with cutting-edge features to elevate your viewing experience. From the above only Sony offers an Android TV OS, while if you opt to get a Samsung or LG Smart TV, then you can easily attach an Android TV / Google TV box or stick. The Nvidia Shield TV is still the best Android TV / Google TV box your money can get. But if you are on budget, you can always select among Xiaomi TV Box, TiVo Stream 4K and the Google Chromecast with Google TV for amazing 4K expreience.

Audiophile Delight: Invest in a Quality Sound System

While stunning visuals are a must, immersive audio is equally crucial for a cinematic experience. Consider investing in a high-quality sound system or soundbar to complement your Android TV. Brands like Bose, Sonos, and JBL offer options with advanced audio technologies, bringing the theater-like sound to the comfort of your home. Ensure that your chosen sound system supports Dolby Atmos or DTS:X for a truly three-dimensional audio experience.

Ambient Brilliance: Smart Lighting Solutions

Create the right ambiance for your home theater with smart lighting solutions. Sync your Android TV with smart bulbs or LED strips that change colors based on what’s happening on the screen. This not only adds a visually appealing element to your setup but also enhances the overall viewing experience. Platforms like Philips Hue or Govee offer compatible lighting solutions that can be controlled through your Android TV or a dedicated app.

Ergonomic Comfort: Choose the Right Seating

Comfort is key when it comes to a home theater setup. Invest in comfortable seating that allows you to fully enjoy your favorite shows and movies. Whether it’s a plush sofa or a set of reclining chairs, the right furniture can make a significant difference in your overall viewing experience. Consider the layout of your room to optimize the seating arrangement for the best possible vantage point.

Streamline Your Space: Cable Management and Wall Mounting

To achieve a clean and sophisticated look, invest time in cable management. Tuck away cables behind furniture or use cable organizers to keep them out of sight. If possible, consider wall-mounting your Android TV for a sleek and modern aesthetic. This not only reduces clutter but also ensures that your TV becomes a focal point without any distractions.

best tv box for netflix 2020
Smart Remote Control

Smart Accessories: Voice-Activated Remotes and Wireless Keyboards

Make your Android TV experience even more convenient with smart accessories. Look for a voice-activated remote that allows you to control your TV and search for content with simple voice commands. Most Android TV / Google TV devices thankfully come with a voice remote but if yours doesn’t make sure to test one, it’s a life changer! Additionally, a wireless keyboard can be handy for typing in search queries or engaging in online activities seamlessly.

Personalized Touch: Decorate Your Space

Add a personal touch to your home theater setup with decorative elements. Movie posters, themed artwork, or even a popcorn machine can contribute to the overall ambiance, making your space uniquely yours. Consider the theme you want to achieve and incorporate elements that resonate with your taste.


With the right combination of visual technology, audio equipment, and thoughtful accessories, you can transform your living room into a home theater that rivals the cinema experience. Android TV serves as the central hub, offering a user-friendly interface and access to a vast array of entertainment options. By following these tips, you’ll not only optimize your home theater setup but also create a space where you can truly relax and enjoy your favorite content – Android TV and chill at its finest.

Android TV is a smart TV platform that uses the Android operating system to deliver streaming content, games, and other features directly to your television. It’s a powerful tool that can turn any television into a smart device, offering a range of features that can enhance your entertainment experience.

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at what Android TV is, how it works, and its main features, including the apps, games, and other tools that are available on the platform.

What is Android TV?

Android TV is an operating system designed for televisions by Google. It is a version of the popular Android operating system that is specifically tailored for use on larger screens, such as those found on televisions and set-top boxes.

Android TV is built into a range of devices, including smart TVs, set-top boxes, and streaming sticks. It offers a simple, easy-to-use interface that makes it easy to find and access the content you want to watch.

Android TV Logo

How does Android TV work?

Android TV works by connecting your television to the internet and providing access to streaming content and other features. It does this by using a range of apps that are specifically designed for use on the Android TV platform.

The Android TV interface is designed to be simple and easy to navigate, with a range of options for finding and accessing content. You can use the remote control that comes with your Android TV device to navigate through the interface, or you can use voice commands if your device is equipped with a microphone.

One of the key features of Android TV is its integration with Google services. This includes the Google Play Store, which is the main source of apps and games for the platform. You can also use Google Assistant, which is built into many Android TV devices, to control your television with your voice.

What are the main features of Android TV?

Android TV offers a range of features and tools that can enhance your entertainment experience. Here are some of the main features of Android TV:

Apps: The Google Play Store offers a wide range of apps that are specifically designed for use on Android TV. This includes streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video, IPTV, as well as games and productivity tools.

Voice search: Android TV devices can be controlled using your voice, making it easy to find the content you want to watch. Simply press the microphone button on your remote control and say the name of the show or movie you want to watch.

Google Assistant: Many Android TV devices come with Google Assistant built-in. This allows you to control your television using your voice, as well as access other Google services like calendar, email, and more.

Live TV: Android TV devices can also be used to watch live television, with the ability to connect to cable or satellite TV providers. This makes it a versatile tool for watching both streaming content and traditional broadcast television.

Cast from your phone: You can also use your Android smartphone or tablet to cast content to your Android TV device. This means you can watch videos or listen to music on your television using your phone as a remote control.

Android TV Game Controller

Gaming: Android TV devices can also be used for gaming, with access to a range of games that are specifically designed for use on the platform. Many Android TV devices also support game controllers, making it easy to play games on your television.

Customization: Android TV offers a range of customization options, including the ability to change the background wallpaper, add or remove apps from the home screen, and organize your content in a way that works best for you.


Android TV is a powerful tool that can enhance your entertainment experience by providing access to a range of streaming content, games, and other features. Whether you’re looking for a way to watch your favorite shows and movies, or you want to play games on the big screen, Android TV offers a versatile and easy-to-use platform that is worth considering.

In addition, Android TV offers a range of features that are designed to enhance the user experience, such as voice search, Google Assistant, and the ability to cast content from your phone. These features make it easy to find and access the content you want to watch, as well as control your television with your voice.

Overall, Android TV is a versatile and powerful platform that offers a range of features and tools that can enhance your entertainment experience. Whether you’re looking for a way to watch your favorite shows and movies, play games, or access productivity tools, Android TV is a platform that is definitely worth considering.

FilmPlus Streaming App

FilmPlus APK is a relatively new but popular streaming app that offers on-demand video content such as movies and TV shows for Android, FireStick, Windows, iOs, Roku, Mac, iPhone and Linux users. The app has a vast library of video content that is scraped by automatically crawling host websites and collecting streaming links. These links are of high quality, allowing viewers to enjoy their favorite movies and shows in HD, Full HD, and 4K resolution.

User Interface and Experience

One of the standout features of FilmPlus is its user-friendly interface. The app is designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind, making it intuitive for even the most inexperienced users. Additionally, FilmPlus is a free app, so there is no need to subscribe or register to use it.

By selecting Movies or TV Shows, FilmPlus apk offers many categories among which:

  • Discover
  • Favorite
  • Trending
  • Popular
  • Top Rated
  • Airing Today
  • Action/Adventure
  • Comedy
  • Crime
  • Documentary
  • Drama
  • Family
  • Kids
  • Mystery
  • News
  • Reality
  • Soap
  • and more!

Support For Debrid & Trakt

For users who want even more high-quality links, FilmPlus offers the option to integrate a premium debrid account such as Real-Debrid, All Debrid, or Premiumize. This allows for even more options for streaming content. Additionally, users can link their Trakt account to automatically track what they are watching.

Compatibility Of The FilmPlus App

FilmPlus started as an Android app or as we call it mostly as an APK. But now it supports plenty of devices like Windows, Linux, iOS, Roku, and of course any Android and Android TV device like the Nvidia Shield TV, Google Chromecast, FireTV and Firestick, etc.

Is This KODI Addon Safe?

Yes, this Addon for KODI is a safe video plugin. But it is always better to use a VPN since some links are blocked by certain ISPs and also to protect your identity and security when streaming free movies and TV shows. Especially with any of the third-party Kodi addons. So if you consider protecting your internet identity and demand high-quality privacy, then protect your online presence with a trusted VPN service like IPVanish or IVACY VPN. Both are paid services but guarantee your online anonymity without keeping logs or paid records!

Filmplus APK Conclusion

Overall, FilmPlus APK offers a valuable addition to the streaming app landscape for Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android TV, TV Box, and FireStick users.

Download FirePlus & How To Install

In order to direct download the app, simply click here. In alternative, you can use the Downloader App with the code 123337 but if the code isn’t working, then an updated version can be found in our list of the Best Downloader Codes.

The Huge Free IPTV Playlist by IPTV-org project is an open playlist of legally receivable IPTV channels. Everyone is welcome to contribute as long as the streams are legal. The playlist is in the .m3u format and is updated regularly. It includes a large selection of channels from the USA and many other countries, including Canada, the UK, Australia, Germany, France, and Greece. The playlist was designed to work with KODI and the IPTV Simple PVR add-on, although some channels may require the YouTube add-on for KODI. There are several versions of playlists that differ in the way they are grouped.

IPTV Smarters Was Removed From Google Play

How To Use The Free Legal IPTV Lists

You can select a specific IPTV list for the country/countries you are interested in or the Full Playlist or the other with NSFW channels in order to have all IPTV channels available from all over the world. Most Android applications will categorize each country and also add the channel logo for an eye-candy operation. If you want to stream the channels on Windows, Linux, or macOS you can do so with a player that supports M3U streaming like the one and only VLC media player. On Android, at Dimitrology.com we recommend using IPTV Smarters Pro which is totally free too. Just select to add an M3U List when asked and the app will handle everything for you. You can also use KODI, as mentioned above, with the Simple IPTV PVR add-on on any device that is compatible.

The HUGE Free IPTV Playlist

The playlist includes all known channels except adult channels


And here is the full version with adult channels



The playlists already contain links to all guides, so players with support the x-tvg-url tag should load it automatically.

Huge Free IPTV Playlist grouped by category

Playlist in which each channel has its category as a group title:


By category but split up into separate files


Free IPTV Grouped by country

Playlist in which each channel has its country as a group title:


By country but split up into separate files

🇦🇫 Afghanistan66https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/af.m3u
🇦🇱 Albania89https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/al.m3u
🇩🇿 Algeria93https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/dz.m3u
🇦🇸 American Samoa52https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/as.m3u
🇦🇩 Andorra71https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/ad.m3u
🇦🇴 Angola54https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/ao.m3u
🇦🇮 Anguilla52https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/ai.m3u
🇦🇶 Antarctica48https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/aq.m3u
🇦🇬 Antigua and Barbuda53https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/ag.m3u
🇦🇷 Argentina235https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/ar.m3u
      Buenos Aires15https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/subdivisions/ar-b.m3u
      Entre Rios2https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/subdivisions/ar-e.m3u
      La Pampa3https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/subdivisions/ar-l.m3u
      La Rioja3https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/subdivisions/ar-f.m3u
      Rio Negro1https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/subdivisions/ar-r.m3u
      San Juan5https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/subdivisions/ar-j.m3u
      San Luis1https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/subdivisions/ar-d.m3u
      Santa Cruz2https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/subdivisions/ar-z.m3u
      Santa Fe5https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/subdivisions/ar-s.m3u
🇦🇲 Armenia97https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/am.m3u
🇦🇼 Aruba54https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/aw.m3u
🇦🇺 Australia89https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/au.m3u
🇦🇹 Austria93https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/at.m3u
🇦🇿 Azerbaijan81https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/az.m3u
🇧🇸 Bahamas54https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/bs.m3u
🇧🇭 Bahrain82https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/bh.m3u
🇧🇩 Bangladesh71https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/bd.m3u
🇧🇧 Barbados53https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/bb.m3u
🇧🇾 Belarus98https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/by.m3u
🇧🇪 Belgium99https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/be.m3u
🇧🇿 Belize54https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/bz.m3u
🇧🇯 Benin54https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/bj.m3u
🇧🇲 Bermuda51https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/bm.m3u
🇧🇹 Bhutan52https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/bt.m3u
🇧🇴 Bolivia120https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/bo.m3u
🇧🇶 Bonaire48https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/bq.m3u
🇧🇦 Bosnia and Herzegovina79https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/ba.m3u
🇧🇼 Botswana53https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/bw.m3u
🇧🇻 Bouvet Island51https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/bv.m3u
🇧🇷 Brazil199https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/br.m3u
      Rio de Janeiro1https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/subdivisions/br-rj.m3u
🇮🇴 British Indian Ocean Territory48https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/io.m3u
🇻🇬 British Virgin Islands52https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/vg.m3u
🇧🇳 Brunei71https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/bn.m3u
🇧🇬 Bulgaria78https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/bg.m3u
🇧🇫 Burkina Faso55https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/bf.m3u
🇧🇮 Burundi53https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/bi.m3u
🇰🇭 Cambodia77https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/kh.m3u
🇨🇲 Cameroon56https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/cm.m3u
🇨🇦 Canada151https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/ca.m3u
      British Columbia2https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/subdivisions/ca-bc.m3u
      New Brunswick1https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/subdivisions/ca-nb.m3u
      Newfoundland and Labrador1https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/subdivisions/ca-nl.m3u
🇨🇻 Cape Verde54https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/cv.m3u
      Boa Vista1https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/subdivisions/cv-bv.m3u
🇰🇾 Cayman Islands52https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/ky.m3u
🇨🇫 Central African Republic53https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/cf.m3u
🇹🇩 Chad54https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/td.m3u
🇨🇱 Chile200https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/cl.m3u
🇨🇳 China689https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/cn.m3u
🇨🇽 Christmas Island48https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/cx.m3u
🇨🇨 Cocos (Keeling) Islands48https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/cc.m3u
🇨🇴 Colombia146https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/co.m3u
      San Andres, Providencia y Santa Catalina1https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/subdivisions/co-sap.m3u
      Norte de Santander1https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/subdivisions/co-nsa.m3u
      Valle del Cauca4https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/subdivisions/co-vac.m3u
🇰🇲 Comoros77https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/km.m3u
🇨🇰 Cook Islands52https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/ck.m3u
🇨🇷 Costa Rica125https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/cr.m3u
🇭🇷 Croatia79https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/hr.m3u
🇨🇺 Cuba98https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/cu.m3u
🇨🇼 Curacao58https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/cw.m3u
🇨🇾 Cyprus90https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/cy.m3u
🇨🇿 Czech Republic81https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/cz.m3u
🇨🇩 Democratic Republic of the Congo56https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/cd.m3u
🇩🇰 Denmark86https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/dk.m3u
🇩🇯 Djibouti82https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/dj.m3u
🇩🇲 Dominica52https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/dm.m3u
🇩🇴 Dominican Republic170https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/do.m3u
      Distrito Nacional (Santo Domingo)1https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/subdivisions/do-01.m3u
      El Seibo1https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/subdivisions/do-08.m3u
      La Altagracia1https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/subdivisions/do-11.m3u
      Monsenor Nouel1https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/subdivisions/do-28.m3u
🇹🇱 East Timor67https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/tl.m3u
🇪🇨 Ecuador111https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/ec.m3u
🇪🇬 Egypt101https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/eg.m3u
🇸🇻 El Salvador115https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/sv.m3u
🇬🇶 Equatorial Guinea55https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/gq.m3u
🇪🇷 Eritrea53https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/er.m3u
🇪🇪 Estonia74https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/ee.m3u
🇪🇹 Ethiopia54https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/et.m3u
🇫🇰 Falkland Islands51https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/fk.m3u
🇫🇴 Faroe Islands49https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/fo.m3u
🇫🇯 Fiji52https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/fj.m3u
🇫🇮 Finland89https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/fi.m3u
🇫🇷 France206https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/fr.m3u
🇬🇫 French Guiana54https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/gf.m3u
🇵🇫 French Polynesia53https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/pf.m3u
🇹🇫 French Southern Territories53https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/tf.m3u
🇬🇦 Gabon54https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/ga.m3u
🇬🇲 Gambia53https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/gm.m3u
🇬🇪 Georgia73https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/ge.m3u
🇩🇪 Germany254https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/de.m3u
🇬🇭 Ghana54https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/gh.m3u
🇬🇮 Gibraltar48https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/gi.m3u
🇬🇷 Greece142https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/gr.m3u
🇬🇱 Greenland51https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/gl.m3u
🇬🇩 Grenada52https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/gd.m3u
🇬🇵 Guadeloupe56https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/gp.m3u
🇬🇺 Guam52https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/gu.m3u
🇬🇹 Guatemala109https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/gt.m3u
🇬🇬 Guernsey48https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/gg.m3u
🇬🇳 Guinea53https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/gn.m3u
🇬🇼 Guinea-Bissau53https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/gw.m3u
🇬🇾 Guyana51https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/gy.m3u
🇭🇹 Haiti68https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/ht.m3u
🇭🇲 Heard Island and McDonald Islands48https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/hm.m3u
🇭🇳 Honduras127https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/hn.m3u
🇭🇰 Hong Kong78https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/hk.m3u
🇭🇺 Hungary89https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/hu.m3u
🇮🇸 Iceland70https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/is.m3u
🇮🇳 India219https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/in.m3u
🇮🇩 Indonesia223https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/id.m3u
      Jakarta Raya3https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/subdivisions/id-jk.m3u
      Jawa Barat7https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/subdivisions/id-jb.m3u
      Jawa Tengah6https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/subdivisions/id-jt.m3u
      Jawa Timur9https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/subdivisions/id-ji.m3u
      Kalimantan Barat2https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/subdivisions/id-kb.m3u
      Kalimantan Selatan2https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/subdivisions/id-ks.m3u
      Kalimantan Tengah1https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/subdivisions/id-kt.m3u
      Kalimantan Timur1https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/subdivisions/id-ki.m3u
      Kepulauan Bangka Belitung1https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/subdivisions/id-bb.m3u
      Maluku Utara1https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/subdivisions/id-mu.m3u
      Nusa Tenggara Barat1https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/subdivisions/id-nb.m3u
      Nusa Tenggara Timur1https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/subdivisions/id-nt.m3u
      Sulawesi Barat1https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/subdivisions/id-sr.m3u
      Sulawesi Selatan2https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/subdivisions/id-sn.m3u
      Sulawesi Tengah1https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/subdivisions/id-st.m3u
      Sulawesi Tenggara1https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/subdivisions/id-sg.m3u
      Sulawesi Utara1https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/subdivisions/id-sa.m3u
      Sumatera Barat2https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/subdivisions/id-sb.m3u
      Sumatera Selatan2https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/subdivisions/id-ss.m3u
🇮🇷 Iran120https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/ir.m3u
🇮🇶 Iraq104https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/iq.m3u
🇮🇪 Ireland85https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/ie.m3u
🇮🇲 Isle of Man48https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/im.m3u
🇮🇱 Israel65https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/il.m3u
🇮🇹 Italy251https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/it.m3u
🇨🇮 Ivory Coast56https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/ci.m3u
🇯🇲 Jamaica53https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/jm.m3u
🇯🇵 Japan105https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/jp.m3u
🇯🇪 Jersey48https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/je.m3u
🇯🇴 Jordan99https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/jo.m3u
🇰🇿 Kazakhstan89https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/kz.m3u
🇰🇪 Kenya59https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/ke.m3u
🇰🇮 Kiribati52https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/ki.m3u
🇽🇰 Kosovo53https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/xk.m3u
🇰🇼 Kuwait96https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/kw.m3u
🇰🇬 Kyrgyzstan53https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/kg.m3u
🇱🇦 Laos85https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/la.m3u
🇱🇻 Latvia72https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/lv.m3u
🇱🇧 Lebanon93https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/lb.m3u
🇱🇸 Lesotho53https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/ls.m3u
🇱🇷 Liberia53https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/lr.m3u
🇱🇾 Libya88https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/ly.m3u
🇱🇮 Liechtenstein72https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/li.m3u
🇱🇹 Lithuania71https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/lt.m3u
🇱🇺 Luxembourg80https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/lu.m3u
🇲🇴 Macao56https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/mo.m3u
🇲🇬 Madagascar53https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/mg.m3u
🇲🇼 Malawi53https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/mw.m3u
🇲🇾 Malaysia71https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/my.m3u
🇲🇻 Maldives54https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/mv.m3u
🇲🇱 Mali53https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/ml.m3u
🇲🇹 Malta70https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/mt.m3u
🇲🇭 Marshall Islands52https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/mh.m3u
🇲🇶 Martinique55https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/mq.m3u
🇲🇷 Mauritania79https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/mr.m3u
🇲🇺 Mauritius54https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/mu.m3u
🇾🇹 Mayotte53https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/yt.m3u
🇲🇽 Mexico190https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/mx.m3u
      Baja California1https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/subdivisions/mx-bcn.m3u
      Ciudad de Mexico1https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/subdivisions/mx-cmx.m3u
      Coahuila de Zaragoza1https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/subdivisions/mx-coa.m3u
      Nuevo Leon1https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/subdivisions/mx-nle.m3u
      Quintana Roo1https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/subdivisions/mx-roo.m3u
      San Luis Potosi1https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/subdivisions/mx-slp.m3u
🇫🇲 Micronesia52https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/fm.m3u
🇲🇩 Moldova79https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/md.m3u
🇲🇨 Monaco69https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/mc.m3u
🇲🇳 Mongolia71https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/mn.m3u
🇲🇪 Montenegro74https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/me.m3u
🇲🇸 Montserrat52https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/ms.m3u
🇲🇦 Morocco95https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/ma.m3u
🇲🇿 Mozambique56https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/mz.m3u
🇲🇲 Myanmar (Burma)69https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/mm.m3u
🇳🇦 Namibia53https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/na.m3u
🇳🇷 Nauru52https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/nr.m3u
🇳🇵 Nepal54https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/np.m3u
🇳🇱 Netherlands182https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/nl.m3u
🇳🇨 New Caledonia52https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/nc.m3u
🇳🇿 New Zealand115https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/nz.m3u
🇳🇮 Nicaragua110https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/ni.m3u
🇳🇪 Niger53https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/ne.m3u
🇳🇬 Nigeria68https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/ng.m3u
🇳🇺 Niue52https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/nu.m3u
🇳🇫 Norfolk Island52https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/nf.m3u
🇰🇵 North Korea52https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/kp.m3u
🇲🇰 North Macedonia71https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/mk.m3u
🇲🇵 Northern Mariana Islands52https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/mp.m3u
🇳🇴 Norway75https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/no.m3u
🇴🇲 Oman83https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/om.m3u
🇵🇰 Pakistan76https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/pk.m3u
🇵🇼 Palau52https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/pw.m3u
🇵🇸 Palestine94https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/ps.m3u
🇵🇦 Panama109https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/pa.m3u
🇵🇬 Papua New Guinea52https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/pg.m3u
🇵🇾 Paraguay122https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/py.m3u
      Alto Parana2https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/subdivisions/py-10.m3u
      Presidente Hayes1https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/subdivisions/py-15.m3u
🇵🇪 Peru242https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/pe.m3u
🇵🇭 Philippines82https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/ph.m3u
🇵🇳 Pitcairn Islands52https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/pn.m3u
🇵🇱 Poland100https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/pl.m3u
🇵🇹 Portugal95https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/pt.m3u
🇵🇷 Puerto Rico105https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/pr.m3u
🇶🇦 Qatar82https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/qa.m3u
🇨🇬 Republic of the Congo54https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/cg.m3u
🇷🇴 Romania95https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/ro.m3u
🇷🇺 Russia372https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/ru.m3u
🇷🇼 Rwanda55https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/rw.m3u
🇷🇪 Réunion54https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/re.m3u
🇧🇱 Saint Barthélemy55https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/bl.m3u
🇸🇭 Saint Helena53https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/sh.m3u
🇰🇳 Saint Kitts and Nevis52https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/kn.m3u
🇱🇨 Saint Lucia52https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/lc.m3u
🇲🇫 Saint Martin55https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/mf.m3u
🇵🇲 Saint Pierre and Miquelon51https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/pm.m3u
🇻🇨 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines52https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/vc.m3u
🇼🇸 Samoa52https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/ws.m3u
🇸🇲 San Marino70https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/sm.m3u
🇸🇦 Saudi Arabia122https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/sa.m3u
🇸🇳 Senegal57https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/sn.m3u
🇷🇸 Serbia107https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/rs.m3u
🇸🇨 Seychelles53https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/sc.m3u
🇸🇱 Sierra Leone54https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/sl.m3u
🇸🇬 Singapore76https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/sg.m3u
🇸🇽 Sint Maarten52https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/sx.m3u
🇸🇰 Slovakia88https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/sk.m3u
🇸🇮 Slovenia81https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/si.m3u
🇸🇧 Solomon Islands52https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/sb.m3u
🇸🇴 Somalia80https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/so.m3u
🇿🇦 South Africa54https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/za.m3u
🇬🇸 South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands51https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/gs.m3u
🇰🇷 South Korea175https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/kr.m3u
🇸🇸 South Sudan53https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/ss.m3u
🇪🇸 Spain243https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/es.m3u
      Madrid, Comunidad de1https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/subdivisions/es-md.m3u
      Castilla-La Mancha13https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/subdivisions/es-cm.m3u
🇱🇰 Sri Lanka58https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/lk.m3u
🇸🇩 Sudan83https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/sd.m3u
🇸🇷 Suriname51https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/sr.m3u
🇸🇯 Svalbard and Jan Mayen48https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/sj.m3u
🇸🇿 Swaziland53https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/sz.m3u
🇸🇪 Sweden112https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/se.m3u
🇨🇭 Switzerland102https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/ch.m3u
🇸🇾 Syria86https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/sy.m3u
🇸🇹 São Tomé and Príncipe53https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/st.m3u
🇹🇼 Taiwan146https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/tw.m3u
🇹🇯 Tajikistan52https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/tj.m3u
🇹🇿 Tanzania55https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/tz.m3u
🇹🇭 Thailand93https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/th.m3u
🇹🇬 Togo54https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/tg.m3u
🇹🇰 Tokelau52https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/tk.m3u
🇹🇴 Tonga52https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/to.m3u
🇹🇹 Trinidad and Tobago53https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/tt.m3u
🇹🇳 Tunisia89https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/tn.m3u
🇹🇷 Turkey199https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/tr.m3u
🇹🇲 Turkmenistan55https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/tm.m3u
🇹🇨 Turks and Caicos Islands52https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/tc.m3u
🇹🇻 Tuvalu52https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/tv.m3u
🇺🇲 U.S. Minor Outlying Islands48https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/um.m3u
🇻🇮 U.S. Virgin Islands52https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/vi.m3u
🇺🇬 Uganda55https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/ug.m3u
🇺🇦 Ukraine105https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/ua.m3u
🇦🇪 United Arab Emirates121https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/ae.m3u
🇬🇧 United Kingdom348https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/uk.m3u
🇺🇸 United States1911https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/us.m3u
      District of Columbia8https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/subdivisions/us-dc.m3u
      New Hampshire2https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/subdivisions/us-nh.m3u
      New Jersey15https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/subdivisions/us-nj.m3u
      New Mexico4https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/subdivisions/us-nm.m3u
      New York40https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/subdivisions/us-ny.m3u
      North Carolina7https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/subdivisions/us-nc.m3u
      North Dakota4https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/subdivisions/us-nd.m3u
      Puerto Rico2https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/subdivisions/us-pr.m3u
      Rhode Island1https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/subdivisions/us-ri.m3u
      South Carolina2https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/subdivisions/us-sc.m3u
      South Dakota1https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/subdivisions/us-sd.m3u
🇺🇾 Uruguay102https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/uy.m3u
🇺🇿 Uzbekistan52https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/uz.m3u
🇻🇺 Vanuatu52https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/vu.m3u
🇻🇦 Vatican City69https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/va.m3u
🇻🇪 Venezuela113https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/ve.m3u
🇻🇳 Vietnam128https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/vn.m3u
🇼🇫 Wallis and Futuna52https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/wf.m3u
🇪🇭 Western Sahara58https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/eh.m3u
🇾🇪 Yemen88https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/ye.m3u
🇿🇲 Zambia53https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/zm.m3u
🇿🇼 Zimbabwe53https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/zw.m3u
🇦🇽 Åland48https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/countries/ax.m3u
IPTV best premium free iptv services

Free IPTV grouped by region

Playlist in which each channel has its region as a group title:


Grouped by region but split up into separate playlists by each region:

Arab world306https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/regions/arab.m3u
Association of Southeast Asian Nations294https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/regions/asean.m3u
Central Asia30https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/regions/cas.m3u
Central and Eastern Europe612https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/regions/cee.m3u
Central America110https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/regions/cenamer.m3u
Commonwealth of Independent States398https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/regions/cis.m3u
Europe, the Middle East, and Africa2539https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/regions/emea.m3u
Hispanic America825https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/regions/hispam.m3u
Latin America and the Caribbean960https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/regions/lac.m3u
Latin America948https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/regions/latam.m3u
Middle East and North Africa504https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/regions/mena.m3u
Middle East455https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/regions/mideast.m3u
Northern America1958https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/regions/nam.m3u
Northern Europe105https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/regions/neur.m3u
North America2267https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/regions/noram.m3u
South Asia234https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/regions/sas.m3u
Southeast Asia309https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/regions/sea.m3u
Southern Europe601https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/regions/ser.m3u
South America654https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/regions/southam.m3u
Sub-Saharan Africa67https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/regions/ssa.m3u
West Africa31https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/regions/wafr.m3u
Western Europe812https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/regions/wer.m3u

Free IPTV grouped by language

Playlist in which each channel has its language as a group title:


By language but split up into separate files

Assyrian Neo-Aramaic1https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/languages/aii.m3u
Mandarin Chinese1https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/languages/cmn.m3u
Min Nan Chinese1https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/languages/nan.m3u
Norwegian Bokmål1https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/languages/nob.m3u
Oriya (macrolanguage)3https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/languages/ori.m3u
Yue Chinese6https://iptv-org.github.io/iptv/languages/yue.m3u

HUGE Free IPTV Playlist Credits

Needless to point out that the huge free iptv playlist work is not mine nor am I involved in any way. All the credits go to the IPTV-ORG repository on Github, so you may want to leave them some feedback on https://github.com/iptv-org and also contribute if you want to.

Is This IPTV Playlist Legal?

Yes, this HUGE Free IPTV Playlist(s) is totally legal. This is a collection of publicly available IPTV (Internet Protocol television) channels from all over the world.

Is the Huge Free IPTV Playlist Safe to Stream?

Yes, this is a safe-to-use IPTV playlist. But please take note that some channels are geo-locked so you may need a VPN in order to watch them from a different country. If you consider protecting your internet identity and demand high-quality privacy, then protect your online presence with a trusted VPN service like IP Vanish or IVACY VPN. Both are paid services but guarantee your online anonymity without keeping logs or paid records! And they have plenty of different servers from most countries!

The Best APKs For Free Movies & Shows 2023 offer a convenient and easy way to access a wide variety of movies and TV shows on your FireTV Stick, Android TV Box, Android TV OS device, etc. These top 5 streaming apks provide high-quality streaming, a user-friendly interface, and a wide range of content to choose from, making them the go-to choice for many users. Whether you’re looking for the latest blockbuster hits or classic TV shows, these streaming apks have you covered. With features like personalized recommendations, offline viewing, and seamless integration with popular devices, these streaming apks provide a top-notch viewing experience that is hard to beat. If you get an error make sure your VPN is turned on, Your ISP might be blocking them.

Best APKs For Free Movies & Shows 2023 and no KODI?

The new trend nowadays is not KODI. And that is understandable since a lot of developers quit or even worse… have troubles with the law. So I’ve decided to make a list with my top 5 streaming apk for movies and tv shows.

Most recommended APKs for Movies and TV Shows 2023

The list below is in no specific order, all 5 of them are great and work amazing as well! It was hard to select only 5 but in the end, I made the list with the 5 best streaming apk 2023 as of right now.


Nova TV streaming apk 2022
How to download and install NOVA TV

NovaTV is a very good application for Movies and TV Shows, and it continuously gets updated, which means the project is not dead. On Dimitrology.com we cover apps like BeeTV, TeaTV, NovaTV which in my opinion are some of the Best APKs For Free Movies & Shows that work in 2023 and beyond The official site of NovaTV is https://novatv.app/.

Download NOVA TV Apk

If you want to download the latest version of NOVA TV simply visit the link (or add it on your Downloader App if on Firestick or Android TV OS) https://novatv.app/download.html and select to save the file. Then give permission to install it. You can also use the Downloader Code 62209 which you can also find in our Best Downloader Codes List section.


beetv 2022 download apk
Most recommended streaming APK 2023

BeeTV is like a search application for video content. It crawls movie and tv shows hosting websites and can find and return the videos hosted on those sites. BeeTV is a community-driven app and through its modules can give great results. And yes, it supports Debrid, Premiumize for better and more streams. Also features trailers and has a lot of more unique and handy stuff.

Download BeeTV Apk

So to download the latest version of BeeTV simply visit the link (or added it on your Downloader App if on Firestick or Android TV OS) https://beetvapk.me/dl/ and select to save the file. Then give permission to install it.You can also use the Downloader Code 82614 which you can also find in our Best Downloader Codes List section.

TeaTV top apk
TeaTV Top streaming APK 2023


TeaTV is one of the most loved streaming apps also in 2023 making it easy to include in our Best APKs For Free Movies & Shows 2023 list. Has been around for a very long but with time is always better. It works of course on any Android device but they also have Windows and macOS versions as well. It supports Debrid and Premiumize so top quality is expected. It has a user-friendly interface and provides high-quality streaming for a seamless viewing experience. Additionally, TeaTV offers features such as offline downloading and support for subtitles, making it a convenient and versatile app for watching movies and TV shows.

Download TeaTV Apk

In order to download the latest version of TeaTV simply visit the link (or added it on your Downloader App if on Firestick or Android TV OS) https://www.teatv.net/download-teatv-apk-official-z and select to save the file. Then give permission to install it. Try also the Downloader Code 56692 which you can find in our Best Downloader Codes List section.

Cinema APK

cinema apk 2022
Cinema HD apk 2022

Cinema APK is a streaming app that allows users to watch movies and TV shows on their devices. It is a popular app that offers a wide range of content, including popular movies, TV shows, and live TV channels. Cinema HD is available for a variety of devices, including Android, Firestick, and Android TV. It has a user-friendly interface and provides high-quality streaming for a seamless viewing experience. Additionally, Cinema APK offers features such as offline viewing and support for subtitles, making it a convenient and versatile app for watching movies and TV shows. It also supports Debrid for users with this service for even more and better quality streams.

Download Cinema Apk

You can download the latest version of Cinema APK by simply clicking the link (or add it on your Downloader App if on Firestick or Android TV OS) https://cinemahd.app/Cinema-HD-2.4.0.apk and select to save the file. Then give permission to install it. You can also try the Downloader Code 61586 which you can find in our Top Downloader Codes List section.


cyberflix-tv-apk streaming best 2022
Cyberflix still one of the best streaming apk in 2023

If you like watching movies and tv shows then Cyberflix is a great Android app with a huge library and great video quality. It is really easy to use and works great on any Android device like an Android TV Box, Android smartphone or tablet, etc. You can also keep up with your favorite TV shows as episodes are updated every day. Also supports Debrid and Premiumize too.

Download Cyberflix Apk

In order to download the latest version of Cyberflix simply visit the link (or added it on your Downloader App if on Firestick or Android TV OS) https://cyberflix.me/dl and select to save the file. Then give permission to install it. By using code 31583 which you can also find in our Best Downloader Codes List section you can install the app more easily.

Which Are Your Best APKs For Free Movies & Shows 2023?

And what do you think? Which is or are your best streaming apk of 2023? Do you think some other app should have made the list? Leave a comment down below with your favorite streaming app. Also if this article helped you make sure to share it with your friends and family. Use the buttons below to share on all major social media.

Think About Your Privacy!

But one thing to consider, when using Filelinked, is your online privacy. So you should always use a VPN to protect your identity and security when streaming free movies and TV shows. Especially with any of the apk such as in this list. So if you consider protecting your internet identity and demand high-quality privacy, then protect your online presence with a trusted VPN service like IP Vanish or Ivacy VPN. Both are paid services but guarantee your online anonymity without keeping logs or paid records! 

Also, Want KODI Builds And Addons?

If you are looking to install KODI Addons and Builds, I highly recommend you visit the Best KODI Addons Of The Month section or the Builds section of our website. You will find a lot of different Builds for KODI for any taste! And if you are just looking for a KODI Adult Add-on Pack, make sure to check the Dimitrology Addon Pack, it contains the best KODI add-ons available! More on KODI or great Premium IPTV solutions are also available here.

SSTV 4 ISP Offer

SSTV is still offering an amazing value for money service and now it is even better with the 4 simultaneous connection offers for an annual subscription! This is a limited offer and at the time of writing this post, there are just 229 still available slots. SSTV offers worldwide server coverage, unlimited bandwidth, and support 24/7, all year long. The activation is instant upon payment verification.

You can use SSTV with their dedicated app, Smarters, Tivimate, M3U list, or any app that supports Xtream Codes. Also, with 4 different DNS you will never have to worry about issues or disconnections.


Get the latest SSTV Smarters by using the Downloader app by using the code 23192, or the SSTV XC which is better for NHL in my opinion by using the code 17438.

Nvidia Shield TV PRO Giveaway

And the offers do not end here, they also have a giveaway running right now, by simply opening a ticket and a screenshot of your subscription you have a chance to make an Nvidia Shield TV PRO yours! For more info visit the SSTV website here.

Downloader is Filelinked Best Alternative

Downloader Codes are the best alternative to the Filelinked application for any Android TV device. Whether you rock an Android TV, an Nvidia Shield TV, or a FireTV device like Amazon’s Firestick, Downloader will save your day. Downloader with codes comes to the rescue if you want to directly download any file and app.

Downloader offers an amazing function, URL shortener which we call Downloader Codes. With this function, we can have the best results when it comes to sideloading apps, that is downloading and installing apps, on Android TV and Fire TV devices. Super easy tutorial on how to use it and with a complete and always updated best downloader codes list, starting from July 2021!

Best Downloader Codes

Che the always-updated list with the Best Downloader Codes here:


Downloader is created by AFTVNEWS

Subscribe: https://goo.gl/dbo6IL

✅ Tech Is My Passion Channel: https://goo.gl/hDiwEg

🇬🇷 My Greek Channel – https://bit.ly/2R3tDj0

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Downloader Codes List aka Downloader URL Shortener Codes July 2021

The Downloader App is an Android application that is created by Elias Saba who is also the creator of AFTVnews.com. He recently added the ability os use a shortcut, a numeric code so you do not have to enter a full URL instead. What we call in the community Downloader Codes even if that is not the official name. This opens a wide selection of new options for any Android TV user / FireTV user who wants to get the most out of his device and sideload applications. In the list below you can find some of the best Downloader Codes on July 2021 in a list for easy installation and navigation on your Android TV or FireTV device.

Best Downloader Codes July 2021


Dimitrology APK List: 67984
MX Player Pro (1.26.4) : 28474
Kodi 19: 74975
Tivimate (3.7.0) : 77923
Tivimate Companion (1.3.5) : 79423
Implayer ( : 14686
Smarters (3.0.8) : 56440
Cinema HD ( : 97149
Filmplus (1.2.9) : 66357
Syncler Installer (12001) : 50310
Weyd (1.3.2) : 16193
Ocean Streams (1.0.1) : 41803
BeeTV (2.8.5) : 86342
CucoTV (1.1.0) : 76971
Nova (1.5.0) : 70350
TeaTV (10.2.3) : 22596
Cyberflix (3.3.2) : 75989
Ukturks (1.0.6) : 58701
Movie Hd (5.0.7) : 70195
VivaTV (1.3.5) : 35949
Tubitv (4.13.0) : 38720
Speedtest (4.6.0) : 71822
Strix (1.1.1) : 60518
APKtime (2.2) : 62337
SmartTubeNext Beta (11.55) : 52489
Live Nettv (4.8.6) : 50227
Nxtlvl DNS (1.6.2) :52081
Antutu Benchmark (9.0.8) : 95723
Smart YouTube TV (6.17.639) : 67450
TuneIn Radio (27.1) : 15040
Spotify ( : 74955
Podcast Addict (2021.9.1) : 32569
Blokada (5.13.0) : 30841
SD Maid Pro (5.1.5) : 55072
Es File Explorer ( : 69855
Plex Premium ( : 50697
Analiti (2021. : 59718
BBC iPlayer ( : 14076
DNS Changer Lilly (1.6.2) : 89497
Adguard ( : 94872

How To Install Downloader

If you do not have Downloader already install on your device, follow the video guide below. It is easy, free and very useful!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-8mNTXB3J4&w=580&h=385]

How To Use On Devices Not Android TV / Fire TV

Is This KODI Addon Safe?

Yes, this Addon for KODI is a safe video plugin. But it is always better to use a VPN since some links are blocked by certain ISPs and also to protect your identity and security when streaming free movies and TV shows. Especially with any of the third-party Kodi addons. So if you consider protecting your internet identity and demand high-quality privacy, then protect your online presence with a trusted VPN service like IPVanish or IVACY VPN. Both are paid services but guarantee your online anonymity without keeping logs or paid records!

Legal Copyright Disclaimer

This technology shall only be used to stream movies or TV shows that fall under the public domain. Dimitrology.com does not endorse or promote illegal activity tied to streaming or downloading copyrighted works. The end-user shall be solely responsible for media accessed through any service or app referenced on this Website. Dimitrology.com does not host referenced applications/addons and this guide is for educational purposes only.