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SchismTV Mimic

Following the Boom Shakalaka Builds, now also SchisM TV Builds got refreshed as well! The SchisM TV All In One Build which includes a lot of different skins / builds and the SchisM TV Serenity (Apple’s tv OSX clone) have been updated to version 0.9 (AIO) and version 1.4 (Serenity).

Both have fully working addons, Exodus, SALTS and URL Resolver updated to the latest version as fixed every small existing bugs. New addons included and updated all the latest repositories since the whole TVAddons shutdown made a significant domino effect for every -almost- addon on the 3rd party scene of KODI.

SchismTV Conq

You can get them both, as always from the Dimitrology TV Wizard, simply follow the guide in this page in order to install them or update them correctly.

Next update should be Kodiflix which didn’t get much love in the past but I’m planning to change that as well.

SchismTV Eminence

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  1. Kirk
    Kirk says:

    Can’t download zip file as “the dependant on this zip file cannot be satisfied “. Any help in this please ?


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