How to install TV-ONE on KODI 1

How to install TV-ONE on KODI

Some of the best addons on KODI for Live TV are without doubt the “TV One” KODI addons, from a third party developer named RACC. Those addons are some of the few Live TV – Free TV KODI addons that actually do work. But they are also very hard to find. That is mostly because the developer doesn’t have a repository, he is coding directly in a Chinese Platform called Coding and even if you find his Git, everything is in Chinese so you must know how to get them. Fortunately, he also posts the files, the zipped addons to be specific, in a download website. The links below are the ones he uses and that he shares with his Git.

How to install TV ONE, TV One1, TV One11, TV One111 and TV ONE111 on KODI 17.6 / KODI 18 instructions:

1. First you need to download the addons from the following URLs. Unfortunately there is no repository so you need to use a USB flash drive or side-load the addons on some devices like the Amazon Firestick. Beware of the ad that opens a new window, just close it.

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How to install TV-ONE on KODI 2

TV ONE: updated 04/22/2019

TV ONE1: updated 12/19/2018

TV ONE11: updated 04/22/2019

TV ONE111: updated 04/22/2019

TV ONE1111: updated 12/19/2019

2. Once you have downloaded the addons, open KODI and select ADDONS

How to install TV-ONE on KODI 3

3. Select the package installer on top (open package icon).

How to install TV-ONE on KODI 4

4. Now select Install from ZIP

How to install TV-ONE on KODI 5

5. Select the location where you have saved the addons and select the first addon.

How to install TV-ONE on KODI 6

6. Repeat the process until you have them installed all.

How to install TV-ONE on KODI 6

7. That’s it, you have successfully installed the TV One addons on KODI!

How to install TV-ONE on KODI 8

With the process above, you will only install the latest versions of the addons but without the repository. This means that the addons will not get updates so you will need to manually download the latest versions every time the addons stop working. This page will be updated with the latest versions of the TV ONE, TV One1, TV One11, TV One111, and TV One1111 for KODI, as soon as the developer RACC will release them.

How to install TV-ONE on KODI 2018