Schism TV Serenity
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The Schism TV Serenity KODI Build has been updated to version 1.5! The Apple TV OSX build for KODI 17.x with the two skin themes (light and dark), now it is more complete than ever and offers fully working experience.

In this version, Exodus has been replaced with the new fork, the Covenant addon. Also SALTS (Stream All The Sources) is out but in it’s place we have the Duckpool addon from Mucky Duck, the previously iStream addon.

Schism TV Serenity

New addition is also the brand-new but also amazing, Not Sure KODI addon. It is an All In One addon but especially the Live TV / IPTV section is amazing! And speaking of Live and IPTV, we have also a comeback, the cCloud TV is back and working again!

Lastly, the Vortex addon has been updated with the new repository so in case you didn’t receive any updates lately, now you know why.

You can download the Schism TV Serenity Build for KODI, as always, from the Dimitrology TV Wizard.


1. On a fresh installation of KODI (do always a Fresh Start before installing builds) go under SYSTEM and select FILE MANAGER from the submenu
2. Select ADD SOURCE
3. Click on NONE and enter https://dimitrology.com/repo and click on DONE
4. Select OK
5. Go to HOME
6. Select SYSTEM
7. Select ADDONS
9. Click on repo from the list and select plugin.video.dimitv.zip
10. Wait for the notification that Dimitrology TV Wizard has been installed
11. Go to HOME
12. Select PROGRAMS
13. Open Dimitrology TV Wizard
14. Select INSTALL NOTE: if you didn’t do a Fresh Start before select FRESH START to delete everything inside KODI
15. Select Serenity Build
16. Choose to do a FULL WIPE. The settings of trakt, real debrid, etc will be automatically saved.
17. When finished, you do not need to FORCE CLOSE. Simply go to settings, select INTERFACE and then the Serenity Skin. You must restart KODI in order to see the images and thumbnails.

Schism TV Serenity KODI

What do you think of the new update? Leave your thoughts, comments and even requests down below and happy streaming!


We do not ask for donations, please if you wish to contribute a simple subscription to my Youtube Channel is more than enough. The Dimitrology TV Builds were, are and will ever be FREE!

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  1. Mike
    Mike says:

    I have installed the boom shakalaka V. 6.1 on my fire stick and my laptop and love it. Thanks for all your hard work. I tried explaining to a friend how to update his kodi version from 17.2 to 17.3 and how to install the boom shakalaka build on his fire stick but he gets an error. So i tried to start from scratch on my laptop and go through the process to make sure he didn’t mess up and I also got the same error. the error just says error check log and it does it both for android and windows 10. I have used your wizard many times so I’m 99.9% sure i didn’t do anything wrong. Is it just currently down when i tried on 8/10/2017 around 9:30 – 10 PM eastern standard time?


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