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SchisM TV Serenity version 1.0

The tvOS-X clone (aka Apple TV) build by SchisM TV has been updated to version 1.0. As always the looks remain top of the line and the functionality became even better! We had quite some additions and also removals from the previous version in order to make it work even better, while keeping the size always petite (209MB as a zipped file). Fixed the search shortcut on the home and also fixed the skin bug that on some devices had issues with the icons.


  • Fixed skin issues and bugs
  • Removed some dead repos
  • Fixed shortcuts
  • Added Live Premiership Add-on
  • Added UK Turks Add-on
  • Added One242415 Add-on
  • Removed Dimitrology on Youtube
  • Added Dimi On Demand Add-on (credits to SIMTECH)
  • Fixed icons
  • Cleaned all unneeded files
  • Fixed the search shortcut from the top in the Home
  • ReConfigured Metalliq Add-on by OpenEleQ
  • Some other minor fixes

If you need help on how to install the SchisM TV Serenity Build on KODI, click here and follow the guide.

As always you can get it from the Dimitrology Repo, under DimiTV.zip or Wizardology.zip wizards. Keep smiling and happy streaming :)

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  1. Phil Moran
    Phil Moran says:

    But Dimitrology it wipes out my debrid settings!
    Also you think the Turks coulda put in a few more movies from 2010-16. I mean 1445 is a lot but they could have went to 1500. Lol

    Nice update


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