Typhoon TV 2.2.1 APK For Movies & TV Shows

This is the latest version of Typhoon TV 2.2.1 which is an Android application to watch online movies and tv series for free on your Android via streaming. You can also download them so you can watch them offline whenever you want, just like the Netflix app does.

Typhoon TV provides video links Full HD 1080p, HD 720p and up to 4K / UHD resolution, it supports more than two hundred languages and multi-region. The app works on any Android Smartphone, tablet, etc as well as on an Amazon Firestick, FireTV, Nvidia Shield TV, Android TV Box. So no matter what device you use, Android TV OS or a plain “pure” Android, this apk will work great for you. Even with the most outdated remote controls.

Typhoon TV apk user interface

Typhoon TV User Interface

Just like Terrarium TV, also Typhoon TV Apk has a very simple and easy to use interface. You can use a remote control or touch interface in order to select among the categories which basically are Movies and TV Shows. Inside you will find the art of each video file so it is very intuitive to select anything. Also the settings section is great, gives you a lot of customization and fine tuning options like adding and Debrid options, select the minimum quality, remove or add hosters and more. You can also enable subtitles by default in case you need them always on. So it is great for foreign language users but also for people with hear impairment issues.


Typhoon TV Features

  • Typhoon TV APK provides frequent updates so that you don’t get bored and enjoy amazing latest features.
  • Movies and TV shows are in HD and 4K resolution.
  • Typhoon TV has inbuilt Media player to provide better viewing experience such as MX Player, VLC, etc.
  • There are no ads in the app.
  • Supports Real Debrid and Trakt
  • Subtitles are also available for more than 220 Languages.
  • Once installed all future updates can be done from the app.

Typhoon TV 2.2.1 Changelog

Version 2.2.1: Fixed some scrapers for better and faster performance also on lower-end devices like the Firestick, FireTV.

Is It Safe?

Yes, Typhoon TV 2.2.1 apk is a safe to use app. But one thing to consider, when using this app as any streaming apk, is your online privacy. So you should always use a VPN to protect your identity and security when streaming free videos online. So if you consider protecting your internet identity and demand high quality privacy, then protect your online presence with a trusted VPN service like IP Vanish or Private Internet Access. Both are paid services but guarantee your online anonymity without keeping logs or paid records!

Download Typhoon TV 2.2.1 APK

This is the latest version of the Typhoon TV app. You can get the Typhoon TV 2.2.1 apk from here.

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Best Working KODI Addons

In the following list, you can find the best KODI addons for December 2021. There are a plethora of KODI addons, called also KODI plugins, but unfortunately, they come and go all the time. So, it is really hard for a user to keep up with all these new and amazing or old and outdated KODI add-ons. So, we created the following list that we will keep updated on a regular basis so you know which add-ons work well for your specific needs. Almost all the addons have been updated also for KODI 19 Matrix. Under each addon, there is a short description and some remarks. Click on an addon title in order to follow the easy step-by-step tutorial.

Best KODI Addons December 2021 List

Click on the addon title / name for the easy to install tutorial.

The Crew

All In One Addon. The Crew is developed by the Crew team.


How to install FEN addon on KODI

Movies & TV Shows (Openscrapers, Furk & Easynews compatible). FEN is developed by TikiPeter.


Movies & TV Shows (Works Best With Real Debrid or Premiumize). Seren is a unique addon for KODI developed by NixGates.


Movies, TV Shows, Kids, Documentaries and YouTube. Previously known as 13 Clowns.

Magic Dragon

Magic Dragon KODI Addon 2019 Tutorial

All In One Addon. Previously named Dogs Bollocks now is on the Diamond Repo.


Exodus Fork and Live TV / IPTV Addon. Also provides 1 click movies, boxsets and kids. Developed by Tempest.


All in one addon: Movies, TV Shows, Kids, IPTV. It’s in the Ezzer Mac Repo.


Live Sport Streams from, sorted in categories by sports, major leagues, and what is live right now. Excellent for sports by the developer Bugatsinho.

Sportowa TV

Sports / Live TV. The Sportowa TV addon for KODI is developed by Mbebe.



Movies & TV Shows (Exodus Fork). Excellent Exodus replacement with some neat additions you can find it on the Venom Repo.



Movies & TV Shows. Another unique addon that can be found on the Gaia Repo.


Multiple Free IPTV / Live TV Addons. This collection of addons are ported from Android apks and maintained by RACC.

AVEZY – Arenavision

Free IPTV / Live TV (Use a VPN!!!). It uses torrent technology (P2P streams) but offers the best results and top video & audio quality, offered by Kodiadictos.


Movies & TV Shows (For Premiumize Users Only). The Premiumizer addon is developed by A3n3ma.


Movies & TV Shows (For Real Debrid Users Only). Realizer is developed by A3n3ma.

Ultimate Whitecream

Adult content. The UWC add-on is now developed by Dobbelina.

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Are These Video Addons For KODI Safe?

Yes, these are all safe video addons for KODI. But you should always use a VPN to protect your identity and security when streaming free movies and TV shows. Especially with any of the third-party Kodi addons such as this. Some also use torrenting technology which is pretty easy for someone to find your IP. So if you consider protecting your internet identity and demand high-quality privacy, then protect your online presence with a trusted VPN service like IP Vanish or Private Internet Access. Both are paid services but guarantee your online anonymity without keeping logs or paid records!

Third Party KODI Add-ons

These are all 3rd party KODI add-ons. Therefore they are in no way associated with the KODI Official Team. Please do not ask for support from KODI, it is something they hate and they remove every related question to third party addon support.

Which Is Your Preferred / Best KODI Addon?

Which is your best KODI Addon? And which other addons you use? In case we missed them, we can always add them so we can help other users as well. This list will only contain the best, working addons for KODI by third-party developers. So please use the comments section below to provide your opinion on the various add-ons and Dimitrology will take those into consideration when adjusting the results. The purpose of this post is to allow of our visitors Youtube subscribers with the opportunity to keep this post-up-to-date with the best functioning Kodi add-ons.

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If you are looking to install KODI Builds, I highly recommend you visit the Builds section of our website. By installing a KODI Build you will get plenty of addons with one install. I recommend doing so yourselves so you install the addons you use but I know it is a convenience and a lot of people prefer it. In our Builds section, you will find a lot of different Builds for KODI for any taste!

And if you are just looking for a KODI Adult Add-on Pack, make sure to check the Dimitrology Addon Pack, it contains the best KODI add-ons available! More on KODI or great Premium IPTV solutions also available here. One great KODI Build that a lot of people use and love is the Xanax Build for KODI. You may try it by following our easy step-by-step tutorial here. There is also a video tutorial that you can watch from the Dimitrology Youtube Channel also here. With the second option, you can install a second KODI fork, so you can have two different KODI setups on your Android device simultaneously.


If you like watching movies and tv shows then TVZion in it’s latest version V3.7.1 is a great Android app with a huge library and great video quality. TVZion is really easy to use and works great on any Android device like an Android TV Box, Android smartphone or tablet, etc. You can also keep up with your your favorite TV shows as episodes are updated every day. So don’t wait up, jump in and watch free episodes and movies online with this great app.


Important – TVZion has been shutdown, it’s no longer working. Click here to read more.

How To Use TVZion 3.7.1

TVZion uses a very simple user interface from which you can browse the different contents available inside the app. With awesome functions like Auto Play Next Episode just like Netflix and Resume From Last it is now even easier than ever to use. You can find all the movies sorted by categories and all the seasons and episodes of your favorite tv shows. You only need to select any of them and press the play button to start watching them within the app. And other than movies and tv shows, anime is also on the menu, therefore, if you’re a fan of Japanese animations, you’ll be delighted to use this application. Also, it supports all the most used services like, Real Debrid, Premiumize and external players as VLC and the best you can get in my opinion MX Player.

TVZion v3.6

New Version 3.7.1

This is the latest version of TVZion APK as of today and has been released on May 22th 2019.

Download TVZion v3.7.1 APK

Select here in order to DOWNLOAD the app for Android devices.

For more apps and downloads, visit the dedicated section of Dimitrology Downloads here.

Need More Help? Video Tutorial

How to install TVZion APK on Android

KOHI Movies is a well known website with Movies and TV Shows. Now thanks to SClarke we have also a KODI addon for that website. That means 1 click to play Movies and TV Shows in great HD / Full HD quality streamed directly on your KODI devices!

The addon is still in it’s early release so not many advanced menu features yet but it is a great effort and most certainly a must have!

Read more