How Much Money I Make From My Small 10000 Subs YouTube Channel

In this video, I reveal my YouTube Analytics so you can see how much money I make from my small 10.000 subs YouTube channel. I explain also how the YouTube revenue/partner program works so you can understand it easily and perhaps make even more money from YouTube as a youtuber.

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Most YouTubers hate it when it comes to revenue transparency. And although I can respect that, I just wish someone would explain to me how the Youtube Partner program works when it comes on revenue. I really was clueless and having seen this information it would have really helped me a lot, as a new YouTuber, when I first started my 3 channels on YouTube.

I am terribly sorry for the lame audio, I must have messed up with the mic. Sorry for that, just finished moving and setting up my studio.

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This Video Is About How Much Money I Make From My Small 10000 Subs YouTube Channel


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