Best Downloader Codes List July 2021

best downloader codes list
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Downloader Codes List aka Downloader URL Shortener Codes July 2021

The Downloader App is an Android application that is created by Elias Saba who is also the creator of He recently added the ability os use a shortcut, a numeric code so you do not have to enter a full URL instead. What we call in the community Downloader Codes even if that is not the official name. This opens a wide selection of new options for any Android TV user / FireTV user who wants to get the most out of his device and sideload applications. In the list below you can find some of the best Downloader Codes on July 2021 in a list for easy installation and navigation on your Android TV or FireTV device.

Best Downloader Codes July 2021


Dimitrology APK List: 67984
MX Player Pro (1.26.4) : 28474
Kodi 19: 74975
Tivimate (3.7.0) : 77923
Tivimate Companion (1.3.5) : 79423
Implayer ( : 14686
Smarters (3.0.8) : 56440
Cinema HD ( : 97149
Filmplus (1.2.9) : 66357
Syncler Installer (12001) : 50310
Weyd (1.3.2) : 16193
Ocean Streams (1.0.1) : 41803
BeeTV (2.8.5) : 86342
CucoTV (1.1.0) : 76971
Nova (1.5.0) : 70350
TeaTV (10.2.3) : 22596
Cyberflix (3.3.2) : 75989
Ukturks (1.0.6) : 58701
Movie Hd (5.0.7) : 70195
VivaTV (1.3.5) : 35949
Tubitv (4.13.0) : 38720
Speedtest (4.6.0) : 71822
Strix (1.1.1) : 60518
APKtime (2.2) : 62337
SmartTubeNext Beta (11.55) : 52489
Live Nettv (4.8.6) : 50227
Nxtlvl DNS (1.6.2) :52081
Antutu Benchmark (9.0.8) : 95723
Smart YouTube TV (6.17.639) : 67450
TuneIn Radio (27.1) : 15040
Spotify ( : 74955
Podcast Addict (2021.9.1) : 32569
Blokada (5.13.0) : 30841
SD Maid Pro (5.1.5) : 55072
Es File Explorer ( : 69855
Plex Premium ( : 50697
Analiti (2021. : 59718
BBC iPlayer ( : 14076
DNS Changer Lilly (1.6.2) : 89497
Adguard ( : 94872

How To Install Downloader

If you do not have Downloader already install on your device, follow the video guide below. It is easy, free and very useful!


How To Use On Devices Not Android TV / Fire TV

Is This KODI Addon Safe?

Yes, this Addon for KODI is a safe video plugin. But it is always better to use a VPN since some links are blocked by certain ISPs and also to protect your identity and security when streaming free movies and TV shows. Especially with any of the third-party Kodi addons. So if you consider protecting your internet identity and demand high-quality privacy, then protect your online presence with a trusted VPN service like IPVanish or IVACY VPN. Both are paid services but guarantee your online anonymity without keeping logs or paid records!

Legal Copyright Disclaimer

This technology shall only be used to stream movies or TV shows that fall under the public domain. does not endorse or promote illegal activity tied to streaming or downloading copyrighted works. The end-user shall be solely responsible for media accessed through any service or app referenced on this Website. does not host referenced applications/addons and this guide is for educational purposes only.  

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  1. Dave
    Dave says:

    Any idea why when I use the Strix code, it downloads, but when I install it gets 3/4 the way through, then gives a message, unable to install app. This has only started to happened since update to android 11.

  2. Mik Mik
    Mik Mik says:

    Hi Dimi,
    I sent a comment on your YouTube channel. I am having problems using downloader. I am unable to use the middle of the page. Do I need a mouse? I need to watch TVVVVVVVV. Thanks

  3. Xavier
    Xavier says:

    Dimi You are the very best in this business I need to know do you have an IP TV I would like to be one of your resellers you are a smart smart smart person


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