Downloader Best Feature Codes List URL Shortener by Aftvnews

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Downloader Best Feature Codes List URL Shortener by Aftvnews

Downloader by Aftvnews introduced a great feature, the URL Shortener aka Downloader Codes. This makes the app a must-have for any Android TV / FireTV device since it lets you sideload Android applications in an easier way!

Best Downloader Codes List:

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You can use the downloader app on any Android TV device: Nvidia Shield TV, Xiaomi Mi TV Box S, Mi TV Stick, Amazon FireTV Stick, and Fire TV Box. Also, if you still want to use the Aftvnews / Downloader Codes on any other device, use the link where XYZ is the numeric code.

Do you know of any interesting codes for the Downloader app? If so, leave a comment below in order to share it with the community.

The downloader application for Android TV and FireTV devices is developed by
Downloader URL Shortener – How To Make Your Own Downloader Code:

And a huge thanks to @NxTLvLTech from Android TV Tips / NxTLvLTech

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