Add To Home Screen Sideloaded Apps On Android TV (Missing Apps)

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Add To Home Screen Sideloaded Apps On Android TV (Missing Apps)

If you decide to sideload apps, meaning install apps that cannot be found on the Android TV Play Store, sometimes you will not find them. In the specific, you will not find the app icon on your Android TV home screen, you will not even find the sideloaded application inside your App drawer. In this tutorial, I am gonna show you how to add to your Android TV Home Screen any app that you sideloaded.

Why sideload apps? Even though the Android TV Play Store has a lot of applications, there are a lot more applications that are designed to be used on smartphones and tablets. So you will need to download and install them on your Android TV device (TV or streaming device like the Nvidia Shield TV, Mi Box S, etc.).


With the Nebula Manager application, which is a free app from Google Play Store, you can add a second row of apps, like the “Apps” row which comes by default on your launcher’s home screen. And if you never sideload apps, you can still add applications just for the easiness of having two rows of applications and games.

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Add To Home Screen Sideloaded Apps On Android TV (Missing Apps)

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