Technology That Is Keeping Businesses Alive Through Lockdown

Keeping Businesses Alive Through Lockdown
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As businesses begin to realize that lockdown is for the long-term, they are assessing whether they have made the right kinds of tech choices. You would be har-dressed to find a business that admitted they got everything right. Millions Of business owners need to redesign their IT infrastructure, install new software, upgrade their hardware and get to grips with new services such as behavioral health software, to survive the transition to remote working. Thankfully, technology is so advanced and easy to use, that it wasn’t a big deal for most companies. Here is a list of the top tech keeping everyone rolling along.


Real-world mail problems

Since the pandemic, nobody has been able to receive their mail without risking their health. This has meant that real-world mail has been put on hold or just sent to the recipients as best it can be. However, a proper service that allows you the perks of a physical address to receive your mail is a good idea. The professionals that work here, will do the scanning in-house and not send your mail to a third party that could risk selling or leaking your documents. After they are scanned by the service, they will send you a copy and then destroy the mail if you want them to. The mail is sent to you via email so you get an authentic copy of the mail right away.

The IoT

The internet of things has rapidly become a big part of every business whether you are small or large. Everything is connected to everything, whether it be hardware or software. One Of the ways in which the IoT has advanced is to allow for business owners to know when a customer has left their basket with a product inside it and what their cookies are. This means you can see what kinds of searches they may have done as well as what things they have been looking at. You may give them a reminder if they have signed up with an account, and offer them a better deal than normal to get them through the door once more. Discounts, sales, and promotion codes are all on the list. The IoT allows for everything to be connected and thus, helps you to map out the journey of the customers. 

Zoom in for zoomers

Millennials workers have adapted very well to the now mass remote working culture. Everyone has gotten used to conference call software like Zoom. it’s been the number one driving force for communication among the elderly and the young, as grandparents and children can speak with each other all the time. But for business owners, Zoom has become invaluable. You can share lots of documents over Zoom, as well as videos and links to project folders in Google or Apple workstations. Not to mention it can host up to 100 people at a time. 

These three technologies have saved companies from going under as they have had to adapt very quickly to the new environment. But can you think of any more that we haven’t mentioned?

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