Ubuntu Team-Kodi PPA Officially Retired

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The Team Kodi PPA has long been a staple for Ubuntu (and similar) users wishing to use more recent, and less adulterated, versions of Kodi.

It is with sadness that the team has come to a decision to officially retire the PPA due to the overhead of maintaining it.

We want to express our sincere thanks to wsnipex for maintaining it for so many years, tirelessly making it available to countless users in the pursuit of making Kodi more easily accessible for the masses on many of the more popular Linux distributions.

The Linux world is shifting slowly to packaged deployments and containers, and so, going forward, the team is looking to utilise Flatpak to hopefully give Linux users a similar, but more maintainable, “pure” Kodi application. We believe this will also allow us to provide greater access from more distributions than the PPA was ever able to.

We have a considerable amount of work to get the Flatpak builds up to the level the PPA provided (stable, nightlies, etc.), so things will develop over time. In the meantime, then, we will be looking to make this more obvious as an installation method, and update our documentation accordingly to allow users to install and use Flatpak builds more easily. You can, of course, still build from source if you’d prefer (just as people do on many other distros); whatever route you choose, we’d appreciate your feedback to help us improve the process, document the steps, and generally make things as easy as we can for our users.

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