Xtream Codes Have Got Back Their Website!

Xtream Codes Website Is Back
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Even though IPTV management system Xtream Codes was taken down as part of an EU anti-piracy operation last week things seem to have a turn of course. As we wrote in a previous article, a lot of nonsense were written at the time by the “old media” most probably in order to catch views and popularity. At the end of the day, a global conspiracy of black IPTV markets sells better than a local iptv provider in Italy. But in an unexpected turn, today Xtream Codes seem to have their website back.

Xtream Codes Website Message

Today if you visit the official website of Xtream Codes you will have the following message:

Our website and services are down due to a preventing examination from italian Authorities. The examination is about a small number of our clients located in Italy. We apologize for any inconvenience although we are not responsible.

Please note that any website or/and service is using our name is fake and we are not in any way associated with them.

Xtream-Codes Team

In regards to their message we also have mixed feelings. So unlike as all the media are reporting that the “brains” of the operation Black IPTV seem to be the owners of the Xtream Codes platform, already the authorities gave them back access to their website. And all this happened in less than a week. That already looks like a very positive thing towards Xtream Codes. But we also feel a little bitter-sweet when reading the part of “…although we are not responsible”. As privacy advocators we believe that they could have done a better job to make the platform more secure and of course legal. But that is also another issue for a discussion in the future…

Xtream Codes Scams

It is also worth mentioning that websites that claim to be the “New Xtream Codes” is utterly fake. They seem to be the usual scams that try to monetize on situations like these. So beware and pay attention to any fake sites, that is in case of course you ever used their platform.

The Xtream Codes Case Is Complicated

We as Dimitrology.com do not support any of the parts involved in this case. But we feel also that reporting the news should be neutral and as close as possible to the truth. And as we already have stated from our first article, this case is more complicated than it seems. Legally and to our understanding, Xtream Codes is merely a platform that can be used from various operators / iptv providers and as said before, a lot of them are totally legal. Since we are not investigators and the authorities for sure know what they are doing, we should wait to see what else they are gonna discover and what they already have in hand. And even then, there should be judge, not a police task force or the media that should rule the case.

Xtream Codes Speculations

There are voices that say that the whole case is an economic fraud, others that it was a tax issue and others that the platform is the brain of the IPTV black market. But at the end of the day they are just voices. The facts as we know them are also mentioned in a previous article so you can read further here. For now we can say that he have a lot more to see and a lot of more to come for this first of it’s kind case. It’s worth mentioning that because of the unique state of this case, there was also some manipulation – from the media mostly – in order to spread terror and fear.

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    I’m sure that the given back side of the website is in complete control of those who took it over in the first place. If you believe this sh!+ you are a fool.

  2. Rick
    Rick says:

    Xtream Codes was designed for piracy but it doesn’t change the fact that it was just a tool. The end users should be held responsible for its use.. but when you step on a multinational corporation’s or soccer club’s feet the common sense of logic evaporates and everything becomes possible.


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