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The XIAOMI YUEMI MK01B is a gaming mechanical with back lighting and comes with Cherry MX Blue Switches.
It has a great quality and the genuine Cherry MX Blue Switches give it a durable and top quality feeling. The backplate is made of metal and it has very small rounder bezel.
Comes with red LEDs which can be adjusted to 6 different levels. The color is actually quite good. Since it’s a single color led, it’s easy for the keyboard to do it well, with no PWM or flickering issues whatsoever. Also worth mentioning is that the three non-base-red LEDs (caps, scrlk and Win also light in blue color when enabled) do match the base-red LEDs when they’re on. It can be used on a Windows computer or with the included, additional cmd key to a MacOS computer. In fact, the size is great for use with a Macbook 15″.
The Yuemi MK01 is a 87 key Tenkeyless board, without a numeric pad, especially designed for gaming and of course small, portable size.
Dimensions: 35.80 x 12.80 x 3.16 cm, and 0.94kg. This is a fairly slim (with not much bezel) keyboard, with quite a bit of heft.

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Thank you for watching my Xiaomi Yuemi MK01 review, if you have any more questions or questions about things I didn’t cover in this video leave a comment down below and I will be happy to answer. I am using this Yuemi mechanical gaming keyboard for more than a month now and I am totally satisfied, for gaming but also when typing. I love the quality and the tactile feeling as well.

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