Which KODI Addons Are Still Working With Trakt Issues Ongoing

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While Trakt service had its crash, a lot of streaming apps suffered. Plex, Jellyfin, and KODI are those suffering the most. Especially some third-party KODI addons are based on Trakt in order to list the two main categories (Movies and TV Shows) into different subsections like Trending, People Watching, Most viewed, and Lists.

Seren KODI Addon Not Working Because Of Trakt

The best example of this outage is Seren. An amazing KODI addon that is beloved among KODI users it is almost at a 100% based on Trakt functionality. Even though the addon is capable of working, which means playing the streaming content, the missed Trakt connection is causing the addon to not be working. In other words, if you do not have your content, whether it’s a Movie or a TV Show, in your Favorites, it will not be able to stream anything. Another way to bypass this issue with Trakt is using TMDB Helper and set Seren as the default player. But this is already an advanced setting for most users which I get it. The same goes for many addons, The Crew is another great example that suffered the same Trakt crash.

KODI Addons Working Without Trakt

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Some other third-party KODI addons, use some or even none of the features by Trakt. That means that they still work great or at least for the most part. Some use the IMDB service for listing Trending, Lists or Popular Movies and TV shows. A small list of such add-ons that you can use instead is:

When Back To Normal For KODI & APK

Trakt.tv stated that everything will be back working in a week. So all the related addons will come fully functional as well at the same time. This is also for any Streaming APK that have issues with displaying or searching movies and tv shows. The APKs have no issues apart from the related features based on Trakt. Everything will be resolved in a week’s time as the API of Trakt will be available and online again.

At the time of writing this article, if you try to Re Authorize Trakt on any given KODI addon or APK you will receive a 503 error. That is normal since, as mentioned, Trakt is down and only the website part of the service is actually working.

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  1. Hmm
    Hmm says:

    Honestly, I don’t know why people are still using Kodi. We can stream a lot of contents online for free (via p2p) without having to worry about issues such as this. The only must-have is a VPN which most Kodi users already have.

    Additionally, paying for a premium Kodi service like RealDebri seems absurd since you’re not anonymous and most people who “illegally” stream only want free alternatives.


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