While the war on IPTV still holds, a new development came out just today. One of the most upcoming vloggers, OMI In A Hellcat, previously known as Target In 1080p just released a video sharing with his audience that he got raided by the FBI. OMI whose real name is Omar, in previous videos has repeatedly stated that he had a $50.000.000 fortune. In his new channel on YouTube he is vlogging his daily activities, mostly buying crazy-expensive stuff for himself, family and friends. This extravagant lifestyle is most probably what made the authorities, the FBI in the specifics, take a closer look at his possessions. In the video which got pretty viral already Omar states that the FBI seized everything: houses, SD Cards, cars, bikes, computers, jewelry, phones, drones. And in the million dollar question “what happened with the FBI?” he goes “It was pretty much IPTV and taxes and shit and hiring the wrong CPA [accountant]. This is really important for you guys, make sure your taxes are paid for” he says. The “taxes and shit” seems to be a reference to pending tax evasion and money laundering charges following a three-year IRS investigation. According to him he didn’t paid taxes for more than two years.

Also in the same video he starts talking about his KODI related activities and most importantly about his IPTV experience. He claims that he has found a loophole by which he could create his IPTV company and restream cable as IPTV. I for first am shocked by the details he gave and confessed on camera. I think that whatever the case is, he should have consulted a lawyer and keep the rest for himself. As he should have done before with his high-end lifestyle. In previous videos he shared that he had long left the IPTV / streaming world but this last video seems to suggest otherwise.

If anything, from what he shared looks like he is still connected to the “grey” area of IPTV companies. And truth be told Gears TV and Reloaded TV, two of the IPTV brands he previously represented are both down as of yesterday. The message you will get when trying to access them is “Down For Maintenance” but by the shocking words of OMI we hear that everything is down and he will take the fall for all the people that are working with him. He also pointed out that he is certain that he will face jail time: “I paid for my channels. I did things the old school way. I used capture cards. I take full responsibility so anybody on my team and shit, I pretty much hope you guys don’t ever go to jail now”.

The video has even more shocking revelations and even a mention of someone being a confidential informant, most probably a member of his team. And while all those details are all public domain by his own intent, I really think I shouldn’t dive into it more. After all these are really serious accusations and whatever happened no life should be ruined. He unfortunately added something very dark which I really hope was a thing of a moment: “I’m gonna go on live….and i’m going to kill myself. I’m gonna go on live, express how I feel and then shoot myself on live.”

In conclusion, seems like this is more a money laundering / tax evasion case than a copyright issue. OMI has also some hosting business for gaming like servers for Grand Theft Auto and Minecraft. And with such a luxurious lifestyle, if you never paid taxes it is certain that you will get trouble from the IRS. I hope everything resolves for all people involved in the best and safest way and of course good luck to OMI himself. But if I may, I would also recommend to him to consult a lawyer and keep matters to himself. It doesn’t worth the views…

DISH Networks’ efforts to stop unlicensed IPTV operators are continuing with even more strength on an ongoing war that is happening right against IPTV Providers to be added to the Xtream Codes raid that took place just the previous week. With several major wins against IPTV services including against SET TV and A-Box DISH is now expanding its lawsuits.

DISH Networks vs Easybox IPTV Lawsuit

Back in August, DISH filed a lawsuit against an allegedly-infringing IPTV provider, Easybox IPTV for streaming content DISH owns exclusive US rights to. Easybox sells streaming players ranging in price from $199 to $369 that comes with 12 months of service. They supply both subscriptions and already pre-configured “fully-loaded” devices to the United States market.

Dish Networks Win

Now Dish has won the rights to subpoena Google, Facebook, Twitter, PayPal, Domain Registrars and more to hand over information to help identify the owners of the Easybox IPTV service. As of right now, Easybox IPTV Facebook and Twitter pages are no longer active. The Facebook page is now listed as unavailable but the one on Twitter appears to have been suspended after violating Twitter’s rules. But whatever the reasons for their page termination, both Facebook and Twitter are likely to have additional information to hand over.

Below you can read the complaint filed by Dish against Easybox IPTV:

Defendants capture live broadcast signals of the Protected Channels, transcode these signals into a format useful for streaming over the Internet, transfer the transcoded content to one or more servers provided, controlled, and maintained by Defendants, and then transmit the Protected Channels to Service Users through OTT delivery.

$10 Million In Damages

DISH is asking for $10 million in damages and a permanent injunction against Easybox IPTV and anyone acting in concert with it. Even though Easybox may be sold from outside of the United States DISH seems to be hoping that they can stop the flow of boxes and such services into the United States. DISH may even be hoping to go after resellers inside the United States exactly as they did with Set TV resellers.

More Lawsuits To Come From Dish

Now that Dish Networks has successfully won the rights to force Google and others to hand over information on the owners of the EasyBox brand, they are moving forward with their lawsuit. With pressure growing on IPTV, DISH is now looking for other IPTV Providers to try and also use subpoenas to identify the owners and resellers of similar IPTV services.

Even though IPTV management system Xtream Codes was taken down as part of an EU anti-piracy operation last week things seem to have a turn of course. As we wrote in a previous article, a lot of nonsense were written at the time by the “old media” most probably in order to catch views and popularity. At the end of the day, a global conspiracy of black IPTV markets sells better than a local iptv provider in Italy. But in an unexpected turn, today Xtream Codes seem to have their website back.

Xtream Codes Website Message

Today if you visit the official website of Xtream Codes you will have the following message:

Our website and services are down due to a preventing examination from italian Authorities. The examination is about a small number of our clients located in Italy. We apologize for any inconvenience although we are not responsible.

Please note that any website or/and service is using our name is fake and we are not in any way associated with them.

Xtream-Codes Team

In regards to their message we also have mixed feelings. So unlike as all the media are reporting that the “brains” of the operation Black IPTV seem to be the owners of the Xtream Codes platform, already the authorities gave them back access to their website. And all this happened in less than a week. That already looks like a very positive thing towards Xtream Codes. But we also feel a little bitter-sweet when reading the part of “…although we are not responsible”. As privacy advocators we believe that they could have done a better job to make the platform more secure and of course legal. But that is also another issue for a discussion in the future…

Xtream Codes Scams

It is also worth mentioning that websites that claim to be the “New Xtream Codes” is utterly fake. They seem to be the usual scams that try to monetize on situations like these. So beware and pay attention to any fake sites, that is in case of course you ever used their platform.

The Xtream Codes Case Is Complicated

We as do not support any of the parts involved in this case. But we feel also that reporting the news should be neutral and as close as possible to the truth. And as we already have stated from our first article, this case is more complicated than it seems. Legally and to our understanding, Xtream Codes is merely a platform that can be used from various operators / iptv providers and as said before, a lot of them are totally legal. Since we are not investigators and the authorities for sure know what they are doing, we should wait to see what else they are gonna discover and what they already have in hand. And even then, there should be judge, not a police task force or the media that should rule the case.

Xtream Codes Speculations

There are voices that say that the whole case is an economic fraud, others that it was a tax issue and others that the platform is the brain of the IPTV black market. But at the end of the day they are just voices. The facts as we know them are also mentioned in a previous article so you can read further here. For now we can say that he have a lot more to see and a lot of more to come for this first of it’s kind case. It’s worth mentioning that because of the unique state of this case, there was also some manipulation – from the media mostly – in order to spread terror and fear.

Last week the illicit IPTV market was thrown into turmoil when Italian authorities teamed up with law enforcement groups in the EU.

Their operation, dubbed ‘Black IPTV‘, targeted individuals and equipment behind at least one Italy-based IPTV provider. More importantly, however, it also targeted Xtream Codes, a management system utilized by many providers and sellers of IPTV services.

While Xtream Codes claimed to be a content-agnostic system, its popularity in the unlicensed market is hard to understate. With an estimated 5,000 providers of varying kinds on its books servicing around 50 million end-users, its closure had an immediate and dramatic impact.

In the immediate aftermath of the raids, suppliers reported an inability to sign up new customers or renew customer subscriptions. Within several hours, it became clear that anyone reliant on the system would be more seriously affected, with IPTV services going dark and paying customers seeing red.

As soon as news of the raids appeared on our radar, we contacted several previously responsive players in the IPTV market. Precisely zero responded to our requests for comment amid the chaos, which was widespread and by some estimates affected up to 90% of the market. Data from Google Trends does seem to indicate that plenty of people hit its search engine for news.

Google Trends Xtream Codes

With no obvious central source for information on the impact of the operation, the day after the raids TorrentFreak contacted Sandvine, a networking equipment company that has previously provided detailed analysis on general Internet and piracy-related traffic.

An external source that requested anonymity told us that due to technical issues the full force of the raid may not be felt until Thursday or Friday, the two days directly after the raids took place. So, we asked Sandvine if the company had noticed any significant drop in illicit streaming traffic during that period – it had.

This week a spokesperson for the company told TorrentFreak that on Friday September 20, Sandvine estimated that illicit streaming traffic had decreased 50% from the levels seen on Thursday, a massive drop by any standards.

That many illicit IPTV providers had been seriously affected by Xtream Codes’ removal from the market didn’t really come as a shock. Equally, it wasn’t really a surprise when providers began to adapt to the loss either.

Slowly but surely, some providers and sellers began migrating to alternative management systems, as detailed in emails to subscribers seen by TF. By Saturday, better news for them began to filter through, with services not only returning but also with subscriber payment and subscription information intact.

Sandvine gave TF a brief list of five providers, all of which went down completely between the 19th and 21st of September. By 21st/22nd all were recovering to a greater or lesser extent, with only one failing to return at all.

That being said, the overall market is huge, so it’s almost impossible to say how many have now returned, in whole or in part. It isn’t difficult to find complaints that services are still down even today but there are also several reports of providers that weren’t affected at all by the Xtream Codes situation.

Typically, there are individuals and groups out there trying to make hay even before the storm clouds have cleared. TF has heard of a handful of hopeful end-users who believed they were paying to access a service that was still up, only to have their ‘supplier’ cut and run.

Equally, we were pointed to a service that claims to be an Xtream Codes replacement but is probably nothing more than an elaborate scam. Since the prices were so high, we didn’t feel tempted to test that theory out.

On the other hand, real Xtream Codes alternatives are out there but how vulnerable they are to similar action will remain to be seen. In particular, one service seems happy to take orders and is reportedly in use by a number of previously stranded providers and resellers.

If nothing else, most of those in the chain should now be more prepared if there’s similar action in the future. Or less surprised at least.

Source: TF, for the latest info on copyright, file-sharing, torrent sites and more.

Xtream Codes IPTV takedown is a dominant topic on the streaming community right now and has so many aspects that either contaddict or just scare a lot of people. And going through most articles online, especially of the “old media” will get you more confused. So in this article instead we will try and make some sense of everything that happened with Xtream Codes and how that affects you.
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