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While the war on IPTV still holds, a new development came out just today. One of the most upcoming vloggers, OMI In A Hellcat, previously known as Target In 1080p just released a video sharing with his audience that he got raided by the FBI. OMI whose real name is Omar, in previous videos has repeatedly stated that he had a $50.000.000 fortune. In his new channel on YouTube he is vlogging his daily activities, mostly buying crazy-expensive stuff for himself, family and friends. This extravagant lifestyle is most probably what made the authorities, the FBI in the specifics, take a closer look at his possessions. In the video which got pretty viral already Omar states that the FBI seized everything: houses, SD Cards, cars, bikes, computers, jewelry, phones, drones. And in the million dollar question “what happened with the FBI?” he goes “It was pretty much IPTV and taxes and shit and hiring the wrong CPA [accountant]. This is really important for you guys, make sure your taxes are paid for” he says. The “taxes and shit” seems to be a reference to pending tax evasion and money laundering charges following a three-year IRS investigation. According to him he didn’t paid taxes for more than two years.

Also in the same video he starts talking about his KODI related activities and most importantly about his IPTV experience. He claims that he has found a loophole by which he could create his IPTV company and restream cable as IPTV. I for first am shocked by the details he gave and confessed on camera. I think that whatever the case is, he should have consulted a lawyer and keep the rest for himself. As he should have done before with his high-end lifestyle. In previous videos he shared that he had long left the IPTV / streaming world but this last video seems to suggest otherwise.

If anything, from what he shared looks like he is still connected to the “grey” area of IPTV companies. And truth be told Gears TV and Reloaded TV, two of the IPTV brands he previously represented are both down as of yesterday. The message you will get when trying to access them is “Down For Maintenance” but by the shocking words of OMI we hear that everything is down and he will take the fall for all the people that are working with him. He also pointed out that he is certain that he will face jail time: “I paid for my channels. I did things the old school way. I used capture cards. I take full responsibility so anybody on my team and shit, I pretty much hope you guys don’t ever go to jail now”.

The video has even more shocking revelations and even a mention of someone being a confidential informant, most probably a member of his team. And while all those details are all public domain by his own intent, I really think I shouldn’t dive into it more. After all these are really serious accusations and whatever happened no life should be ruined. He unfortunately added something very dark which I really hope was a thing of a moment: “I’m gonna go on live….and i’m going to kill myself. I’m gonna go on live, express how I feel and then shoot myself on live.”

In conclusion, seems like this is more a money laundering / tax evasion case than a copyright issue. OMI has also some hosting business for gaming like servers for Grand Theft Auto and Minecraft. And with such a luxurious lifestyle, if you never paid taxes it is certain that you will get trouble from the IRS. I hope everything resolves for all people involved in the best and safest way and of course good luck to OMI himself. But if I may, I would also recommend to him to consult a lawyer and keep matters to himself. It doesn’t worth the views…

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