IPTV Paradise On KODI BES-IPTV, Thousands Of Live TV Channels!!!

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BES IPTV KODI addon has thousands of Live TV Channels from all over the world under the International IPTV Section! USA, UK, Germany, Holland, Albania, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Arabic, Indian, Pakistani, French, XXX… You name it, it’s here!!
Also, it is an excellent addon for Albanian content: Live TV, Sports, Movies, Kids, Music, Youtube, etc.
Overall, fantastic job by the developers!!!
Get it from the BES IPTV Repository: http://ipbestv.net16.net/Repo.BES-IPTV/

Install instructions:

  1. Go to SYSTEM and select from the submenu FILE MANAGER
  2. Double click on ADD SOURCE
  3. Enter http://ipbestv.net16.net/Repo.BES-IPTV/ and click DONE
  4. Select Repo, delete it and enter BES IPTV, click on DONE and then OK
  5. Go to HOME once again and then select SYSTEM
  7. Select the red icon labeled BES IPTV
  8. Now select the folder repository.BES-IPTV
  9. And select repository.BES-IPTV-1.2.zip
  10. Once the repository is installed and always from the same screen,
  11. Select BES-IPTV Repository
  12. Select Video Add-ons
  13. And finally, select BES-IPTV
  14. Boom Shakalaka baby! You have successfully installed the BES IPTV add-on on KODI!

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