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SchismTV creates top signature builds for KODI and since he decided that for personal reasons he couldn’t maintain the project, we decided to join forces! So SchismTV Builds for KODI are now part of our project and development will be continued, even though to be very honest about it, they are so good that they do not need much effort in order to maintain them!

As of right now we have three different Builds: Kodiflix TV (Netflix-like skin), SchismTV All In One Krypton Edition and Serenity (AppleTV -like skin).

SchismTV Build KODI 2017

How to install the SchismTV Builds on KODI:

Open KODI 17 Krypton and select the Gear icon on the top.



Select System Settings.


Now select Add-ons from the left column and on the right Enable Unknown Sources (select YES to confirm when asked).


Go to the previous screen by pressing back on your remote control (or right click on your mouse) and select File Manager.


Now select Add Source then None and enter the https://dimitrology.com/repo as in the screen below.


Click on OK when finished and then once again OK.


Go back to HOME (select back twice) and select Addons from the left.


Always from the left select the open box icon.


Now select Install From Zip.


Select Repo.


And now select plugin.video.dimitv.zip


Wait for the notification DIMITROLOGY TV Add-on enabled.


Go back and select Dimitrology TV from Program Addons.


Now visit the page https://www.dimitrology.com/getcode/ and copy or write down the numeric code.


Back to KODI select Settings.


Select code and enter the numeric code your copied before and then select on OK twice.


Select Install/Update in order to install one of the Builds. If you have anything else installed, select Fresh Start to remove all other contents from KODI.


Now select your preferred build and wait for the process to finish!


Once finished select OK. Now select the Gear icon on the top and next select Interface Settings.


Select Skin from the left column and once again Skin from the right.


Select any of the Skins other than the default ones (not Estuary or Estouchy) and select YES to keep the changes. Congratulations, you have successfully installed your favorite SchismTV Build!


For More info and tutorials, check out our Youtube Channel: https://goo.gl/dbo6IL

For Help and Support visit our Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Dimitrology/

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  1. John
    John says:

    I cant install this version to a pc after Dimitrology took the support. I have installed this perfectly on an old laptop last week. It says plugin failed and lookin for a folder with x93/x92……… etc that doesnt exist. Anyone with the same problem?

  2. Nestor
    Nestor says:

    Working but there is one problem. Only on main menu, MOVIES tab, when I click directly on a movie title, a windows quickly appears and disappears that says “working” but nothing else happens. It’s not like the TV SHOW tab where you click directly on a show and it shows the seasons to choose from. :( I might have to change build now because of this.

  3. R
    R says:

    Do I need this report for his Zen Addon Gvideo links are failing to open I know that is prob a bot Google launched but whose maintaining Zen Addon??

  4. Cheryl Ryning
    Cheryl Ryning says:

    I installed Schism on one one my devices about 6 weeks ago, loved it!!! I just installed it on another device… Sorry guys, I hate it, it’s just awful. I dumped the build, I’ll find another build from someone else. Thanks for letting me vent.

  5. Lefterizzz
    Lefterizzz says:

    Hi. When i add the source i get a error message ^unable to connect ….^ i tried many times to unistall and reinstall the app but nothing. I have a android tv box. Any help?

  6. Ryan Hinote
    Ryan Hinote says:

    How come I have a “log” overlay on the top left of my screen? How do I remove it? It’s showing me real-time Mem, and CPU usage. Idc about that stuff. Thanks.

  7. Dave
    Dave says:

    I have follow the instructions several times and everything appears to go as planned until i get to the SKIN. The build is not populating in the skin selection area. I have cleared the data and re-installed several times with several of the versions, but still no build in the skin selection. it has been very frustrating.

  8. TAP
    TAP says:

    Is all Schism builds only for KODI 17? I’m having a lot of trouble getting KODI 17 on my Android box a little help would be greatly appreciated thanks.

      • TAP
        TAP says:

        I have the Schism AIO for 16.1 when I download the APK Nightly APK to my Android I click on it nothing happens it doesn’t say installed. Also my Scism build always says there is an update so I click update/install and it says my code is not valid. This is two separate issues. My boxes are 6.0 and 5.1. First how do I download Krypton that it will install ?


        • dimitrology
          dimitrology says:

          The Schism Builds on KODI 16 are no longer supported. Now the wizard is different so the code will not work with the old wizard. You need to install the wizard from this tutorial and only on KODI 17. Lastly, the best method to install the new version of KODI is through Playstore if you have it already installed from there, or manually uninstall the old version and install the last version (from Playstore should be fine so you get all the updates as well). Hope this helped ;)

  9. Johan
    Johan says:

    Hello, awesome builds! I personalty love the Kodiflix beta, I was wondering if I could increase the fonts in the TV Guide, its all too small., I cant even see the channel numbers, the skin doesn’t allow for a lot of customization.. am I missing something?

    Thanks again!
    Amazing site!

  10. Miguel
    Miguel says:

    On kodi 17.1 trying to download kodiflix 0.9 just says please wait for last 10 minutes no progress. Fire stick platform. Any ideas??

    • dimitrology
      dimitrology says:

      If it is during cleaning process you have to wait to clean your previous build. If it’s in fase of downloading, maybe there is a service error, cancel and try again.

  11. Arrogant
    Arrogant says:

    Is anyone else experiencing white bars across the top and bottom of movies? Not sure if this is a build or Kodi problem.

  12. Ummm...yep
    Ummm...yep says:

    I finished the process everything is working but the pictures are not showing up for my stick…is the stick just too slow?

  13. Derrick
    Derrick says:

    I cant install the dimitrology build it says installing the add-on from zip file located at plugin.video.dimitv failed

  14. Dimitris
    Dimitris says:

    Hi. I’ve done all the steps one by one, I’ve enter the code but i can’t open Dimitrologytv. it shows me an error. I have kodi 17.1 on my laptop. Any ideas?

  15. Jada Failey
    Jada Failey says:

    Can i use/link my Traktv account with this build? I just installed the “kodiflix” skin and am having trouble finding the “tools” option where i normally go to link the account to Kodi. Just curious.

  16. Brandon Bombard
    Brandon Bombard says:

    The getcode does not work. The page is broken no matter if I try on chrome or safari. Please fix. I’m waiting to install a build. Thanks

  17. jhall
    jhall says:

    Am I the only person that is getting a lot of lag and unresponsive content since 17.1 krypton update? I can click on movies/ shows in zen, exodus, phoenix and it just spins. I have tried reinstalling on multiple devices (mostly firestick and android devices). It happens on movies that I have watched before with no issues.

    • Rixs
      Rixs says:

      Your getting BUGS!!! Really probably just need to uninstall Kodi and get a brand new Kodi17.1 latest release version, then install the wizard then the skins again. I Had SchismTV all-in-on from old Repo since last fall running on kodi 16.1, was problem free, just now switching to 17.1 and this using Dimitrology for Schism. And All is working smoothly.

  18. Frasco
    Frasco says:

    Its the anniversary all in one build an i already have it figured out, i need to use the down arrow on my keyboard to open menu for video addons, that just did the trick :)

  19. Ricardo Juarez
    Ricardo Juarez says:

    When I select full or overwrite , I get an error. And the build doesn’t install. I’m using minix ui android 5.0. I am using kodi 17.3. Please help. Thank you.

  20. John
    John says:

    Installed the updated SchismTV All In One Build and cannot get it to work with any available skins. No additional skins were installed. Did I do something wrong?

  21. John
    John says:

    hi. i did follow your tutorial for exodus and it worked. i would like to have schism TV as well, but it seems it destroys everything from the rest of the plugins. is there any way to have exodus and schismTV as well, please?

  22. Vansh
    Vansh says:

    Hey,whenever I click on a TV show episode,nothing happens,I am currently using version17.0……..Can you tell me what the problem is …….

  23. Brant
    Brant says:

    Hey I reset my puter and am reinstalling everything including kodi Boomshackalaka, Problem…It’s giving me a log error when I try to install from the DIMI Wizard. Code is correct and up to date. Tried with and without VPN active.

  24. Peter
    Peter says:

    I tried to install yesterday, but after putting in http://dimitrology.com/repo the repo for name. Kodi have me network error file not found. Not sure if this was a server issue.I have intalled this before on another device without a problem. Please let me know if this was an issue. Thank you

  25. Matt Warren
    Matt Warren says:

    Works now when I select the ‘overwrite’ option, but ‘full’ is still broken. Are your servers experiencing abnormally high traffic? Thanks!

  26. Jim
    Jim says:

    Having difficulty finding streams , especially in HD. Was running 17.3 kodi and updated to 17.4. Still having issues finding streams, anyone else having issues with this build?

  27. brender
    brender says:

    I just got new firestick. I have installed your stuff before. Anyway put 17.4 on and nothing seams to be working correctly. I’m getting log errors or not finding any shows/movies. I tried several schism builds. Are there issues using these with the new 17.4?

    • AliMander
      AliMander says:

      Hi Brender—did you ever find a solution? I seem to be in the same boat. 17.4 won’t load anything, but will install the skin.

  28. AliMander
    AliMander says:

    Installed the build, looks great. Sadly, doesn’t work. I can access the main menus, but when I go searching for content, I get the Red circle ⭕️ and then….nothing. It defaults back to the search menu again. So, basically Ibhave a very pretty Kodiflix skin that does nothing.
    Started with a full wipe, using Kodi 17.4 on Firestick. Any suggestions??

  29. mam's
    mam's says:

    hello dimitrology
    great job, i love your addon (schismty anniversary) on my android tv sony
    i have just one problem, i can’t add subtitles at my favorits tv shows
    sorry for bad english ( i’m french)


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