A Few Ways That Everyone Should Be Using Digital Technology

Using Digital Technology
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In today’s world, virtually everyone spends a major chunk of the time, on a daily basis, interacting with digital tools, technologies, and devices of various sorts.

For some people, this is more or less limited to things like online banking and checking emails, while for others it involves pastimes like coding, managing an ecommerce business, cryptocurrency trading, or any number of other things.

Certain ubiquitous manifestations of digital technology raise concerns among psychologists and public commentators. For example, the popular Netflix documentary “The Social Dilemma” shines a light on some of the potential negative consequences of the major social media platforms, and the fact that they are so widely used around the world.

One way or the other, however, it’s clear that digital technologies are here to stay and will only become increasingly more sophisticated and embedded in our lives and societies for the foreseeable future.

Keeping that in mind, here are a handful of ways that everyone should be using digital technology in order to improve and uplift their lives in a variety of different ways.

Exploring different creative pursuits

There are all sorts of different creative pursuits out there that you might choose to try your hand at, ranging from graphic art, to making music, to building a website, to name just a few.

One of the great things about the digital technologies that are so widespread today is that they open all sorts of doors to engaging in various forms of creative expression.

If you wanted to try creating music, for example, there are all sorts of software programs out there – many of them free – that can allow you to get started experimenting from the comfort of your own bedroom. The 2000’s era Swedish DJ Basshunter is just one example of a musician who got his start in this way.

Likewise, there are a huge number of different courses, resources, and tutorials available online across different digital channels that can help you take up a wide range of different hobbies, and see whether a particular creative pursuit is right for you.

Rather than just using digital tools and technologies for passive entertainment, why not also try to use them for active creation as well?

Cataloguing significant life moments and events

Once upon a time, a handwritten paper journal was about the best way anyone had at their disposal of commemorating the significant events of their day-to-day lives – and in the more recent past, family photo albums helped to expand things.

Today, however, there are an enormous number of different digital tools available to help us to catalogue and commemorate the most significant moments and events of our lives, so that we can reminisce for years to come, and share our personal stories in detail with our loved ones both today and in the future.

Of course, photo management apps can help you to more seamlessly and effectively curate the pictures that you accumulate over time, While specific journaling apps and programs such as “Day One Journal” for Apple can help to give you a great and seamless way to get started.

As we often forget the details of significant events in our lives, and since “a picture is worth a thousand words” as the saying goes, everyone should consider cataloguing the significant moments and events in their lives in this manner.

Tracking and pursuing goals and habits

While there has been a lot of fair criticism made in recent years of the excesses of “productivity culture,” and while some people certainly do become hyper-zealous in pursuing their goals, to the extent that they miss out on the beauty of the present moment, goal setting can still be remarkably powerful way of helping to keep yourself aligned with your priorities, and to live your best life.

Today, there are all sorts of different digital tools and resources on offer to help you track and effectively pursue your goals, in addition to managing your habits. And once you have systems in place for effectively tracking and pursuing both your goals and your habits, you can really make some amazing things happen in your life.

By all means, you should try out a handful of different tools and approaches for goal setting and habit tracking.

Enjoying great stories

As human beings, we are all deeply moved by powerful storytelling, and great stories – in the form of novels, fireside tales, anecdotes, and also films, TV shows, and even well written video games – can give us profound insight into the human experience and the course of our own lives.

So, enjoy some of the great forms of digital storytelling that are out there, whether that means watching TV shows, or playing some games. As long as you strike the right balance, these things have the potential to really enrich your life.

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