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Netflix for Android TV

Netflix for Android TV54 DownloadsThe official Netflix apk for Android devices. This is an Android (Vanilla) version, not just for Android TV. If you want to use it on an Android TV device or an Android TV Box you will need to use a mouse or an air mouse remote control. Note that sideloaded apps […]


Best TV Box For Netflix On 2020

5/5 – (12 votes) 4K Ultra HD and HD only on selected devices If Netflix is your main streaming application and you want a new tv box, then you will find that not a lot of devices are Netflix certified. What does that mean? That essentially Netflix is only allowing certain devices to stream on […]


Disable Autoplay On Netflix Video Tutorial

Rate this post Finally, now we can turn off autoplay on Netflix on Previews and Trailers as well as we can disable the Next Episode function when watching TV Shows. While a lot of people love some of these two functions on Netflix, thousands if not millions do not. Especially the preview of a movie […]


Netflix upgrades to the AV1 codec for same quality but less data

Rate this post Netflix switches to the new AV1 video codec in its Android app, which the company claims compresses video 20 percent more efficiently than the VP9 codec it currently uses. The company says the codec can be enabled now for “selected titles” by enabling the “Save Data” option, although it doesn’t detail exactly which […]


FBI Shutdown Two Illegal Streaming Sites Bigger Than Netflix, Amazon & Hulu

Rate this post Two Los Angeles based programmers, Luis Villarino and Darryl Polo have been running alternative streaming sites named Jetflicks and iStreamItAll. These offer more movies and TV Shows than Amazon Prime and Netflix. The FBI investigators have raided the illegal streaming sites and shut them down. Both plead guilty Darryl and his co-defendant, Luis have […]


Netflix Joins Another Major Anti-Piracy Coalition

Rate this post When Netflix had just started offering online video content years ago, it didn’t consider piracy to be a major issue. However, now that the company itself is one of the largest content producers, this outlook has changed drastically. Like many other rightsholders, Netflix now keeps a close eye on pirate sites and […]


RapidVideo Shuts Down Following Legal Pressure from Warner Bros and Netflix

Rate this post RapidVideo is a popular file-hosting service that specializes in hosting videos. Similar to other file-hosting services, it can be used for good and bad. The bad, in this case, is people uploading pirated videos.  Whether the site’s operators want it or not, that’s what many of RapidVideo’s users are indeed doing. Two […]