NopTelevision Live Stream TV is an apk for Android devices that streams live tv channels and movies on your device for free! Watch Your Favorite Live TV Channels in High Quality With Your Android Mobile in Real HD Quality.

No Registration or Membership Required and No Need To Install Any Player Or Plugin. Supports Android 5.1+.

This is an Ad-Free version by Stabiron.

Size: 4.4MB
TheMovieDB APK

Watch Full Movies and TV Shows for free with The Movie DB APK. You can stream online movies and shows in HD quality or you can select to download them and watch afterwards, even when you are online. TheMovieDB is constantly searching all over the web for the best Movies and TV Shows torrents & direct link from the most important sites. The torrents by default are disabled so you need to enable them in order to work. But I highly suggest you use a valid VPN when torrenting as your IP is unprotected!

This is the Android version but iOS versions are also available on the official website.

Size: 65.3MB
Version: v1.2.5.1
Free IPTV apk

Well guys, as the title says it is an apk with Free IPTV that can run on any Android device. It has a huge list of sport channels but also entertainment, news and more channels as well. Not only USA and UK but a lot of other countries as well. Very easy to navigate too.

From what I see, in my opinion is a great apk, especially when used as a backup to already established live tv / iptv apk’s like Mobdro or Live Net Tv, which of course you will also find in the Dimitrology collection of best apk on Android for streaming video / iptv.

Size: 4.0MB
Version: v1.0.6

Glass APK is a new apk with an interesting and fresh layout that can stream movies and tv shows in a great quality. Access the archive of top IMDB ranked feature films and trailers with unlimited Full HD 1080p video streaming. Discover new upcoming movies with full descriptions, rankings, and trailers. Glass spans across all of your Android devices with full support for Casting to any capable device on your home network for movie night on the big screen!

Size: 5.7MB
Version: v2.4
Exodus Live (Android & Firestick)

With Exodus Live you can watch on any Android device Live TV from all over the world. It has a great Sports section with excellent live streams quality from various major Sport channels. There is also an adult section which you can lock by using a PIN code. Select the Firestick version if you use an Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Note: This is an ad-free, premium version modded by Stabiron.

Size: 4MB
Version: v16.0

Morpheus TV is an APK for any Android device, running at least on Android Kit-Kat 4.4 or newer. This APK features scrapping movies and TV Shows, integration with and a lot more. It also supports subtitles. You can also install the VideoScrapper for KODI which is essentially the machine behind the MorpheusTV Apk and run the app from inside KODI! It also includes a Torrent section which by default is disabled but -warning- make sure to use a VPN when using the torrent option for security issues.

Size: 31.68MB
Version: v1.46

IPTV Cable is an Android apk that offers an immense quantity of streaming content per any kind of taste and nations. You can select the country your are interested in or simply the sport section where some streams may need also the installation of Wuffy Player, XMTV and Ace Stream Media. Great on demand for spanish movies and tv shows!

Size: 3.5MB
Version: 2.0
Firefox Android TV

Now the Firefox Browser is also available on any Android TV device, too bad we cannot find the application in the Android TV Google Playstore! You will need to sideload the app on your device in order to install it. The Firefox Browser was extracted from an Amazon FireTV device and works perfectly on any Android TV device, it even has a leanback launcher shortcut!

Size: 5.8MB
Version: v1
Happy Chick Emulator

Happy Chick is a retro game emulator for Android devices! It can be installed on any Android device like a TV Box or a smartphone, tablet. You can select among different gaming consoles and also has a huge library of working roms. As rom is intended a game. Most old consoles games are considered abandoned-ware but with this amazing emulator can be restored back to life and play them on your modern device. Happy Chick emulates more than 18 gaming systems all in one app, just for reference some of the included emulators are FAB/MAME/MAMEPLUS,PS,PSP,FC(NES),SFC(SNEC),GBA,GBC,MD,NDS,DC,NGP,WS(WSC),PCE, ONS… and more!

You can watch my review and tutorial on how to install the Happy Chick Emulator on any Android device here:

Size: 57.3MB
Version: v1.7.6.3
Mygica Media Center (KODI 17 for Android 4.4)

MyGica Media Center is an Android application that brings KODI 17 Krypton to an older device that runs on Android Kit-Kat 4.4 and below. It works surprisingly well and offers the functionality and all the updates of the latest KODI version to any older Android device. Why buy a new device when you can still enjoy everything on your older device? You can run Mygica Media Center alongside with any other fork of KODI and KODI itself. So you can try it even if you have still KODI installed and see which one works better for you!

Size: 56.5MB
Version: Krypton