Lately I had not uploaded content, nor I updated my website. Also on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Forum and Emails got left behind. This is the reason why…

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24 replies
  1. "don"
    "don" says:

    One day at a time hombre! So happy all is turning out ok. Two daughters, magnificent, enjoying my first granddaughter. Cheers to happy times ahead (& lots of bills)!

  2. Savage
    Savage says:

    I am glad that everything is going better for you, your children, and soon to be wife. I was in a similar situation with our first child so I know how stressful that can be. Hopefully it is smooth sailing from here on out and congratulations!

  3. Mario Khoury
    Mario Khoury says:

    nothing is more important than family my friend . glad everybody is ok. nothing will be normal as you think with twins. God bless and when you’re ready please provide reviews on s912 boxes with 3Gig of ram and 16-32 gig of storage. thanks

  4. Peter
    Peter says:

    Congratulations Dimi. Very happy to hear your pain has turned to happiness and that your three girls are all well. Thanks for your great tech support. Its helped me immensely.


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