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Terrarium TV Notifications – Your IP address and location are being tracked

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Your IP address and location are being tracked

No rest for the wicked, Terrarium TV developer NitroXenon seems to still have access into the notification system of the new modded apk of Terrarium. While most of the users are still celebrating about the modded working version of the Terrarium TV since the official Terrarium TV has shutdown, a couple new notifications that appeared on most still installed apps spread fear over users. The first notification came out yesterday with the following message as many users reported. The notification has the message: “Terrarium TV – Uninstall immediately! Your IP address and location are being tracked!”.

Terrarium TV Your IP address and location are being tracked

To be followed with a second wave of notifications that now report that they cannot guarantee your privacy: “Terrarium TV – We can’t guarantee that… details won’t be shared upon request”.

We can't guarantee that... details won't be shared upon request

While other notifications may appear in the next hours / days, it is more than clear that the developer does not want you to keep using the app. While it is also true that -hypothetically- your info can be tracked and by the way it is being tracked on any apk, website you use since everything on internet nowadays is being tracked by more than one source, if you keep using the app make sure to use a trusted and secure VPN. This is not some sort of promotion for the specific app, the common sense is to always use a VPN when connected to the internet. Not only for this apk, not only for streaming but for any transaction and interaction you do online.

I personally use IPVanish the past 3 years and I feel more than confident to recommend it to any of the people that follow me. If you do not have already a VPN and you wish to follow my advice, use the following link that will give you also a nice discount on your purchase: https://dimitrology.com/recommends/ipvanish/


The developer NitroXenon seems also to have appeared on Reddit where he left the following comment suggesting that is only a friendly advice and afterwards also adding that if you still use it, use it with a VPN.

Terrarium TV uninstall NitroXenon

While I personally cannot force anyone to do anything at all since everyone is free to do whatever he wants to do, I would take his advice. And always remember to use a VPN. You can never be sure on what info you share online.

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