Boom Shakalaka Base Build

The latest update of the Boom Shakalaka Base Build for KODI 17.4 Krypton is out (version 1.8) and it’s smaller than ever! In just 85MB you get the best of KODI official and 3rd party addons for a complete, full entertainment build! Inside you will find Live TV, Movies, TV Shows, Kids, Documentaries, Music and VOD content for all the family by using only the elite of the best addons on KODI! This is based totally on a personal selection regarding quality and stability (and also durability in time…).

Even though the size is very small, don’t fool yourselves! The build is very complete and it can work as a standalone build or as a base so you can add whatever you want on top of it! Some of the addons included are: Covenant (Exodus fork), Elysium (with a personalized API), SportsDevil, Dimi’s Daily IPTV, Zem, Live Premiership, ProSport, TVOne1, Youtube (fixed the API error).

Also have been removed all the repositories that could invade your security and/or privacy, like the abandoned by the developer, MetalKettle Repository which seems to be controlled by a third party.

And before you start to ask what is the difference between Boom Shakalaka and Boom Shakalaka Base, let me explain:

Boom Shakalaka Build

  • The Boom Shakalaka Base is small in size, offers just some of the top, best addons. Is meant for a complete experience but with the less possible amount of addons. In this way the end user can have everything in sense of content and if he needs more he can always add any addon he wishes.
  • The Boom Shakalaka is the most complete build you can find on KODI. Comes with the best addons (official and 3rd party addons) and is meant for the user that needs everything! Of course not every single addon is included but the best addons are always included and in this way the end user doesn’t need to install -almost- anything at all. Some country specific addons and paid addons will not make the list, but hey – we are always open to suggestions!
  • The Boom Shakalaka XXX is the same as the above with the addition of the adult section, which by the way we are confident enough to say it is the most complete out there.

The Boom Shakalaka Base Build for KODI, as well as all the other Builds, can be found on the Dimitrology TV Wizard. Please remember, the builds are free and we do not ask nor accept donations. Have fun and happy streaming!

How to install the Boom Shakalaka Build

If you need help in order to install the build, follow the link below. It is refereed to SchismTV Builds but the process is exactly the same, just select the Boom Shakalaka Base when installing.

The best KODI build Boom Shakalaka v6.1

The best KODI Build now just got better! The Boom Shakalaka KODI Build for KODI 17 has been updated and it’s ooooh-la-la… amazing! For the first time we got two new categories in the main menu. First is Fitness and second addition is Stand Up. So more Fit and Happy, you can also check the new addons that the builds bring. Also for the first time, we have removed Exodus from default player for Movies, TV Shows and Kids. Now Covenant, the Exodus Fork, is the default addon. But we also added the DuckPool addon so you can select among them, Elysium, Salts, Specto as well.

Since the build comes with 2 Exodus Addons (Covenant is an Exodus fork) got also bigger. So be warned, you need a good device with decent internal storage. The build’s size is 486MB for the XXX version and 471MB for the classic version. We have included the best of KODI addons and 3rd party as well.

Changelog for the Boom Shakalaka KODI 17 Build v6.1:

-Added Covenant, DuckPool, Kidz, KongKinds, Not Sure, Ares Comedy, Ares Fitness, cCloud TV, Fire Fitness, IPTV Bonanza, SuperEliteTV, USA Today, Xibalba Documentaries

– Fixed SportsDevil (the “official” version is back and updated)

– Fixed SkyNet

– Colossus Repo, Xibalba, KingKong, Duckpool and more repositories

– New Fitness Category

– New Stand Up Category

For now Exodus is still inside the build as is SALTS. In the following updates if no dev takes them seriously they will be removed. KODI 16 version will be released tomorrow, as well as the Base Series. Both versions updated today are for KODI 17.x (classic version and XXX version).

Boom Shakalaka KODI Build

How to install the Boom Shakalaka Build on KODI

As always you can install the Boom Shakalaka KODI Build from the Dimitrology TV Wizard. You can find it on the Dimitrology Repository:

Leave comments below and even requests. Happy streaming and Boom Shakalaka!!!

Schism TV All In One Build for KODI

Great news for all the Schism TV fans. The Schism TV All In One Build for KODI 17.x has been updated with all the latest addons, libraries and repositories for a maximum KODI experience. The All In One Build is not just one build. It is made by different Schism TV’s creations, some of his best KODI skin addons and modifications. The included Skins are: Schism Anniversary Edition, Schism Conq, Schism Eminence, Schism Estuary, Schism Mimic, and Schism Origins. So it is like having six builds into one!

Also while giving a full KODI experience is selective in the choice of addons, keeping a small size and an as much as possible stable build that should last a lot. In this version 1.0 we have for the first time removed the Exodus addon and replaced with the new fork Covenant! Covenant is exactly the same but it has a working group of developers. That means better performance, more results.

The changelog of Schism TV All In One version 1.0:
Removed SALTS, Exodus.
Removed TVAddons Repo and URL.
Updated SportsDevil, back to classic version which is the latest.
Added Covenant (the new Exodus Fork), DuckPool, cCloudTV.
Fixed some bugs with icon shortcuts.
Added new repositories, updated all addons to latest versions.

Build size is 290MB as a compressed zipped file.

How to install the Schism TV All In One Build on KODI

As always you can install the All In One KODI Build by SchismTV from the Dimitrology TV Wizard. You can find it on the Dimitrology Repository:

Which is your favorite Schism skin?

So which is your favorite Schism TV Skin? Which one of the six included you use as your daily driver? Let a comment down below so we can have and idea when updating the build. As far as I know, the Origins skin and the Anniversary Edition are the two most popular. But in my opinion, every single one that was handcrafted by Schism looks absolutely gorgeous!

The next updates coming are on the Apple TV OS – Serenity Build as well as the Neftlix like KODI experience, Kodiflix, Both will be updated in the following hours and are not included in this build.

Enjoy everyone and happy streaming!

The Boom Shakalaka KODI Build has been updated for KODI 16, SPMC, FTMC, etc & KODI 17 into the version 1.5 for the BASE Builds and for KODI 17 into the version 5.3 for the Boom Shakalaka Krypton and Boom Shakalaka Krypton XXX.

best kodi build 2016

Not too many changes but worth mentioning:

-Exodus updated into latest version

-URL Resolver updated

-UK Turks New Addon

-123 Movies by Mucky Duck back in the Builds

-Fixed Bob, working again

-XXX-O-DUS Addon (XXX version only)

-Alive GR new addon and repository

-Smash Repo Read more

The updated version of the Boom Shakalaka Build for KODI 17 – 17.1 has been released. We are now on version 4.5 and comes with quite a lot of changes. The size got smaller, removed dead addons, updated all the existing addons and we have new addon additions and repositories! All the best addons on KODI in the same Build while keeping in mind to keep it fast and reliable.

As always there are two versions of the Build, with or without XXX / Adult addons. For the rest they are exactly the same.

Boom Shakalaka Kyrpton v4.5 changelog:

Read more


The updated version 2.10 of the Boom Shakalaka KODI 17 Build is out! The new updated version of the best build on KODI 17 brings the following changes:

  • Fixed reported problem with editing the menu
  • Added new addons: Live Premiership, Live Mix, Sports Mix, Telly Ads, Reaper, Getaflix, Final Gear,
  • Removed RIP addons and fixed shortcuts.
  • Fixed Youtube addon so it would last longer.
  • Updated Renegades TV SF and Metalliq addon
  • Minor fixes on the UI
  • XXX only – new porn addon by Cosmix

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Another fantastic build by Master Schism, the SCHISM TV ANNIVERSARY BUILD for KODI 17 Krypton is his latest creation that brings a lightweight, small in size less than 170mb super complete build that is absolutely a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!!
You can get the wizard Read more