BurnKeyTools APK

A tool to fix the NETFLIX ERROR NW-6-404 error. Regenerate the TV Box certificate system and make it again valid to playback Netflix in HD quality. For now it is only compatible with some affected TV-Box. Supported devices are: M8S Pro L, M8S Pro W, M8S Pro +, M8S Pro (S912), K Series, A95x Pro.

Size: 400KB
Version: v1.03
Fire TV Firestick Test App Virus / Malware Fix

If you don’t want to reset to factory settings and all you want is to “turn off” the miner then you can install the attached APK that is a modded version from the original virus except the run.html is a blank page (without the minning script) and the Activities name from the AndroidManifest.xml were changed so it can’t start now, so pretty much the virus will think it’s working but it’s not. It’s a 100% secure and an easy fix to get rid of this malware!

The fix was created by XDA user “innovaciones” so a huge thanks to him for creating this very smart solution!

Size: 45.3Kb
Version: v1

MusicAll is an apk streaming music with offline listening capabilities. It gets all of its content from YouTube but the app feels more like Spotify. That’s because the music is presented in a similar fashion, sorted by artists and albums. Since all Musicall’s apk audio comes from YouTube, audio quality can vary and sometimes tracks can turn out to be covers or live versions though in general it works quite well. Synchronizing (making songs available offline) is pretty fast too.


  • ads removed
  • space consuming self-promoting banner removed
  • update check removed (manual check still available)
  • minor esthetic modifications

The MusicAll APK Android App is modified by riesdepies.