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SchismTV All In One build for KODI 17.6

The SchismTV All In One build for KODI 17.6 has been updated with the latest add-ons and repositories. We had quite some changes into this new version 1.5. But let’s jump into the changelog to see exactly what changed.

  • removed Specto
  • added Project D
  • added Wolfpack
  • also added Cartoon Crazy and
  • Death Streams by Mr Blamo
  • fixed the gui
  • fixed all shortcuts
  • more sports
  • better compatibility
  • updated Covenant to latest version
  • updated URL Resolver
  • new update also for Sportsdevil
  • new repositories

The Schism TV All In One is now 273MB (as a zipped file) and as always you can download it from the Dimitrology TV Wizard.

How to install the Schism TV All In One Build for KODI 17.6

1. On a fresh installation of KODI (do always a Fresh Start before installing builds) go under SYSTEM and select FILE MANAGER from the submenu
2. Select ADD SOURCE
3. Click on NONE and enter https://dimitrology.com/repo and click on DONE
4. Select OK
5. Go to HOME
6. Select SYSTEM
7. Select ADDONS
9. Click on repo from the list and select plugin.video.dimitv.zip
10. Wait for the notification that Dimitrology TV has been installed
11. Go to HOME
12. Select PROGRAMS
13. Open Dimitrology TV Wizard
14. Now select SETTINGS and enter the code which you can find at https://dimitrology.com/getcode
15. Select INSTALL
16. Select SchisM TV All in One 1.4
17. Select FRESH INSTALL and wait for the installation to finish.
18. When asked to, select OK and then go to SETTINGS, INTERFACE and select your preferred skin among the 6 different skins. No force close is required.
19. If you do not see the thumbnails after setup, this is perfectly normal as the wizard removes all the thumbnails. Simply exit from KODI, now open it once again and BOOM SHAKALAKA BABY!!!


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  1. Theo
    Theo says:

    Hi Dimitri,

    Xronia pola – kala xristougena!

    Im using wetek hub and this build keeps on crashing. Any suggestions.

    Euxaristo poli!



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