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Easy tutorial on how to run multiple kodi builds on a windows computer or usb stick with different setups on every KODI instance! Practically you can clone the KODI application and install various addons on each KODI clone!

All the KODI clones are also portable so you can install them on a USB stick and take it with you, with one or several KODI clones! It runs on any Windows device!

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  1. Walter
    Walter says:

    Hi there im trying to put a cop of Kodi on a stick like in your video,but when i try to do the text file in folder it wont let me do forward slash, any help would be appreciated.


  2. Ian Davies
    Ian Davies says:

    Hi !
    I did the portable Usb Kodi then installed a custom build. all good !
    But when i try to use on a different PC it plays Kodi with basic 17 set up and my custom build has been wiped off !
    Any ideas please ??




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