Nemesis KODI Build is an excellent family build created by Matt Bleasby, very clean and complete with top addons and fantastic integration of everything that’s included: Movies, TV Shows, Kids, Sports, Music, IPTV and iVue 2.0 TV GUIDE!
Based on the Mimic skin, is one of the easiest layouts to navigate through your favorite content. Excellent choice of add-ons, makes it fast and also very beautiful!
Even though it’s very complete, extracted on our devices is at about 450Mb which isn’t that much considering the amount of addons that are included!
You can install the wizard from the KODIUKTV Repo:
In alternative you can use a zip file on Windows , or even an .apk app on Android
For support on the build, join the KODI UK TV Facebook Group

Install instructions:

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  1. Select from the submenu under SYSTEM, FILE MANAGER
  2. Double click on ADD SOURCE
  3. Enter and click DONE
  4. Enter a name for the source, let’s say Kodiuktv and click Done and then OK
  5. Go to HOME and select SYSTEM
  6. Select ADDONS
  8. Select the red icon labeled Kodiuktv
  9. Select
  11. Select KODIUKTV REPO
  14. Once it’s downloaded go to HOME and select PROGRAMS
  15. Select the KODIUK TV WIZARD
  17. Select the NEMESIS BUILD and wait for it to install
  18. When finished click on OK and unplug the external device from power or click YES, FORCE CLOSE if on windows.
  19. Congrats, you have successfully installed the Nemesis build!

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27 replies
  1. Don
    Don says:

    Step 18, “unplug…” – you mean turn off device? I installed via directions but home screen remained just kodi original. Did 2 x, still same. Any ideas (acer 7 in tab, and 4.4.2, kodi jarvis rc1)

    • dimitrology
      dimitrology says:

      No, don’t just turn off. You have to cut the power, unplug it. In your case, if you are on tablet and can’t take off the battery, double click to open the app manager and close the app (the same procedure you do to clear the memory from open apps). Then you should re-open KODI and ta-dah! But now you have to re install the build, fresh start again!

      • Gareth
        Gareth says:

        Hi, I had this issue on a windows laptop. After reading this i removed battery installed nemesis, clicked ok (dont get option for ‘yes/no’ after that), so exited system via the power button on kodi, which shuts down laptop. Once it was shutting down i pulled power cable. Now kodi wont even open up. (shows ERROR. unable to create application. exciting). Any ideas?

          • Don
            Don says:

            This is a problem in windows trying to get it “to stick”. I have tried ares wizard to force close but that did not work. Is this the wizard to which you refer, if not which “wizard” ? Can we not just “window” (as opposed to full screen) Kodi & “x” out? For windows, a very detailed “force” closing instructions would be appreciated (there is no option for yes/no as stated above. Thanks

          • Don
            Don says:

            Just did fresh kodi install (again – 4x) & reinstall of nemesis. At end clicked “ok” & then “x” out of kodi. This did not work as well. I have tried killing kodi process via task manager, x’ng out after ok, & plain old “exiting” I am at a loss? Gareth tried the battery / no power – still no luck. Could not get TB Build to stick either in windows until just immediately shut down computer at ok! May try this! Help

          • dimitrology
            dimitrology says:

            No, don’t shut down the computer. The force close option works on windows. If not click ctrl-shft-Esc and close kodi from there!
            On Android, the task manager works fine too.
            In both cases, do a fresh start before installing the build! ;)

          • Don
            Don says:

            Where is the “force close option” – clicking on yes? – if so done 5 times on fresh install to no avail. Also, “ctrl-shft-Esc” IS the Win task manager, where I have already used the kill kodi.exe process to no avail, as mentioned above. Using W7 intel I5 totally up to date. Maybe using 15.2 instead of Jarvis rc1?

            Also retried nemesis on Acer 7, all procedures, but as usual, the live tv & power tabs disappear along the bottom but the rest works ok??? Note: I have successfully & still run TB Build on this tab! Maybe it’s just nemesis?

            At a loss

            Anyway thanks for the help!

          • Don
            Don says:

            Did a fresh start, installed ares wiz & installed nemesis build from there. It finally installed by their forced exit. After loading for some time, noticed TV guide & power tabs dissappeared (again) so to try, went into ares wiz & did a repair (I saved config / skins in ares as well) & after restart by ares it worked again. Mimic skin then updated & same problem so did repair again & have a working nemesis again. Don’t ask me?

            I assume your Apple?

  2. Don
    Don says:

    Tks for the quick reply. Yes definitely saying “OK” & exiting does not work although turning off device did ( for short time ???). On power up everything I checked worked (4 ivue guide links as well) BUT eventually the LiveTV link Tab disappeared as did the power tab. Is this what happens if U don’t close properly or is the live TV tab now gone again from build?

  3. Jason Harley
    Jason Harley says:

    I’ve had the same problem when launching kodi, nemesis does not load. Did anyone manage to fix this. I installed “jarvis” on my windows laptop. Thanks

  4. Alan
    Alan says:

    I have a clean install of kodi 16.1 Jarvis running on windows 10 64bit. No matter what I try it bombs when installing zip file at 14%. I’ve tried fresh start, uninstalling and reinstalling including deleting registry entries left over for kodi and searching c drive for “kodi” ( no results) but it always quits at 14%
    I’ve seen other posts with this error but no good answer. Any ideas please?

    • dimitrology
      dimitrology says:

      that’s strange… Registry isn’t needed. Maybe fresh start didn’t work properly… Try deleting the KODI folder under C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\Roaming and install the build. That will wipe KODI settings. Let me know ;)

      • Alan
        Alan says:

        Thanks for the quick reply. I thought you had it as I hadn’t tried that but sadly it didn’t work Kodi looks like a clean install as it has some first time use messages.
        I have similar hardware at home that has never had a kodi install so I’ll try that tonight, it will eliminate the “fresh start” principle if it crashes or confirm that’s the problem if it works

  5. Alan
    Alan says:

    Sadly its exactly the same – extracting the zip gets to 14% and offers force close or cancel :-( so I dont think it can be a clean install issue. its not disk capacity as I have approx 1TB free and I’m running kodi as administrator.
    Really stuck with this. If you have any suggestions or ideas I’d be happy to work with you to get a solution as it does seem as though there others with the same issue.

    • Alan
      Alan says:

      FYI I found a work around which was to get the ZIP from C:\Users\Alan\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\addons\packages\\ and manually extract it to the relevant folders and voila – a fully working BRILLIANT nemesis ( its a bug in kodi not writing the zip to disk I think)

  6. charmer
    charmer says:

    hey so my dilemma is one day i woke up and my nemesis build had just disappeared i did all the steps to reinstall just like when i was initially adding it but unfortunately it still doesn’t work what do i do now ? because it just shows the regular kodi start up build .


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