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Get The Best Apple TV Feature on Your Android TV and Android TV Box

Best Apple TV Feature: Screensaver
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Get the Best Apple TV Feature on Android TV and Android TV Box for free! When it comes to cosmetics, Apple is perhaps the best and this awesome feature is one of my preferred on an Apple TV 4K. But now, with this free to use Android app we can have the same feature also on Android TV OS devices like the Nvidia Shield TV and the Xiaomi Mi Box S as well as on any Android TV Box.

Best Apple TV Feature: Screensaver

The amazing Aerial Dream application offers the fantastic Apple TV Screensaver to your Android TV device. The screensaver videos are offered in Full HD 1080p resolution but also in UHD 4K resolution. Just enter inside the settings and you can select whether you want to use the Full HD or the 4K videos. Also you can choose from the screensaver from the different Apple TV models: Apple TV 2019, Apple TV 2018, Apple TV 2017 and Apple TV 2015.

The only negative in my opinion is that the videos are always streamed from the Apple server. That means that you consume bandwidth when your device is in screensaver mode. Not an issue for me since I have a broadband connection but if your connection has data limits it may cause high traffic.

*Please note*: Aerial Dream streams videos constantly and will consume large amounts of bandwidth. Do not install on devices with limited network connectivity.

A screensaver for Android devices inspired on Apple TV’s video screensaver

Currently the displayed videos are the exact same used by Apple TV. Though the videos are relatively small (below 200MB), it’s still recommended that you have an appropriate internet plan so that you do not incur in extra costs. Most home or WiFi connections should be ok, while mobile data could be a problem. The videos are hosted by Apple Inc. openly and without any sort of encryption or other form of protection, therefore this use is assumed to be legitimate.
If you have reason to believe otherwise please let me know.

How to set Aerial Dream as your screensaver

  • Go into the System Preferences
  • Select Display
  • Select Daydream
  • Select Aerial Dream

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