Genesis is not dead, Lambda will be making a huge comeback

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A lot of rumors lately about Genesis, the most complete video add-on for KODI / XBMC that is also the most popular among KODI users. The rumors that Lambda, the developer of Genesis, will not update anymore his add-on became so adopted by the KODI Community that even many of the latest KODI Builds had Genesis removed!

The truth is that Genesis is still working, has not been updated though for a while and that causes some errors or problems with the latest movies specially and some hosts are not working ideally. It is still a better add-on though than many other out there and that’s why a lot of users keep using it as their main add-on.

Great news from, the official home of Genesis from which on the latest newsletter I received was the following text that I quote:

3) Genesis Updates
It’s not updated yet, but we’ve now received confirmation from the lambda, the developer of Genesis, that the add-on will be making a huge comeback, however no timeline was given.

So Lambda  not only will continue working on it but he is coming back with a huge update! So stay tuned and don’t remove Genesis!

In the mean time if you have problems using Genesis try this guide that will help you use Genesis like a boss, or if you still have not installed Genesis check out this video on how to get it!

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