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SSTV has a great selection of almost any channel, complete USA and local USA, UK, Canada, Latino, Spain, Germany, Nederland’s, Italy, and a lot more in stable and high quality streams. Their service is offered worldwide with several servers and it will work on any device: FireTV, Android TV, Apple, Roku, Windows, STB, KODI, VLC and more! The recommended app is Smarters for SSTV but of course you are free to use whichever you prefer. And with 24/7 support you can get support if you have issues setting it up or even with requests and PPV.


Since the offer is for 4 simultaneous connections, you can also share it with friends and family for even a better price, making the best IPTV service also the best affordable service you can get! For the offer and more by SSTV visit the link here.

So, here we go, with no further ado, we’d like to present the first Alpha releases of Kodi 20.x “Nexus”.

This is a major release, so, as you’d expect, it comes with many new features. However, it will inevitably cause problems for some people, which is why we’ll go through a more traditional Alpha/Beta/Release Candidate model. As such, then, please be aware that installing this will inevitably break things, and we’d really like your help at that point to identify the problems and get them fixed.

So, all that aside… what’s actually changed?


  • AV1 hardware decoding for Android. PR
  • AV1 hardware decoding for Linux via VAAPI PR
  • Bump to FFMPEG 4.4 PR


  • Add new font style settings such as border size/colour, background type/colour/opacity, shadow colour/opacity, and blur
  • Add support to display subtitles with dynamic positions which make use of position tags
  • Add underlined and strikethrough text style support
  • Add a new wide colour palette in colour settings
  • Add a new setting to change text alignment for closed caption subtitles for a better reading
  • Add a new setting to override subtitles metadata like style and position
  • Improved font size that now match the point/pixel proportion
  • When Kodi is in windowed mode subtitles are now always displayed correctly
  • Improved VPlayer for better reading of multiline text
  • Improved SAMI format to better support multiple languages
  • Improved TX3G format to support multiple styles, colours and alpha channel
  • ASS/SSA subtitles are displayed without flickering
  • Improved image-based subtitle rendering to keep a better aspect ratio
  • Add support to the WebVTT subtitle format type
  • Improved font list setting – the actual names of the fonts are now listed
  • Add support to OpenType font type (OTF)
  • Improved calibration window, so it’s now possible to also reset the calibration settings
  • Subtitle settings can now be changed while in playback without side effects


  • Fix resume of Blu-Rays and DVD ISOs in file mode (not in library)
  • Fix playback of some optical discs on Linux due the incorrect mapping of mountpoints
  • On Linux optical media is now mounted by default (via udisks)
  • Partial code cleanup and platform split of disc drive handling
  • Skin cosmetics
  • Fix duplicated context menu items


  • Fix EDL mute sections and EDL cuts


  • Fix wrap lists
  • Fix hitrect on auto sized buttons
  • Fix some context menu options not triggering the respective builtin action
  • Independent volume setting for GUI sounds PR
  • Password reveal button in keyboard dialog PR


  • Added Steam Deck built-in controller support


  • Add a new Colour Picker window dialog to allow display a colour list
  • Improved image control to support read dynamic $INFO data to “colordiffuse” tag
  • Improved Player Process Info window – new information has been added and grouped by context
  • New media flags for HDR videos: detect, store and process the type of HDR in a video file PR
  • Skinners can now define modal dialogs if its visibility depends on Boolean condition evaluation
  • Deprecation of old infolabels with the introduction of new generic ones (e.g. Player.Editlist, Player.Cuts, etc)


  • Estuary PVR Home Screen: New widget for timers (replacing old current/next recording widget)
  • Estuary PVR Home Screen: Add percentage played progress bars to Recent Channels and Recent Recordings widgets
  • Estuary PVR Home Screen: Change default click action to open the Guide window
  • Improve display of EDL markers on the default skin (EDL mutes are now shown, cut sections are also identified)


  • Savestate manager for Retroplayer with captions describing the state of the game provided by PR
  • In-game Port Setup dialog to change between game controllers PR

Platform Specifics

  • UNIX Family Platforms:

    • Implement WS-Discovery (SMB discovery) for *ix platforms (Android/Linux/Apple) PR
  • iOS/TVOS:

    • Improved Siri Remote handling PR
    • Improved “Now Playing” info PR
  • macOS:

    • Initial support for M1 native including native windowing/input handling PR
      NOTE: We do not provide prebuilt M1 dmg’s. Any devs willing to work on ironing out the many corner cases of the native windowing implementation, don’t hesitate to ping @fuzzard on the forums if you have any questions.
    • Extend GameController support to OSX PR
    • Many code cleanups/refinements/refactors
  • Android:

    • Update Android build to use Gradle for signing/aligning/packing PR
  • Linux:

    • Add ACES/Hable Tonemapping for GLES PR
    • More BiCubic Shaders for GLES PR
    • Pipewire support PR
  • Windows:

    • New setting to use 10 bit swapchain for SDR videos. Improves video quality and more precise colour conversions: YUV to RGB, limited to full range, shaders, etc. This is true even if video output is limited to 8 bit RGB by system or graphics driver. PR
    • Improved DXVA2 (HW video decoding) performance by sharing decoding and rendering surfaces. Avoids video copy operations and drastically reduces video memory usage on NVIDIA and AMD graphics using recent drivers. PR

i8n support

  • Harfbuzz rendering for scripts with open type font shaping features PR


  • Channels and Recordings can specify a provider PR
  • Read-only recordings supported
  • EPG Search: Add Saved Searches, incl. new Estuary PVR Home Screen widget
  • Channel Manager: Add possibility to refresh all channel logos
  • Settings: Add possibility to specify which data to delete when resetting PVR database
  • Automatic cleanup of cached PVR images (texture.db and cached image files)
  • Functional Improvements for multi PVR Add-on scenarios
  • Performance improvements, esp. for large number of channels

Build System/Dependencies

  • Most dependencies have been updated to latest, or close to, for Apple/Android platforms
  • Many cmake updates to update build system


  • Many many updates/changes to use std::chrono throughout the code base


  • Colour Picker PR
  • Colour button setting PR
  • Add support to add video HDR type info to a video list item
  • Function for removing orphaned dependencies recursively PR

If you want to take the plunge, you can get Alpha 1 from here. Select your platform of choice, and look in the “Prerelease” section. Again, though, please: expect some breakage, don’t use this as your daily installation unless you know how to get things working again, and please share your experiences back with us so we can really get going on those bugs.

As usual – well, it is open source – you can see what’s changed between v20 and v19 here. It’s a long list…

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Planned the most amazing trip that you couldn’t be more excited about? Don’t forget that you need to take an organized approach to your getaway. 

The truth is that when it comes to heading off abroad, there are lots that you need to do and prepare before you jet off. This means that it’s extremely easy to forget to deal with one of the most important things because there’s just so much to do and think about. 

The good news is that if you’re properly prepared for your trip, you can ensure that nothing gets forgotten, it’s simply a case of being a smart planner, that’s all. Once you’ve nailed the planning part of the process, you can head off on your trip without a care in the world. 

Photo source: Pixabay

Wondering what it takes to be smart about the approach you take to your next trip abroad? Below is a guide to all of the ins and outs of planning a trip abroad and making sure that you are as properly prepared as possible for it. 

Start with getting your itinerary right 

An important place to start, when it comes to planning your trip, is with your itinerary. If you fail to get this organized and in proper order before your trip begins, it will lead to absolute chaos. So, it pays to take the time to get your itinerary all planned and sorted out beforehand, so that you don’t need to worry about it while you’re away. 

A great way to plan your itinerary is using a travel app, so that you have easy access to it while you’re away. Instead of having to worry about carrying a piece of paper with you, you can simply refer to your phone and check on your schedule as and when you need to. 

If you want to send your itinerary to family members or friends in case they need to contact you while you’re away, there are various apps that you can use to do this. Alternatively, you can opt to email your itinerary to yourself and anyone else who needs a copy of it. 

Make insurance a priority 

When you’re heading off abroad, it’s important that you’re smart when it comes to your approach, which is where taking the time to put adequate insurance in place becomes so important. 

Not only do you need to put insurance in place for yourself and the people you’re traveling with, it’s also important to ensure the items that you’re taking with you, just in case your bags get lost in transport or you fall victim to burglary while you’re away. If you are traveling with the help of a motorcycle, you might want to think about knowing who the best motorcycle accident lawyer is so that you have their details ready. It doesn’t mean that you’re going to get into an accident but it does mean you need to prepare yourself.

For instance, say you’re taking your rather expensive watch on holiday with you to wear when you go out for dinner, you might want to put insurance in place to make sure it’s covered should anything happen to it while you’re away. If you’re going to do that, it’s important to understand the value of your watch, which you can learn more about here

Pack smart 

If there’s one mistake that you don’t want to make when you head off abroad, it’s failing to be a smart packer. This means thinking about what you actually need to take with you (and what you could leave behind), and how to make sure that you’re able to take all of that with you. 

If you’re worried that your cases might weigh more than the allowable limit, look at purchasing an extra allowance beforehand. It’s usually far cheaper to buy this before you travel, rather than when you arrive at the airport. If you think that you might end up buying lots of souvenirs while you’re away, buy an extra case to take with you (and pay for extra baggage) so that you can bring them back more easily. 

Ideally, you want to pack everything that you think you might need while you’re away, from clothes and accessories to essentials like chargers and devices – and anything else that you think will be useful while you’re exploring. It’s always helpful to write a checklist for your suitcase so that you’re able to tick everything off as you pack it and make sure that nothing important is forgotten. 

There you have it, a guide to how you can make sure that you’re properly prepared for your next trip. Take note of the tips and advice above, and you can ensure that your next break away goes without a hitch – and that whatever happens while you’re away, you’re covered for. 

SSTV 4 ISP Offer

SSTV is still offering an amazing value for money service and now it is even better with the 4 simultaneous connection offers for an annual subscription! This is a limited offer and at the time of writing this post, there are just 229 still available slots. SSTV offers worldwide server coverage, unlimited bandwidth, and support 24/7, all year long. The activation is instant upon payment verification.

You can use SSTV with their dedicated app, Smarters, Tivimate, M3U list, or any app that supports Xtream Codes. Also, with 4 different DNS you will never have to worry about issues or disconnections.


Get the latest SSTV Smarters by using the Downloader app by using the code 23192, or the SSTV XC which is better for NHL in my opinion by using the code 17438.

Nvidia Shield TV PRO Giveaway

And the offers do not end here, they also have a giveaway running right now, by simply opening a ticket and a screenshot of your subscription you have a chance to make an Nvidia Shield TV PRO yours! For more info visit the SSTV website here.

Is it too late to say “Happy New Year”? Probably, but this is still the first release of 2022, so let’s go with that anyway.

It’s point release o’clock once more, so, without further fanfare, I give you Kodi “Matrix” 19.4: more bug fixes, some backports, no real new features. Full changelog since 19.3 on Github, as usual.


  • Fix: Home screen context menu fix for when there are more than 10 items in menu.
  • Fix: Seekbar wouldn’t disappear after 5 sec when using remote app e.g. Kore or JSON to pause Kodi.


  • Fix: English keyboard missing semi-colon.
  • Fix: Chinese keyboard character now displaying correctly.


  • Fix: Artist discography export to NFO.


  • New: Sort method for recordings based on season and episode.
  • Fix: Crash when navigating an empty guide.
  • Fix: Hiding/deleting channel group now working correctly.


  • Fix: Any Favourites for a restricted/locked media source are now hidden.
  • Fix: Blu-ray ISO title and watched status now displayed correctly.
  • Fix: Wrong language identified from subtitle name corrected.


  • Fix: EDL mute now working.
  • Fix: ASS subtitles display now working correctly.

Android specifics

  • Fix: Audio buffers adjusted.
  • Fix: Various TrueHD stutter/dropout issues corrected.

Linux specifics

  • Fix: Automatic play of DVDs.

MacOS specifics

  • Fix: Mouse cursor positioning in full-screen.

Windows specifics

  • Fix: Flickering with interlaced H.264 SD on AMD GPUs.
  • Fix: Crash on unexpected network configuration (e.g. no MAC address obtained).

Xbox specifics

  • New: Passthrough audio via WASAPI.
  • Fix: Permission error preventing installation of Python add-ons.

Thanks, as always, to everyone who has helped us track down and fix any issues.

As this is a point release, there are no major changes since the previous version, and you should be fine to install this straight over the top of any existing Kodi 19.x installation – indeed, this will happen automatically on many platforms. However, as for all software installations, back up your userdata beforehand if you’ve any doubts or have anything you can’t afford to lose (and definitely do this if you’re going for a major version upgrade).

If you’re interested, you can read the merged PRs here. If you want to read back on the full history of v19 itself, or of previous versions, you can find the corresponding articles in the relevant blog posts.

Application deployment on different platforms (notably the Microsoft Store) can vary considerably due to circumstances outside of our control, so just be patient, and the update will inevitably find its way through.

Android Deployment

Please note that we are currently unable to provide this update via the Google Play Store. An updated Google requirement demands that apps now target API level 30 (Android 11) as a minimum, while Kodi targets API level 29 (Android 10).

As such, we’re unable to upload 19.4 to the Play Store, although 19.3 will remain available. However, for those who want the new release, 19.4 can be downloaded from our servers and installed manually:

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Make Your Business Bigger On The Outside With This Technology

When you’re running a small business, there’s one concept you should keep in mind. You need to make your company the opposite of a tardis. If you’re not familiar, the tardis is the police box that Doctor Who travels through space and time in. While on the outside it looks like an old-fashioned telephone box, on the inside, it’s massive. It has multiple rooms and at one point there’s the mention of a swimming pool. There are even episodes of the show where people get lost in the many halls of the tardis. 

When you’re running a small business you don’t want it to be bigger on the inside and smaller on the outside. You want it to be big on the outside and smaller on the inside. What do we mean by this? 

Essentially, we’re thinking about the impression that you create with your company on the market. When you are running a small business, you’re still going to be competing with the major players in an industry or sector. A small e-commerce website that sells garden tools will still be competing with Amazon where customers can get similar tools among other products. How can your business compete on such a massive playing field? You need to ensure that your business makes a big impression even if your budget and your company model as a whole is quite small. Here are some of the ways that you can achieve this goal. 

Pexels CCO License

Virtual Office

First, you should make sure that you think about using a virtual office. This is useful if you are running a home company or if you are running your business from a small address that isn’t going to create much of an impression. With a virtual office, you can make it seem as though your business is being run from a major city address. This will mean that it looks as though your business is either more successful or being run with a far larger budget than what you are likely working with. 

Virtual offices are scalable solutions which means that they will fit in with virtually any business budget. As such, you won’t have to worry about struggling to cover the cost. It essentially allows you to get the business of both worlds. Your company will be more flexible overall because you’ll be working from home but you’ll have the profile of a major city company. 

Do be aware that there are other smaller options here to consider as well such as virtual numbers. These do the same job for a fraction of the cost and are often used by solopreneurs. 

Cloud Solutions 

Next, you should make sure that you are exploring cloud solutions in your business model. Cloud solutions and services will guarantee that your business operates at a far faster speed. That’s important because it means that customers and clients won’t be left waiting around for the services and solutions that they want or need. Indeed, there are many benefits of using a cloud solution in your business from advanced levels of security to instant updates. You can use a cloud solution to stay on track with every aspect of your company.

It’s worth noting that these days many businesses are not just relying on one cloud solution. Instead, they are focused on using a multi-cloud setup. There are a few reasons for this. The first is that it ensures that a business is more flexible on the market. It can also help ensure that a business is able to recover from downtime. That’s critical because high levels of downtime will always hurt your business and make it seem inferior to key competitors that exist on the market. 

With a cloud solution, you can complete a full disaster recovery of a critical workstation in a matter of minutes. 

Pexels CCO License

Immediate Engagement 

Another way that you can make your business look bigger to clients is by ensuring that you provide immediate levels of engagement for them. Customers don’t want to be left waiting for a response from your business. The general rule of thumb here is that you should be responding to a query from a customer or client in about 24 hours. Any longer than this and you can all but guarantee that the client has disappeared to a competitor and found the answer that they were searching for. 

So, how can you ensure that you are providing immediate engagement? Well, you can set up an automated response for options like email queries. You can also consider exploring options like call handling solutions. Most of these are at least partially automated but they still make your customers feel as though they have an avenue to connect with your business. 

You might also want to think about using web chat software on your website. With an option like this, you can make sure that you are able to give customers a direct line of communication to your company. 

Beautiful Website 

When it comes to getting customers you need to have an amazing website that draws them in. It ideally needs to be bright, eye-catching, and easy to use. If users find your website difficult to navigate then they will take their custom elsewhere. 

There are lots of points to think about when making your website attractive and appealing. For instance, you should think about the colors as well as the fonts. You can also use videos to make your website more immersive and engaging

One point that you definitely want to avoid is using a template solution. Template web designers are often popular with small business owners because they are free. So, it’s a great way to keep the costs under control when marketing your company and this is important. However, the problem is that it results in all websites looking more or less the same. This means that it will be difficult if not impossible to ensure that your business stands out. These days there’s no reason to use a template for your website. Particularly, when you can use different tools to design your own awesome website in less than an hour that will feel unique. 

Pexels CCO License


Next, you should think about outsourcing in your business. Through outsourcing, you can get the expertise in your company to help it stand out for a fraction of the cost that you would expect to pay if you were hiring a complete, full-time team in your company. 

Technology has made outsourcing easier than ever because it’s possible to find the experts that you need within minutes of searching the market. There are countless platforms that will help put you in touch with the pros in different sectors and fields.

As well as being able to hire professionals who will help propel your business forward, tech these days also allows you to handle every aspect of the connection. You can contact them, pay them and track them, often all through the same app or platform. This means that you have more control over the services that you are using. It also helps you to avoid some of the common issues that can crop up when using outsourcing services in a business. 

Specifically, we’re talking about high costs and low-quality work. If you can’t get an outsourcing service for the right price then there’s no point in using it at all. Similarly, a low-quality solution could damage your business in the long term. 


Finally, making your business seem bigger isn’t about spending a lot of money. Instead, it’s about spending money in the right areas. You need to focus your budget on the areas that matter to your customers and clients. A key example of this would be security. Today, customers are paranoid and worried about security threats. They’re right to be concerned about this too because research shows that hacks on businesses are more common than ever before. 

You might assume that small businesses are going to be ignored when it comes to hacks. However, this isn’t the case. Instead, it’s common for small companies to be targeted because criminals know or at least expect, that they won’t have the right standards of security

You can’t afford to prove them right because if you do then it will send the wrong message about your business to your customers. It will make your company seem weaker and customers will wonder whether they can trust you. Luckily, tech is providing the answer here too. The right technology will mean that you can fill in the gaps that might exist in your security setup to ensure that your customers are protected. 

Pexels CCO License

We hope this helps you understand why you need to ensure that your company is the opposite of a tardis and does look bigger on the outside. In doing so, you can ensure that you are able to gain the attention of a larger audience and increase your sales. This could even help you reach expansion goals overtime when running your company. 

Google announced in a blog post yesterday a new partnership with Pluto TV to bring over 300 free TV channels to devices running the Google TV platform in the US. The new channels will appear in the “Live” tab on the Google TV home screen in the next weeks.

What is Pluto TV

Google TV partners with Pluto tv

Pluto TV is a free streaming service owned by ViacomCBS, which is the parent company of several popular film companies and television production networks. It offers content from networks like Comedy Central, AMC, Nickelodeon and MTV through live video streaming channels and on-demand functionality. That is without a monthly subscription fee. Instead, Pluto TV makes money off the advertising it is able to sell during these streaming broadcasts.

“This new integration with Pluto TV will be available on all Google TV devices in the coming weeks,” Google noted in its blog post. So you might want to sit tight and wait if it’s not available on your device right now.

The Mountain View company is also offering a couple more Google TV perks, such as six months of free Peacock Premium in the US and a variety of ad-supported movies on YouTube.
And if that’s not enough, Google is planning to offer more ways to watch content for free in 2022. Looks like we just have to wait and see what else is coming in the months to come.

Google TV streaming services and apps (USA)

  • ABC
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • AMC
  • Apple TV+
  • A&E
  • BET+
  • Comedy Central
  • Crackle
  • Crunchyroll/Funimation
  • DC Universe
  • Disney NOW
  • Disney+
  • Epix Now
  • Fox Now
  • FuboTV
  • Google Play Movies (now Google TV)
  • Hulu
  • HBO Go
  • HBO Max
  • History
  • Kocowa
  • Lifetime
  • MTV
  • NBC
  • Pantaya
  • Paramount+ (formerly CBS All Access)
  • Peacock
  • Philo
  • Pluto TV
  • Showtime
  • Showtime Anytime
  • Sling TV
  • Starz
  • TBS
  • The CW
  • TNT
  • Tubi TV
  • Viki/Rakuten
  • VH1
  • YouTube
  • YouTube TV

More Android TV apps

You can download more Android TV apps available for Android TV in our dedicated Download section here.

Credit: Photo by Emily Morter on Unsplash

Many of you will probably be aware that, since the dawn of time, each version of Kodi takes a vaguely sci-fi/fantasy/movie-themed name, in alphabetical order (Ed: no, don’t ask what happens after we get to Z). This has become common practice throughout the IT industry – look at iOS, Android, Ubuntu, Intel chips, and similar: it provides a useful and friendly way to refer to a release without getting tied up in numbers and decimal points.

Anyway, over the past 13 years or so we’ve chewed through Atlantis, Babylon, Camelot, Dharma, Eden, Frodo, Gotham, Helix, Isengard, Jarvis, Krypton, Leia and Matrix … and, as we branch the code for the next release, it’s time to bestow a name on our next version.

We ran a thread on the forum (thank you to everyone for their suggestions), filtered them for repetition, our ability to remember how to type them, and general scandal, and then put the top community-suggested names to a Team vote.

While we’ve previously had very specific names, this one is perhaps a little broader in its reference.

So, is it…

  • A series designator for replicants?
  • An extra-dimensional realm that exists outside of space and time, visited by both Kirk and Picard?
  • A post-cyberpunk trilogy by Ramez Naam?
  • A dungeon in World of Warcraft?
  • The heart of every protoss settlement in StarCraft?
  • All of the above, and perhaps more?

Ladies, gentlemen, non-binary, non-human, and inorganic lifeforms… I give you …

Kodi 20 “Nexus”

< muted fanfare >

Don’t get too excited about a new version dropping any time soon, as 19.x “Matrix” is still fresh out of the oven. However, you now know what’s coming, and, if you’re inclined, you can now follow development of this specific branch.

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Photo by Edurne Chopeitia on Unsplash

The moment is here to move to an even more optimal translation service for our application. Ultimately we have chosen Weblate, and its service will be hosted at

This is done to optimize our workflow and to allow easy inclusion of all add-ons in the official Kodi add-on repository.

The transition has taken its time during at least the last year, so if you have made any requests at Transifex for new languages or team additions in that period, we’re sorry we couldn’t implement them.

All current translations have been transferred to Weblate, and we would like to thank you for all your efforts in making Kodi the multi-lingual success it is. We hope you will join us in our revived efforts to make Kodi accessible to even more languages using Weblate.

For now, our most current resources at Transifex are locked, meaning translators will no longer have access. The final switch over to Weblate is planned for July the 14th, 2021. We hope to see you all there.

Please sign up at Weblate here:

You can visit this forum post to let us know which language team you would like access to (and if you are a coordinator for that language):

We encourage all add-on developers with add-ons in the official Kodi add-on repository to submit their add-ons for translation:

Best regards,

The Kodi Translations Team

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Hacktoberfest 2021 Logo

October… the month that gave birth to the world’s most famous and traditional beer festival. What’s possibly better than two weeks of collective beer drinking? Under normal circumstances…probably nothing. In the so called new normal? Let’s pretend we can tolerate a bit more of this social awkwardness and find an alternative way: let’s just celebrate beer… and open-source. Or in Team Kodi’s dictionary: just another month at the office :)

For yet another year, Kodi is participating as a project in Hacktoberfest. Hacktoberfest is a month-long celebration of open source software run by DigitalOcean. During the month of October, individuals are invited to join open-source software enthusiasts, beginners, and the developer community by contributing to open-source projects. Additionally, Hacktoberfest also promotes several meetups, virtual events or hackatons to celebrate our beloved FOSS. Free swag (or planting a tree with your name if you feel inclined) usually comes to those who are able to finish the challenge (4 valid code contributions/pull-requests to eligible repositories) throughout the month of Hacktober.

How to get started?

Head over to the event website and have a read over the provided resources. For Kodi, a good starting point is our exhaustive list of open issues. Team Kodi members (maintainers) will make sure that all the code submissions that take place during the month of October towards our eligible repositories are labeled with the hacktoberfest-accepted label in case they are valid. Please don’t abuse your luck: spam contributions will be tracked and marked invalid, making you ineligible for the competition!

What are Kodi-eligible repositories?

If you’d like to do some C++ you can send your code contributions to:

If you want to work on Java/Android:

More of an iOS/objective-c person:


Pythonista over there?

Are you a Kodi addon developer?

You can submit your addon (or updating your existing addons with new features or bug fixes) to the Kodi official addon repository:

What you should do after reading this blog post

Fill your beer glass, cheers to open-source and… start hacking!

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