The updated version of the Boom Shakalaka Build for KODI 17 – 17.1 has been released. We are now on version 4.5 and comes with quite a lot of changes. The size got smaller, removed dead addons, updated all the existing addons and we have new addon additions and repositories! All the best addons on KODI in the same Build while keeping in mind to keep it fast and reliable.

As always there are two versions of the Build, with or without XXX / Adult addons. For the rest they are exactly the same.

Boom Shakalaka Kyrpton v4.5 changelog:

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CDTV Infusion is one of the most beautiful and complete builds on KODI 17, with a size of 278MB (as a zipped file) it’s ideal for any device: Android TV Box, NVIDIA Shield TV, Amazon FireTV and Firestick, Windows, Linux, Librelec, etc.

CDTV Infusion aka Cellar Door TV has a lot of options for personalization so make sure to check it out under skin settings and play around with fonts, colors, themes and sounds.

There is also an adult section but is almost hidden so it will not appear in the main menu categories.

Get the CDTV Infusion from Ares Wizard where you should also add a PIN code.

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SchisM TV Serenity version 1.0

The tvOS-X clone (aka Apple TV) build by SchisM TV has been updated to version 1.0. As always the looks remain top of the line and the functionality became even better! We had quite some additions and also removals from the previous version in order to make it work even better, while keeping the size always petite (209MB as a zipped file). Fixed the search shortcut on the home and also fixed the skin bug that on some devices had issues with the icons. Read more

Pulse CCM KODI Build is now available for KODI 17 / 17.1 Krypton! In this tutorial I’m gonna show you how to install the Pulse Build on KODI 17 and also do a brief review of the main parts of this amazing KODI 17 build! Pulse CCM offers a complete entertainment with Movies, TV Shows, Kids, Fitness, Live TV, Music and more! Very complete build in just 217MB as compressed zip file!

One of the best builds on kodi for 2017 is finally updated to KODI 17 / KODI 17.1! Boom Shakalaka Baby!!!

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The most beautiful build on KODI is the Schism TV All In One KODI Build! And actually it is 6 builds in 1 since it comes with 6 very beautiful and complete builds:
– Schism TV Anniversary Edition
– Schism TV Conq
– Schism TV Eminence
– Schism TV Estuary
– Schism TV Mimic
– Schism TV Origins

And as all the Schism TV Builds, come sin a small package: just 264MB in size!


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The SchismTV All In One is undoubtedly the most beautiful build on KODI, even though actually are the 6 most beautiful builds on KODI! In it’s latest update v0.6 we have some minor changes:

  • Removed 123Movies and Yes! Movies (not working).
  • Added M4U, Boxing Hits, Dimi’s Daily IPTV, F4MTester, Livestream, Stream Army.
  • Updated some shortcuts and aesthetics always in the spirit of SchismTV.
  •  Reduced size (total size is 275MB)
  • Updated the wizard
  • Removed some broken or orphaned dependencies

As always the skins / builds are 6:

SchismTV Anniversary

SchismTV Anniversary KODI Build

SchismTV Conq

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DimiTv Wizard gives you access to premium Kodi Builds as SchismTV and Boom Shakalaka Builds! Has advanced features like auto-saving favorites and Real Debrid Information, even you custom menu! You can also backup and restore builds, etc.

In order to work, you will need a FREE code. The code you can get it from

By using the code we avoid the abuse of the traffic so than the end user will always get fast download speeds!

Update 2: Back to the old wizard without auto backup and auto skin change until I find the issue with some boxes and amazon devices.

Update: There was an issue with some devices and the old version of the wizard. Please get the latest version of from the repo, it should be v1.5.0 and everything will be fixed. If you still get errors, try clearing the data:
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How to install the SCHISM-TV SERENITY BUILD on KODI 17, the Apple TV OSX KODI experience! In this last update, version 0.9 there are some changes, some ad-dons that didn’t work and some new additions like the Dimi’s Daily IPTV with premium live channel lists. The installation process is still the same, get the Schism-TV Builds code from

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One of the most beautiful and fully working builds on KODI 17, created by Schism and maintained now by Dimitrology, it’s on the Dimitrology TV Wizard. Read more

How to remove a build, add-ons your whole setup on KODI 17 Krypton. This is a universal method that works on any device: Firestick, Windows, Android, Linux, MacOS, iOS, Smart TV, etc.

Very easy steps and -tada- you will reset, wipe your KODI 17 from everything, like doing a factory reset! You will successfully remove all addons, build you had installed so you can start from scratch and install everything again!

The URL you need to add is:

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