Excellent gadget from Lightake, the Bluetooth LED Smart Bulb with the integrated speaker of 3W, is an affordable yet very promising product. High building quality, easiness of setting and controlling the functions of the buld, from any Android or iOS device and beautiful design make this gadget a very interesting product to get or even as a gift idea!
Prices and more specs: http://www.lightake.com/p/BL08A-E27-6W-Bluetooth-4.0-Smart-RGB-Color-LED-Bulb-Music-Audio-Speaker-Lamp-For-iPhone-iPad-IOS-Android-Devices–White_1976297.html
Highlight of the specs of the Lightake BT LED Smart Buld:
Material:Glass + Metal
Product power: LED 6W, AMP 3W
Working voltage: AC100-240V
Working frequency: 50-60HZ
Viewing angle of LED bulb: 120 degree
Color temperature: TC=6520K
Red ratio: R=13.2%
Color rendering index: Ra=70.9
Light-flux: Φ=273.01m
Base specification: E27
Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 4.0
LED Color: 2805(white light)26-28LM
RGB:5050(White, red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, blue and purple)
Bluetooth distance: No obstacle 10M
Frequency band: 2.4GHZ
Bluetooth protocol: A2DPV1.2 AVCRPV1.0/DIV1.3
Working temp: -10-50℃

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