6 Gadgets For High School Students

gadgets for students
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The ability to use modern technology is already mandatory for a person. So the complete abandonment of gadgets is no less harmful to a child than uncontrolled access to a smartphone and tablet. The truth, as always, is in the middle. 

When used properly, some gadgets and write my research paper services can help your child get accustomed to the world of digital technology without causing dangerous addictions.


The most controversial gadget that has disturbed the peace of many thousands of families with a teenager. Is it possible to give a child a smartphone? If so, since what age? Is it necessary to limit the time a child can spend on a smartphone? Parents’ opinions vary to the complete opposite. It is impossible to give a single answer to everyone, it all depends on the child, on school and family rules, and the atmosphere in the classroom.

Younger students can buy a simple push-button phone. It is inexpensive and will allow the child to always be in touch. At any time you can call and find out why he is taking so long to get home from school.

In middle and high school, a smartphone is a status item. Not having a smartphone or a button phone can cause ridicule and bullying. Arguments like, “at my age, everyone somehow got along without these things,” and “those who laugh that you don’t have a smartphone are fools,” are not helpful.

Find out if most students in your class have a smartphone and if school rules allow them to use them at least during recess. If so, for your child to feel like an equal at school, he should have this gadget.

Of course, uncontrolled access to the phone (and even with unlimited Internet access) is not good for the child. Immediately after the purchase, even before the phone gets into the hands of a child, you should install the application of parental control, set it up, and agree with the child on the boundaries and rules of gadget use. And then it is necessary to constantly observe these boundaries and monitor compliance with the rules. Yes, it adds to parents’ headaches. But if you want to establish a trusting relationship with your child, it is definitely better than a categorical refusal.

And for parents, a smartphone gives the child some advantages. First, the child is always in touch. Secondly, parental control apps allow you to track your child’s location and control his or her interests.


A book is one of the most important tools in a child’s education. Reading develops imagination, broadens the mind, and increases literacy. Reading good books teaches your child spiritual values and teaches him or her to distinguish between “bad” and “good”. In addition, there is an impressive list of required reading in the school curriculum.

Unfortunately, in recent years children’s interest in books has declined catastrophically.

On the one hand, the modern world offers them too many more pleasant and more affordable attractions. On the other hand, children simply have nothing to read. The days when a rich home library was the pride of the whole family are gone.

Therefore, an electronic book can be a real boon for a teenager who has not yet completely lost interest in reading. And the child will be able to read what he or she has been assigned by the literature teacher on the way to practice or other clubs so that he or she has time for everything.

And for the parents of this gadget, the only pluses. The screens are made with the technology of “electronic ink” – do not spoil the eyes. For games and mindless surfing on the Internet, the e-book can not be used. And you can also find digitized textbooks in pdf format, download them to the child’s device and negotiate with the teachers. This will make his portfolio noticeably lighter and add respect to the classroom.

True, it’s a little early to give junior high schoolers an e-book. Their screens are very fragile and require careful handling. The Mobius models with a flexible screen do not have this disadvantage, but they cost many times more.

Smart Watch

If it is still too early to buy a phone for your child, but you would like to be able to call them, consider a child’s watch. In terms of functionality, they are close to simple cell phones, and the chance of a child losing or breaking them is much less.

Many models of children’s watches are equipped with a GPS tracker. By installing the appropriate application, you can at any time track the location of the child or look at the map of his movements throughout the day.

An older child would not wear a child’s watch. For middle and high school students, fitness bracelets and smart watches are more appropriate.

First, it is relatively inexpensive, but still an image object, the presence of which can for a while reconciling the child with the lack of a smartphone. Second, fitness bracelets and smartwatches can help organize a child’s schedule, reminding him of calendar events, workouts, extra activities, etc.

Third, smartwatches allow you to send a message to your child even during class. Most schools prohibit the use of smartphones in class, but smartwatches usually don’t. And a text message displayed on the watch screen can be read by the child without attracting anyone’s attention. Of course, abusing the opportunity to write a message or call a child’s watch during the lesson is not worth it. It distracts the child from studying and can cause a negative reaction from the teacher and classmates.


Completely isolating your child from mobile games and Internet content is unlikely to work. Usually controlled access to “forbidden pleasures” gives the best educational effect. However, smartphones have one disadvantage – a small screen. Looking at the small details on it strains your eyes a lot, even for a short time. So if you plan to give your child time to play games and watch videos, it is better to buy a separate tablet for this.

For a junior high school student, you can pick up one of the children’s tablets. They are relatively inexpensive, easy to operate, and have a preset children’s mode and games. But their performance is usually low, so they should not expect much. Often it is more of a toy than a real gadget.

Buying a tablet for high school students, follow the same rules as for a smartphone. Negotiate times and rules for use, and set up and set up parental controls. And do not forget that the tablet (as well as a smartphone) can be used not only for entertainment. There are a lot of educational and developmental applications that can significantly help your child’s learning and development. Also, in schools with an emphasis on modern technology, it is allowed to use tablets as textbooks in the classroom.

The Wireless Tag

Your child keeps losing their keys and you’re tired of changing the lock on the front door? Attach a wireless tag to your keychain.

Now finding your keys to your apartment or home will be easier than ever by the beep it emits. And some models allow you to find what is lost on the map, and for this, they do not even have to be in the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth reception area. Unfortunately, such tags are rather expensive, so there is no point in attaching them to mittens or a hat.

Desk lamp

Good lighting on the child’s desk is a guarantee not only of the health of his eyes but also of his ability to work. Children spend sometimes several hours a day doing homework. That is why it is so important to choose a good desk lamp.

To take into account all the parameters, use the selection guide. But do not forget to pay attention to smart table lamps. Such a gadget will undoubtedly arouse the interest of a schoolchild and may be a good gift for him by the beginning of the school year.

In addition, many smart lights are capable of being built into a smart home system. This will allow you to control its brightness and manage it with the help of scripts. Such a light, for example, can be set to turn on a few minutes before the alarm clock rings. The bright light brings you out of a deep sleep, making it easier to wake up.

These gadgets will be a great gift for the beginning of the school year, will lift your child’s spirits, and probably make studying more interesting and fun. And you will bring peace of mind to your child’s future.

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