Best FileLinked Codes

The previously called DroidAdmin app for Android devices now has a new name and it’s called FileLinked. With the FileLinked app you can create or get access to plenty of user created lists with plenty of Android apks which you can easily install on your devices. In order to access each list, for security reasons, you must enter a code.

For Firestick, FireTV devices, Android TV OS devices (like the Nvidia Shield TV, Mi TV Box, etc) use the method with the Downloader App. For more information on how to install on these devices watch this video:

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You can also get the FileLinked apk from the Official File Linked Website:

In the list below you can find the latest complete list with all the best FileLinked codes:

22222222 – All APK’s. Get Pin code at (PIN: 7812 see link if it changes)

12345678 – NewTechevolution, Youtuber, Kodi Builds.

91195389 – Best Kodi 17.6 Builds.

80409018 – Kodi 18 Builds and More.

54383119 – Adfree APK’s and More.

78453870 – JO CAN, One of the Largest Lists of APK’s. Adfree and Including Latino Stuff.

38525488 – TechDoctor UK, Youtuber, Latest APK’s Adfree.

74238464 – Bobbyv123, Lots of streaming apps and More, Great Code.

73414392 – 100 APK’s! Firestick mostly stuff.

38069272 – Joe’s Place, Focused around Firestick APK’s.

47603928 – Joe’s Place2, Focused around Android Apps.

11039868 (0932) – MrakAttak, Great store you will find tons of Apps, always updated as well.

78933681– SkyMashi, Movie & TV Show APKs.

60339349 -SkyMashi, Kodi & Mediaplayers.

70510862 -SkyMashi, APK & FireTV/Stick Tools.

75319570 -SkyMashi, IPTV Section.

69302536 – Lisa Crawford, DroidAdmin Code which mirrors this server

16553983 – Dee’s, It contains the top APKs for Movies & TV as well as Live IPTV services.

11111111 – First reviewed by Soloman Youtuber, can’t verify ownership.

74747474 – Cb74, Youtuber, lots of APK’s IPTV Sports etc.

23119623 – MyStDaMan, Youtuber, IPTV, Movies, TV Shows APK’s etc, Good Code.


For more lists and for support you can also join the Telegram Unofficial DroidAdmin (FileLinked) Support Group at:

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