Streaming piracy services have gained significant popularity in recent years, with millions of people turning to them for their entertainment needs. In this article, we will explore the reasons why individuals choose to use these services instead of opting for legal streaming platforms. From convenience and accessibility to cost and affordability, several factors contribute to […]

LaLiga: Court Orders Google to Wipe IPTV Smarters Pro From Play Store

IPTV Smarters Pro Removed From Google Play Store by LaLiga Court Order

IPTV Smarters Pro Removed From Google Play Store A court in Spain has issued a ruling requiring Google to remove the IPTV app "IPTV Smarters Pro" from the Google Play Store. As of today, only the "Smarters Player Lite" version of the app…

Kodi "Matrix" 19.5 Release

Happy Holidays, everyone! To celebrate, here we have release 19.5. This release caps off the v19 Matrix development cycle - we are not intending anything further now until 20.0…
Trakt Is Back API

Trakt Is Back For All Apps Including KODI Addons

Trakt API Back Working Again Since the latest Trakt crash, a lot of Video On Demand streaming apps and KODI addons stopped working or at best had limited functionality. Since December 20th though, Trakt got their API fully working again!…

Kodi Nexus RC 2

So... here we have a second Release Candidate for Kodi v20 "Nexus". While we have a fairly small number of fixes, they are fairly major. As always, thanks go out to all contributors…

Which KODI Addons Are Still Working With Trakt Issues Ongoing

While Trakt service had its crash, a lot of streaming apps suffered. Plex, Jellyfin, and KODI are those suffering the most. Especially some third-party KODI addons are based on Trakt in order to list the two main categories (Movies and TV Shows)… crashed KODI offline

Trakt Outage and Data Loss: What Happened and What’s Next

On the evening of December 11th, streaming service Trakt experienced a major outage when their main database crashed, causing significant damage and corruption to some of the data. In a statement, the company apologized for the extended downtime…
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