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Infinite TV An Amazing & Complete Kodi Custom Build

Infinite TV custom build delivers the best and most complete addons for KODI / XBMC with a nice and very easy to navigate user interface. The installation is made easy by an intuitive wizard and their repository should take care of updating the build.

iConsulTech Repo:


How to install The Beast, the best Custom Build for KODI

The Beast is a custom build created by Chris B and it delivers the best addons for KODI yet with an eyecandy and intuitive user interface!

Spartan Pixel Repo:


Andys Build for KODI, a fantastic, super complete build!

Andy’s build 5.1 is a complete custom build for KODI / XBMC that delivers a huge list of the best addons for IPTV, Films, TV Series, Sports, Kids and Music. Also comes with international IPTV.

KodiMaster Repo: