Crumplestein Build has been updated and it’s… WOW!!! Blazingly fast, small sized, very beautiful and most importantly complete with fully working add-ons. Comes only with add-ons that you most surely gonna use but if you want to load it even more it’s very easily customizable. You can install it from a firestick or a crappy tvbox to the nvidia shield or your high end computer!
You can download the wizard by adding the following source:
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The ARB V4 comes in three different formats, in this video we are reviewing the most complete: All In One.
This build has a totally renewed look making the KODI experience a whole new one! Also it’s very easy to select between the options, no need for adapting time is requested. Clean and simple but also very beautiful is one of the best builds of 2015.
Source to add fot the ARB Repo:

Mental Acts Build for KODI is a complete, family build providing IPTV with TV Guide (Renegades & Ivue) sorted in categories by Sports, News, etc, an excellent movies and tv shows section as well as Kids zone with cartoons.
The installation process of this build is made easy by the use of Mucky Ducks Wizard which you can easily download from the MD Repository:

TonyK released his latest and most definitely best build until now, TK BUILD V4 which is a very complete family build, very beautiful and also very fast! Changing between the various options has a fast transiction and it’s really a pleasure to use. Delivers the best (and most also) add-ons for Movies, TV Shows, Live Sports & Highlights, Kids Section, Fitness, Documentaries, a massive IPTV selection and TV Catchup section.
You can download his very easy to use wizard from the metalkettle repository:
Direct Link:….Recommended%20Addons/
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There are 2 main versions of The Beast. The standard one is the most complete but also a bit heavy so if you are on an a device that struggles, the Encore is best for you!

ChrisB Wizard:
or in alternative:

Andy aka Kodimaster, has done it again! His awesome Andys Build has been updated into version 7 and is an absolutely fantastic family build with Movies, TV Shows, Documentaries, Kids, Sports, Live TV (IPTV), Music, News, Stand up Comedy and even Fitness!!!
Kodimaster Repo:
Crumplestein Build for KODI / XBMC is a very light, high quality and eye-candy build which performs excellent also on tv-box since the dev selected a few but from the best add-ons. It’s not really the essential but the most you need for a family, well working build.
To download the wizard add the following url into the file manager:
Also you can follow the dev on twitter:

Kodimaster has done again by creating the updated version of his gorgeous and fully fuctioning build with everything you could ask in a family build: Movies, TV Shows, IPTV, Documentaries, Kids Zone, Youtube, Sports and Music!

One of the best builds for KODI / XBMC, Simply TB Ever, has been updated with a new skin and newer, top quality add-ons. It’s a family build with many features for Movies, TV Shows, Documentaries, Premium IPTV, Kids and Sports!
Installing and also updating the build is a piece of a pie throught the TBE Wizard which is a very advanced wizard with various tweaks and an auto force close feature.
Be sure to check out also Tonyk twitter for more:

In this tutorial we will customize a build, the Animal KODI Build, by adding a new addon and also add a shortcut into the home page. In the same way you can add as many addons you wish into any build. Note that depending on the skin a build uses, some options may be different.