These Gadgets Will Make You Think You Have An Army Of Robot Slaves

These Gadgets Will Make You Think You Have Army Robots
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What are gadgets? Well, in the simplest sense, they’re machines that do stuff for you quicker and more easily than you could do it yourself. But, in recent years, gadgets have begun taking on a new quality. They’re not just helpful – they’re downright personal. In fact, some of them have become so sophisticated, you can now buy yourself an army of robot slaves. Check out some of our ideas below. 

Smart Oven

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The concept of a smart oven might seem a little strange to the uninitiated. What’s the point of making an oven smart? It just cooks things, right?

Well, think of it this way. Imagine how much better your cooking would be if you had a master chef inside the oven the whole time your food was cooking. You’d never burn the chicken ever again!

That’s where smart ovens help. They combine the functionality of ovens with a bunch of additional sensors to tell you whether cooking is going as planned. If there’s any sign of burning, you’ll get an alert to your phone, helping to prevent disaster.

Precision Cooker

You can also buy something called a precision cooker. If you’ve ever watched a Master Chef episode, you’ll know that professionals and contestants alike are all obsessed with sous vide, a French method of cooking where you dump food in a vat of water. 

Well, it turns out that you don’t actually have to buy an entire sous vide machine to get restaurant-quality results. All you need is a large pan and a precision cooker. The device sits in the pan and regulates the temperature of the water, ensuring that it is at the ideal level for whatever dish you’re rustling up. 

Robot Vacuum

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You saw it coming. There’s nothing more robotically slavish than the lowly robot vacuum making its way around your floors. 

Robot vacuum manufacturers are improving the appearance of their devices, in line with other types of electronics now available. Originally, nobody thought that the idea would take off. But it turns out that these tiny machines actually do a pretty good job of vacuuming flat surfaces, negating the need for you to dedicate your Saturday mornings to the task. 

Floor Jet Washer Robots

Now, here’s a type of floor cleaning robot you probably haven’t heard of: the jet washer robot. From the outside, it basically just looks like a robot vacuum cleaner. But under the hood, it’s completely different. These cleaners are for non-carpeted floors and they do a surprisingly good job of making them look spick and span.

At the front you’ll find a spray nozzle that the machine uses to fire a jet of cleaning fluid onto the surface in front of it. Behind that is a refillable tank where you can top up fluid levels before the cleaner gets to work. Underneath, there’s a combination of pads and rubber sweeps. Some models also have the ability to dry the floor, eliminating any residues. 

Smart Lock 

Smart locks negate the need to continually fumble around outside your front door for keys. You just connect them to your phone and they will automatically release the lock on your door for you, granting you quick access. 

Installing smart locks these days is surprisingly easy. It takes about ten minutes. And once done, you can forget all about having keys cut altogether. You can even do things like set guests passes or let the maid in remotely if you’re out at work. 

Bluetooth Trackers

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Where would we be without Bluetooth trackers?

If you’re not familiar with these things, then where have you been? Bluetooth trackers are essentially small tags that you can attach to your valuables, like your keys, phone, wallet and anything else that you’re prone to lose. They connect to your smartphone, allowing you to call them when you can’t find what you’re looking for. The tag will then emit a ringing sound, making it easier to find underneath all your junk. 

Tags are also contactable via the internet. And some vendors include apps that allow you to geolocate your items if you leave them somewhere. 

Electric Scooter

Electric scooters won’t drive you to work by themselves. But they do eliminate the hassle of actually having to pedal, and allow you to travel quickly around town without the need to rely on public transport. 

Many of today’s best scooters are foldable, so if you do need to pop in and out of buildings with them, it’s easy. They offer a comfortable ride and have high-quality suspension that soaks up the many lumps and bumps on the road. 

Camera Drones

Camera drones make it easy to get the perfect shot of your surroundings, without having to climb onto dangerous, awkward ledges (or hire a helicopter). 

You can also buy drone accessories such as VR goggles that you can use to see what your drone sees in real time. It can feel like you’re flying. 

Sleep Sleep Masks

We don’t often think of sleep masks as being gadgets as such. But thanks to the miniaturization of tech, smart sleep masks now exist. 

These gadgets look quite bulky when you see them in pictures. But don’t let that put you off – they actually work surprisingly well. 

These smart sleep masks offer a range of benefits. First, they block out all light reaching your eyes, helping to do things like lower your heart rate. But they also feature Bluetooth connectivity and sensors for monitoring your brain state. You can program them to pipe meditative sounds to your ears to help you drift off. Then, once you’re asleep, the mask will slowly allow the noise to fade out, allowing you to rest properly. 

Self-Cleaning Bottle

Regular metal water bottles are a great way to help the environment and prevent endless mountains of plastic from damaging the natural world. But over time, they have a nasty habit of developing a sort of musty smell. And that’s not great for people who care about hygiene. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to put up with this. Manufacturers are now making self-cleaning bottles that are seriously futuristic and won’t leave you with any nasty smells at all. 

Smart Garden

For all of the people out there with green fingers, the smart garden is a wonderful innovation. These look a little bit like long window boxes, except they have a light gantry that runs over the top, allowing you to grow plants indoors. The way it works is simple. You just put water in the bath at the bottom, add some plant feed and then insert compatible pots. After a few days, beautiful edible plants should begin to grow, providing you with a fresh source of greens and herbs for your cooking. 

Pocket Translator

Hiring a human translator to walk around with you when visiting foreign countries is expensive and, frankly, impractical. But now robots are getting much better and doing the job of translation for you. Many rely on Google’s machine-learning translator, one of the most powerful tools on the planet right now. With this tool, you can simply speak what you want to say into the device, and it’ll repeat it to the person you’re talking to in their native tongue, whatever that happens to be. 

Many models provide translation services for more than 100 countries. So you can take them practically anywhere in the world and still communicate with the people around you. 

In conclusion, we’re not quite at the Jetsons stage yet where humanoid robots are doing all our chores for us. But we’re also not that far off either. 

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