The beast website/repo got hacked, new website and repo from ChrisB

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How To Install The Beast without PIN code, Version 1.6 2016 Update by ChrisB!ChrisB website, the creator of the Beast KODI Builds, has been hacked and that means that also the Repository was offline too. If you try to enter to the official website, a redirect script takes you to an adult website. That’s ok if that’s what you want but in case you are still looking for the official repository and ARES Wizard isn’t working for you (which may happen on weekends sometimes), he created a new website.

The new url is and if you want the repository then enter I personally still recommend using ARES Wizard thought because it’s the only method with which you need no PIN code and registration in order to install / run the build.

For more on installing the Beast Build on KODI without PIN and now also the Beast Encore, click here: .

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