The $20 USB Video Capture Stick Is Great

This $20 USB Video Capture Stick is great! Not only is cheap, but it also works as promised with no issues at all. On the contrary, it has low latency, it works with USB 2.0 and needs no extra drivers! Similar to the Cam Link by Elgato as a budget alternative.

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Make sure to select to apply the coupon before adding the FeizLink USB Video Capture to your cart.

The USB video capture card supports resolutions up to 4K 30fps (input) and 1080p 30fps or 720p 60 fps as output, making it perfect for use as a webcam with a DSLR / digital camera. Works also with any device: Playstation 4, Android TV, DSLR, Go Pro, as long as there is a clean HDMI out.

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Use Your Canon DSLR As A Webcam With A USB Cable – No Capture Card Needed

Now you can use your Canon DSLR as a webcam with a USB cable connected to your Windows 10 computer! No need for a capture card anymore, like the Elgato Camlink or the Elgato Capture HD60 S. With the simplicity of a utility, the Canon EOS Webcam Utility you can transform your Canon DSLR into a high-quality webcam!

The EOS Webcam Utility is still in beta as of right now but it works wonders! The quality is great, just make sure to use a USB 3.0 port without a hub as I did in this video. I only did this because I didn’t have such a long cable at the time.

Download the Canon EOS Webcam Utility here:

Note: At the moment the EOS Webcam Utility is only available on the Canon USA website.

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This video is a tutorial of how to Use Your Canon DSLR As A Webcam With Just A USB Cable – No Capture Card Needed


This is my review of the Motospeed CK103 RGB Backlight Mechanical USB Keyboard, one of the best gaming but also typing keyboards for just under $50!!! Click here in order to get it on a flash sale, just $48.99  and free world-wide shipping:

I was very impressed by the robust and solid metallic structure and that was just the beginning since when I connected the keyboard to my desktop PC, my surprise was even bigger! The RGB lights are extremely beautiful and with 14 different modes plus different colors & speed for each mode make it a countless combination of choices to select from!

Typing with the red switch keys is an absolute pleasure. You have that clicking noise without being so loud as the blue switch keys and it is almost inviting to type more. Actually i do type more…!?

Overall I loved the Motospeed CK103. It was very unexpected for a keyboard with such a low price to have such a great performance and quality. I highly recommend this keyboard to everyone, I absolutely love it!

There is a flash sale on Gearbest for just $48.99, get yours from: Read more

If you are looking for a good mechanical gaming keyboard on a budget and love that backlight function from the hidden LEDs, this is a great buy and excellent sale as well. The Velocifire VM01 is selling at $44.99 when you add the coupon VM01. It is a robust and heavy, full sized keyboard perfect for gaming with a USB gold-platted connection and a 1.6m long cable. It comes with brown switches not so tactile as Cherry MX browns, they are lighter and have less tactile bump. So if you’re looking for less tactility than the classic Cherry MX brown and still want to game, they are perfect. Read more