Over The Top TV / OTTTV is a subsciption iptv service that also has a free account with a lot of channels you can watch for free, without paying a dime! Not a complete line-up but still those listed are in a very good quality and very stable too!
The OTTTV FREE KODI ADDON you can install it from Read more

You may have noticed that the last days there is a problem with the FilmOnTV addon for KODI. When selecting a channel seems like it is working but when it’s time for the live stream to appear, nothing happens. There is a super-easy fix for this, just follow the steps on the video.
Also in case you do not have it already installed, I’m gonna show you also how to install the FilmON.TV or FTV KODI Addon.
You can get the FTV / FilmOnTV KODI addon from the Kinkin Repository and the Read more

Reaper KODI addon, is a newly released multi-content plugin for KODI / SPMC that provides Sports, IPTV, Music, Kids, Documentaries, Audiobooks and plenty of other stuff!
Since the addon is brand – new there are some minor flaws but with time can get only better! Great the Kids section by the way!
You can install the addon Read more

IPTVGO is a super dope addon for USA Live TV and Sports on KODI!
The USA live tv section has channels for news, entertainment, documentary. Then we find the premium channels and lastly the sports list! Almost all the USA iptv – live tv channels are in stunning HD 720p quality! Also when down, there is a msg on the right of the channel name so you can know with clicking and waiting like an idiot all the time! Great idea indeed! Read more

Kisakul KODI add-on is an excellent new addon that provides USA iptv, live tv channels. Also live sports, watch nfl, mlb, nba and football on kodi live and for free! It has also a great selection of HD and Full HD movies with great audio quality as well! We find lastly a great documentaries section and a 24/7 section with some great tv shows!
Kisakul addon needs the f4mtester addon and also the Sportsdevil KODI addon in order to work.
You can get the Kisakul kodi addon from Read more

Watch more than a thousand of live TV channels / iptv from all over the world! USA, UK, Canada, Arab, Italian, German, French, Asian, Pakistan and an insanely huge list of Latino channels (Mexican, Spanish, Portuguese etc) with this amazing addon.

Also the add-on now is hosted on the official Repository so you will always get the latest version for full working iptv!
The add-on creator is Maddog or Maddogiptv as you may know him and for as long as I tested Read more

Apollo Group KODI Addon delivers tons of Full HD 1080p Movies with 5.1 audio, TV Shows in 720p and HD IPTV / Live Tv Channels!
Everything is one click to play, from movies to the live tv iptv channels!
Get the Apollo Group KODI Addon from Read more

I’ve asked you guys on the Boom Shakalaka KODI Build Facebook Group if you wanted a Daily IPTV List and you said yes, so I delivered. You will find two lists under LIVE TV Menu, do have fun with them! Read more

EliteTvIPTV is the best KODI addon for Live TV / Iptv for the year 2016! Why you ask? Because it is FREE and works great! Top quality from SD, HD and Full HD IPTV Channels and the best Sports section you will find on a free iptv addon on KODI. Read more

Freedom IPTV KODI addon is a newly released 3rd party KODI video addon for IPTV and Live TV Channels from all over the world. Mostly from USA, UK but other countries as well like Netherlands, France, Germany, Turkey, Italy and more!
A lot of Sports IPTV with live events and not only, Entertainment & Movies Channels as well as Documentaries, Kids and even Adult. There is also a VOD (Video On Demand) section with a great movie selection, make sure to check it out too! Read more