Just a minor update to the best build on KODI 17.6. This is mostly for the users that got the Boom Shakalaka KODI Build and having problems with movies and tv shows. The previous version had an older version of Covenant and as a result the scraping of movies and tv shows wasn’t working very good giving less results.

You can always install the Boom Shakalaka version 8.1 and Boom Shakalaka XXX 8.1 from the Dimitrology TV Wizard. The builds size is almost the same as well as the rest of the content. Also fixed a small bug and added some more sports content from Project M.

As always, the Boom Shakalaka KODI Build as well as all the other builds from the Dimitrology TV Wizard are free and we do not accept donations.

Happy streaming to everybody!

SchismTV All In One KODI 17.4 Build

The most beautiful Build on KODI, SchismTV All In One, has just been updated to the latest version and it’s simply amazing! The All In One Build is a special build for KODI 17.4 which actually contains more skins inside! Now you can select which skin you prefer or simply change every now and then according to your mood and likes!

The new update brings the new add-ons SupraBox and SS Streams, fixed some of the dead shortcuts (Bob Unleashed mostly) and more importantly fixes the Live TV add-on, TVOne1 which was giving an error. Now everything works, in a simple, easy to use and minimalist build as Schism always loved it!

The new updated version of the All In One KODI Build is v1.3 released as of today October 20th, 2017. Build’s size as a zipped file is just 305MB so it’s great for any device, from the NVIDIA Shield TV to an Amazon Firestick (fire tv stick). Also works on any other OS, including Android, Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS.

The AIO build, as any build from the Dimitrology TV Wizard, is absolutely free and thank you but we do not accept donations.

You can get the Schism TV All In One Build for KODI 17.4 from the Dimitrology TV Wizard, for more info and help on how to install the build please visit the link below:

SchismTV creates top signature builds for KODI and since he decided that for personal reasons he couldn’t maintain the project, we decided to join forces! So SchismTV Builds for KODI are now part of our project and development will be continued, even though to be very honest about it, they are so good that they do not need much effort in order to maintain them!

How to install the SchismTV Builds on KODI:

Open KODI 17 Krypton and select the Gear icon on the top.



Select System Settings.


Now select Add-ons from the left column and on the right Enable Unknown Sources (select YES to confirm when asked).


Go to the previous screen by pressing back on your remote control (or right click on your mouse) and select File Manager.


Now select Add Source then None and enter the as in the screen below.


Click on OK when finished and then once again OK.


Go back to HOME (select back twice) and select Addons from the left.


Always from the left select the open box icon.


Now select Install From Zip.


Select Repo.


And now select


Wait for the notification DIMITROLOGY TV Add-on enabled.


Go back and select Dimitrology TV from Program Addons.


Now visit the page and copy or write down the numeric code.


Back to KODI select Settings.


Select code and enter the numeric code your copied before and then select on OK twice.


Select Install/Update in order to install one of the Builds. If you have anything else installed, select Fresh Start to remove all other contents from KODI.


Now select your preferred build and wait for the process to finish!


Once finished select OK. Now select the Gear icon on the top and next select Interface Settings.


Select Skin from the left column and once again Skin from the right.


Select any of the Skins other than the default ones (not Estuary or Estouchy) and select YES to keep the changes. Congratulations, you have successfully installed your favorite SchismTV Build!


For More info and tutorials, check out our Youtube Channel:


Boom Shakalaka Build & Boom Shakalaka XXX for KODI Krypton 17

The best build on KODI has been updated! The Boom Shakalaka Build and Boom Shakalaka XXX have received a major update and now are up to version 7.0. Following the Base release few days ago, also the “Full” Builds are now better and fresh! Among the various changes we can highlight:

    • Fixed Elysium API
    • Fixed Youtube Error
    • Added Death Streams addon
    • Added Nemesis addon
    • Added CartoonsOnline addon
    • Added UltraIPTV addon
    • Added Dimi On Demand addon
    • Added AvEzy (you need to run Plexus at least once before using it and on Android devices you need to have the Acestream Engine APK installed and run it at least once)
    • Added Darkzide IPTV (Danish & Swedish)
    • Fixed Twilight Repo
    • Fixed Renegades TV
    • Removed Exodus addon
    • Removed SALTS addon
    • Removed Metalkettle Repo
    • Removed Sirina TV addon (XXX only)
    • Added some new backgrounds
    • Cleaned all other dead repositories that may cause a security threat
    • My Movies / TV Shows menu shortcut now works with Covenant addon
    • Fixed shortcuts, performance
    • Smaller size than ever 380MB & 390MB!


Boom Shakalaka Builds

  • The Boom Shakalaka Base is small in size, offers just some of the top, best addons. Is meant for a complete experience but with the less possible amount of addons. In this way the end user can have everything in sense of content and if he needs more he can always add any addon he wishes.
  • The Boom Shakalaka is the most complete build you can find on KODI. Comes with the best addons (official and 3rd party addons) and is meant for the user that needs everything! Of course not every single addon is included but the best addons are always included and in this way the end user doesn’t need to install -almost- anything at all. Some country specific addons and paid addons will not make the list, but hey – we are always open to suggestions!
  • The Boom Shakalaka XXX is the same as the above with the addition of the adult section, which by the way we are confident enough to say it is the most complete out there.



How to install the Boom Shakalaka Build

If you need help in order to install the build, follow the link below. It is refereed to SchismTV Builds but the process is exactly the same, just select the Boom Shakalaka Base when installing.

The Boom Shakalaka KODI Build has been updated for KODI 16, SPMC, FTMC, etc & KODI 17 into the version 1.5 for the BASE Builds and for KODI 17 into the version 5.3 for the Boom Shakalaka Krypton and Boom Shakalaka Krypton XXX.

best kodi build 2016

Not too many changes but worth mentioning:

-Exodus updated into latest version

-URL Resolver updated

-UK Turks New Addon

-123 Movies by Mucky Duck back in the Builds

-Fixed Bob, working again

-XXX-O-DUS Addon (XXX version only)

-Alive GR new addon and repository

-Smash Repo Read more

DimiTv Wizard gives you access to premium Kodi Builds as SchismTV and Boom Shakalaka Builds! Has advanced features like auto-saving favorites and Real Debrid Information, even you custom menu! You can also backup and restore builds, etc.

In order to work, you will need a FREE code. The code you can get it from

By using the code we avoid the abuse of the traffic so than the end user will always get fast download speeds!

Update 2: Back to the old wizard without auto backup and auto skin change until I find the issue with some boxes and amazon devices.

Update: There was an issue with some devices and the old version of the wizard. Please get the latest version of from the repo, it should be v1.5.0 and everything will be fixed. If you still get errors, try clearing the data:
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