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Boom Shakalaka Build & Boom Shakalaka XXX for KODI Krypton 17

The best build on KODI has been updated! The Boom Shakalaka Build and Boom Shakalaka XXX have received a major update and now are up to version 7.0. Following the Base release few days ago, also the “Full” Builds are now better and fresh! Among the various changes we can highlight:

    • Fixed Elysium API
    • Fixed Youtube Error
    • Added Death Streams addon
    • Added Nemesis addon
    • Added CartoonsOnline addon
    • Added UltraIPTV addon
    • Added Dimi On Demand addon
    • Added AvEzy (you need to run Plexus at least once before using it and on Android devices you need to have the Acestream Engine APK installed and run it at least once)
    • Added Darkzide IPTV (Danish & Swedish)
    • Fixed Twilight Repo
    • Fixed Renegades TV
    • Removed Exodus addon
    • Removed SALTS addon
    • Removed Metalkettle Repo
    • Removed Sirina TV addon (XXX only)
    • Added some new backgrounds
    • Cleaned all other dead repositories that may cause a security threat
    • My Movies / TV Shows menu shortcut now works with Covenant addon
    • Fixed shortcuts, performance
    • Smaller size than ever 380MB & 390MB!


Boom Shakalaka Builds

  • The Boom Shakalaka Base is small in size, offers just some of the top, best addons. Is meant for a complete experience but with the less possible amount of addons. In this way the end user can have everything in sense of content and if he needs more he can always add any addon he wishes.
  • The Boom Shakalaka is the most complete build you can find on KODI. Comes with the best addons (official and 3rd party addons) and is meant for the user that needs everything! Of course not every single addon is included but the best addons are always included and in this way the end user doesn’t need to install -almost- anything at all. Some country specific addons and paid addons will not make the list, but hey – we are always open to suggestions!
  • The Boom Shakalaka XXX is the same as the above with the addition of the adult section, which by the way we are confident enough to say it is the most complete out there.



How to install the Boom Shakalaka Build

If you need help in order to install the build, follow the link below. It is refereed to SchismTV Builds but the process is exactly the same, just select the Boom Shakalaka Base when installing.

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  1. Mr. Mojo Rising
    Mr. Mojo Rising says:

    On a general note. It would be most useful to the reader of you would put the date/time/etc etc at the TOP of your articles. It makes me not want to follow you anymore when I see a headline of interest….. Only to find out at the very bottom of the article/post… That it is months old and now outdated.

    Love your dedication. Appreciate the help, always. This is just a suggestion. At the end of the day it is your web page.


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