Amazon Prime Day 2020 Date

The Amazon Prime Day 2020 this summer will no longer be holding at the usual time — at least according to one report. The Prime Day event usually takes place in the middle of July.

But which is Prime Day 2020 Date? The beloved shopping event will be pushed back until at least August, according to notes from an internal meeting obtained by Reuters. The major shopping event was started in 2015. Even though it generally occurs each July, this year rumours had it happening around the end of June 2020. All that of course, before the pandemic occurred.

Potential Loss

The online shopping giant expects a potential $100 million loss from excess devices that it might now sell at a discount. That’s according to internal meeting notes seen, as Reuters reported. The news agency mentioned that “5 million extra devices that Amazon would have sold during Prime Day, such as its suite of voice-controlled Echo speakers”.

“We probably have to promote sooner, which will be difficult if we’re capacity constrained,” Amazon General Counsel David Zapolsky wrote in notes from a daily meeting of Amazon executives.

The postponement od the Amazon Prime Day 2020 Date would mark a major shift by Amazon to address the economic effects of the Covid 19 Novel coronavirus pandemic.

Amazon Prime Day Back in 2019

Prime Day Revenue

Amazon does not disclose revenue from Prime Day but it is known that merchants contributed to $2 billion in sales during Prime Day in 2019, which lasts for 48 hours and over 18 countries worldwide. Promotions for Amazon’s members, Prime Membership, have also proven an effective way for the company to draw more people, In fact, during Prime Day a lot of people become members, at $119 per year in the United States.

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Covid19 Internet Blackout

Netflix and YouTube have both taken actions in order to help with a possible covid19 internet blackout in Europe. It seems that while staying at home it is the best action we can take in order to protect ourselves and our health system from the Covid19, coronavirus 2019 pandemic, internet is suffering because of an unprecedented high in volume traffic. A lot of people watch Netflix and YouTube, which let’s face it, it’s a great way to distract ourselves and spent an enjoyable time while confined to home.

Covid19 Internet Traffic Impact

It is calculated that the impact on the internet traffic has been increased by 60% due to the novel coronavirus. And since Europe is right now the epicenter of this pandemic, it’s the first to suffer from this as well. Of course such an increase, or even bigger, is also expected in the USA because of the pandemic.

Netflix First To Respond For Covid19 Internet Blackout

netflix bandwidth

Netflix responded quickly to the urge by the European Union, in order to help internet functioning normally and in order to avoid any blackouts by reducing by 25% the bandwidth of their streaming services. That is not by cutting any content from it’s huge library but by reducing the bitrate of the actual stream. This change should not affect the overall quality, at least to most users. Netflix will automatically detect which quality settings are recommended for you. Then will try to match it as better as possible. That is of course already happening. Netflix is streaming in quality according to your internet speed, but this move will take it a step further. Personally I haven’t had a bad experience with the service, the video and audio quality seems great as always. This action by Netflix will last for the next 30 days in the European Union.

YouTube Taking Action Against Covid19 Internet Blackout

youtube bandwidth

Also YouTube responded but with a different approach. For all european viewers at the moment the default, suggested quality is in SD. Although as YouTube mentioned, they only some some peaks, nothing really that noticeable, they’ve decided to do something anyway. “We are making a commitment to temporarily switch all traffic in the EU to standard definition by default” YouTube EU said in a statement. Of course the user have still the option to change the quality of the stream but nevertheless that seems to already have made a big difference.

European Union Initiative

Earlier this week, EU industry chief Thierry Breton urged streaming platforms to cut the quality of their videos to prevent internet overload. And as we all know, video streaming services account for a substantial part of internet traffic data. On his Twitter account:

EU ISPs Internet Spikes

A lot of internet service providers across Europe have already noticed a spike on their services bandwidth. Some countries, like Luxemburg urge their companies to avoid video confecering and opt for the less bandwidth-hungry audio conference instead. For now, everything seems under control and this is just a precaution so we can avoid a Covid19 internet blackout.